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First, I noticed today that the links to Facebook and LinkedIn had stopped working, so if you read my posts there you missed some.

Second, a reader today asked a question that made me search the archives of my blog, and once I learned how, I started looking around a little – I found this post from 2/14/2012 –

40B strategies – ideas I had to help meet the 10% threshold

Over the twelve years that I have been a selectman, I have, of course, recognized the issues that flow from  G. L. c. 40B and the 40B developments I saw effecting other towns, so I have had possible solutions percolating in my mind.  Also, I feel that as a matter of essential justice, that it is correct and proper for our society to provide affordable housing.  Given those starting points, I have made several suggestions over the years about ways for Medfield to make progress on meeting the 10% affordable housing threshold, that exempts towns from unwanted 40B developments.

  • The first proposal came from what I believe may have been at the first Massachusetts Municipal Association annual convention I attended, and I did not learn about the MMA for several years after becoming a selectman, so maybe around 2003 or 2004.  The Falmouth Housing Authority’s director was a presenter at that first MMA meeting I attended, and he told about Falmouth’s planned and systematic conversion of existing housing into affordable housing.  When the proper housing became available, Falmouth would buy it and convert it into affordable housing.  This technique has the benefit of creating affordable housing without changing the impacts on and/or densities of existing neighborhoods.  When I presented that idea to my colleagues, I specifically recall suggesting that the Town of Medfield should be buying every unit at Medfield Gardens that came on the market, in an effort do what we could to meet our 10% affordable housing threshold.  Another time when I saw a newspaper ad offering for sale a six unit property on Green Street (almost at North Street), I suggested that the town buy it to convert to affordable housing.  Converting existing housing makes for a long road to get us over 10%, unless most of Medfield Gardens suddenly became available, but such a plan could be part of a larger strategy.
  • Second, there is vacant land next to Tilden Village, which I understand is controlled by the Medfield Housing Authority.  I suggested that the town should sponsor building more elderly housing on that location.  Medfield can certainly use more elderly housing, and the municipal budget impacts would be minimal.  Where the facilities at Tilden Village already exist, for the new construction there would be savings from not having to construct what already exists there – i.e. no need for an additional administrative office and community meeting room.  I was told that the then Medfield Housing Authority was not interested in doing so.
  • The third proposal I made was for the town to build affordable housing on other town owned land.  The town itself owns parcels all over town.

There was no interest expressed in pursuing any of these ideas.

Mega-B to BoS tonight (at MHS)

Below is my daily email reminder of the day’s Town of Medfield meetings, which town service I heartily recommend to all (sign up at the town website) –

Upcoming Meetings and Events – Oct 18, 2016
Date Description Department Type Page Type
10.18.16 Medfield Meadows (Dale Street) Presentation to the Board of Selectmen October 18 2016
Note Location Change: Meeting will be at Medfield High School Auditorium
Land and Property Meeting Meetings and Events
10.18.16 Board of Selectmen Meeting October 18 2016 Town Administration Meeting Meetings and Events



MEC on 10/13


Minutes:  Medfield Energy Committee: October 13, 2016 at Town DPW Building
Attendees: Fred Bunger, Lee Alinsky, Pete Peterson, Paul Fechtelkotter, Cynthia Greene

1.    September 8 energy committee minutes accepted.

2.    Next steps on Green Communities.  Paul reported that all the schools, town hall and library audits are done and Sam Nutter is working on completing the reports.  Paul will call Sam on 10/4/16 to check on the status of the reports.  The Pfaff Center is still to be done.  The Dale Street School was audited a year ago and Sam will work with that information.  There is a question if the auditors went back to the Council on Aging.
•    Sam will use FY 15 as a baseline and we will be able to take credit for some of the LED change outs that have happened at the Library already.
•    There are 23 thermostats at the library and Columbia gas will not give incentives to swap them out as they are programmable, but it might make sense to replace them anyway as the current set up is not energy efficient.
•    Axum Teferra at MAPC asked for the narrative reports and the spreadsheets by building and projects be submitted to her by October 14.  There is a call with Axum on 10-18 at 11 am.
•    On Oct 21 a letter from the town approving the energy reduction plan is needed.   Fred Bunger will work on this.  The school’s energy reduction plan needs to be approved by the Superintendent.  The rest of the plan needs to be approved by the Board of Selectmen.  Meeting with the Board is scheduled for 11/15/16.
•    Reports still to be done:  The DPW building, diesel and gasoline, wastewater treatment plant and drinking water.  Maurice Goulet to follow-up.  Any reduction in water pumping costs due to the new water tower should be included as an energy improvement project.
•    The new Public Safety Building energy efficiency vs the old buildings is to be calculated.  Andrew and Axum to follow-up.
•    There are no big projects that will get us to the 20% and so we expect there will be lots of little projects.  We will have to determine the timing of the projects.  Fred Bunger suggested we use the funds from the initial grant to replace the energy management systems at the schools and then do the higher ROI projects later and solicit additional grant funds to cover them.

3.    Garage Solar. Green Skies did not meet the DCAM certification so the garage solar will be rebid.

4.    Solarize Medfield.  We are in Tier 3 with 75 kilowatts signed up.

5.    LED streetlight maintenance. Fred Davis has made contact, but has not received responses.

6.    Public Safety Building.  The solar system will be on line the end of November and so will make the 1/8/17 deadline for SRECs.

7.    Meeting adjourned at 8:10

Next meetings –October 27 to go over Green Communities submissions and November 10, regular monthly meeting.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Cynthia Greene

Medford vs. Medfield

medfordtown welcome sign - Copy

It has gone on long enough. Uzo Aduba is just its most recent known victim.  For far too long Medfield has been confused for Medford.

I will suggest that the Town of Medfield respectfully request that the City of Medford change its name to avoid any further confusion between our two municipalities.  If the City of Medford balks, I will regretfully need to follow up by asking to have town counsel sue the City of Medford for injunctive relief asking that Medford cease and desist from its use of such a confusing name.

Legally, the issue is whether there is public confusion caused by the use of a similar name within a similar geographic area, and if there is such public confusion (which 12,200 Medfield residents’ testimony will document), then the first in time user within a given geographic area gets to use its name.

Exhibit A & B above, clearly show that Medfield’s use preceded Medford’s by 241 years.  It is unfortunate that Medford residents made such a poor choice of an initial name for their lovely city, but fortunately they have only had a mere 124 years of its use, so getting accustomed to their subsequent name should not require great effort.  As Medford will clearly either need to change its name or move its city out of Massachusetts.

Uzo Aduba’s Medfield theater history

How Uzo Aduba went from Medfield to the movies


Ewan McGregor and Uzo Aduba in “American Pastoral.”

Richard Foreman

Ewan McGregor and Uzo Aduba in “American Pastoral.”

TORONTO — Uzo Aduba was all set to have a career singing classical music, studying voice performance at Boston University, when the theater beckoned. A move to New York led to stage roles ranging from “Translations of Xhosa” to a revival of “Godspell.” Parlaying that into television and film work proved difficult, but one day she got a phone call offering her the part of Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren on the then-new show “Orange Is the New Black,” for which she’s since won two Emmys. Last year another phone call, from actor and first-time director Ewan McGregor, resulted in her first major film role, as Vicky, in the screen adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Philip Roth novel “American Pastoral,” which opens on Friday.

Set in the politically and racially tumultuous late 1960s and early ‘70s, the story follows the travails of the Levov family: successful businessman Seymour (McGregor), his less-than-stable wife, Dawn (Jennifer Connelly), and their daughter, Merry (Dakota Fanning). She becomes radicalized, is accused of a series of New Jersey bombings, then disappears. Aduba plays Vicky, the office manager and right-hand-woman at Seymour’s factory, and the calming center of the family’s and the film’s emotional storm.

Aduba, 35, spoke at the Toronto International Film Festival about her work and the film.

Q. Your official bio states that you’re from Boston, but in interviews you’ve always said you’re from a small New England town. Where did you grow up?

A. I’m from Medfield. I don’t usually say it because often when I do, people say, “Oh, I know it.” I say, “It’s so small I’m not sure you do.” Then they say, “Yeah, Tufts, Medford.” So I know they don’t know it. And it’s OK to say Boston. My dog is named Fenway Bark.

Q. How did your dreams of being a singer turn into an acting career?

A. Actually, I did some acting very early. The first show I ever did was “Caps for Sale,” when I was in day care, and around that time I was an angel in a nativity play. In high school I auditioned for “The Secret Garden” and got a part as a ghost. But I always sang. I was singing in church, and in my choir in middle school and high school, and it felt natural to go into drama in high school, because there were musicals. I was pursuing singing and musical theater, and my voice sang more naturally in its upper register in a classical capacity.

Q. So when you went to BU it was more for singing than acting?

A. Yes. I was studying classical voice performance there, but in that program you also have to take acting. In addition to voice lessons, theory, ear training, and music history, you also had to take Shakespeare and movement. So on Fridays, we’d have a class in movement, and we’d be doing things like rolling around on the ground, and on another day we’d have music history, learning about Rachmaninoff. And I thought, “I like the rolling on the ground part better.” I felt that when I moved to New York, this is what I’d be doing.

Q. You did a lot of stage work there, then “Orange Is the New Black” happened, and now you’ve broken into film. How did the part of Vicky come to you?

A. My agents brought me the script, and I loved it, and loved the story. Then I got a phone call from Ewan. He was talking about the script, and I remember his enthusiasm and his passion for the story and for what he was trying to say and communicate. It was infectious and exciting, and who doesn’t want to be in an environment like that? So I said yes.

Q. Introduce Vicky.

A. She’s a woman who works alongside Ewan’s character, Seymour, at his handmade glove factory. We’re watching her life at a time when this country is in a state of change and transition, at a time when people of her make are supposed to be sort of relegated to the back seat of our culture, but is, because of the Levov family, very empowered at her workplace. She is able to stand in her full, authentic self, and she’s a very self-possessed woman, full of opinions, that she’s happy to offer, whether solicited or not [laughs].

Q. You don’t have a lot of scenes, but we get to know your character pretty well. Did you add much to the script?

A. Not really. I just thought she sang so loudly with the little that she had to say. I felt she was a person who was emphatic about whatever it was she wanted to state. She is clear, and she is fearless. And I know women who are like that — certainly in my own home — who have no problem speaking their opinions. I thought this was a wonderful opportunity for a number of voices we haven’t heard from, from that time or since, to give them as loud a voice as I possibly could.

Q. You got to sing last year when you played Glinda on the TV broadcast of “The Wiz Live.” Are there plans to do a concert any time down the road?

A. Oh, I don’t know. I would love to do a concert, but as an artist, I don’t like doing something just for the sake of doing it. I think if it feels motivated by a need to say or do something, that concert will happen.

Ed Symkus can be reached at esymkus@rcn.com.

BoS on 10/17 & 18

TOWN OF MEDFIELD ' MEETING NOTICE POSTED: TOWN CLERK ttt.CHYW : TOWM OF MEO,ffEt.O. HA$.~: . . . . ·, ,• , ·.: -~ J! lDtL OCT -5 p 2: 081 • . .. · ·41} OFFICE Of tHE TOWN ClERl< POSTED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROVISIONS OF M.G.L CHAPTER 39 SECTION 23A AS AMENDED. PLANNING BOARD & BOARD OF SELECTMEN Board or Committee PLACE OF MEETING DAY, DATE, AND TIME Town Hall, 2nd Floor, Chenery Room Monday, October 17, 2016 at 8:00 pm AGENDA (Subject to change) . 8:00 pm - Roberta Cameron, Community Opportunities Group - Presentation of draft Housing Production Plan Action required: Planning Board and Board of Selectmen vote to adopt the Housing Production Plan Other business: • Joint appointment to fill the seat vacated by Keith Diggans: Teresa James is nominated And, any additional business that came in after the deadline that must be discussed prior to the next meeting OLD BUSINESS I NEW BUSINESS /VOUCHERS / MINUTES / INFORMATIONAL Any additional business that ·came in after the deadline that must be discusses prior to the next meeting OLD BUSINESS/ NEW BUSINESS I MINUTES I VOUCHERS/ INFORMATIONAL TOWN OF MEDFIELD MEETING NOTICE POSTED: ~ JO-!f--/1/7 TbWNCLERK POSTED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROVISIONS OF M.G.L. CHAPTER 39 SECTION 23A AS AMENDED. Board of Selectmen Board or Committee PLACE OF MEETING DAY, DATE, AND TIME Medfield High School Auditorium Tuesday October 18, 2016@ 7:00 PM AGENDA (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) PUBLIC HEARING Applicants for Dale Street proposal "Medfield Meadows" present to Selectmen Signature ro - r1 -10 Date2016101718_page_2

40B hearing at ZBA

The Larkins’ 48 unit 40B proposed for Hospital Road next to the MSH fields hearing started this evening.