Globe’s GRANT

Let’s put our Boston Globe GRANT (Globe Readers And Non-profits Together) ballots towards Medfield non-profits this year.  I am putting mine towards the Medfield Foundation, so MFi can run an ad for the Angel Run, as the proceeds from the Angel Run have been used to assist Medfield families in need.


All Globe subscribers are getting mailings with the certificate to be mailed in.  If choosing the Medfield Foundation, Inc. use as its location the address of 459 Main Street, Medfield, MA 02052 (MFi mail goes to the Town House).



Commonwealth Magazine has an article on trash and recycling in Massachusetts, and we do not look so good – too much trash per person, and therefore spending too much on trash disposal.  On the map they publish we are one of the few in the red (800+ lbs of trash/person/year).


Our single stream recycling has upped our recycling numbers some and brought our trash tonnage down some.

However, DEP consistently tells me that the only way to get our trash numbers down a lot is to go to pay-as-you-throw, but no one likes PAYT.  DEP pointed me to Duxbury’s example, as Duxbury saw a slight drop in its trash amounts when it went to single stream, but Duxbury only achieved a dramatic drop when it implemented PAYT a year of two later.

To me it is an issue of trade offs, how much inconvenience and cost are we willing to suffer via PAYT to save the town money on trash disposal.  We know PAYT saves towns money, but we currently prefer to pay higher taxes to avoid PAYT.

CommonWealth magazine points out that Massachusetts pay-as-you-throw communities-nearly one-third of municipalities in the state-throw out just 432 pounds per person per year on average, compared with 670 pounds in non-PAYT cities and towns.

Blog stats

Word Press Statistics:

I was just looking to see what Word Press statistics tell me, and these were the ones that I found interesting:

479 people get a Word Press email of blog posts

238 get posts via Twitter

149 get posts via Facebook

??? via LinkedIN


Biggest view days at Word Press were:

800 (almost) people wanting to know if their street was going to get DPW work done last spring, when Patch linked to the list.

473 people looking at post about Medfield having run out of salt on 2/9/15.

FY16 budget calendar

The annual budget calendar countdown to the town meeting, plus the Special Town Meeting and Election dates for the public safety building –


November 4, 2014 – Budget meeting with Warrant Committee All Town Department Heads

December 2, 2014 – FY16 budgets due in Accountant’s Office

December 16, 2014 – Selectmen vote to open Annual Town Meeting Warrant

January 6, 2015 – Warrant articles needing legal review are due

January 15, 2015 – Annual reports are due in the Selectmen’s Office.  This date is a Town Bylaw voted at Town Meeting, May 4, 1981

January 27, 2015 – Selectmen vote to close Annual Town Meeting Warrant

March 17, 2015 – Warrant Hearing. Selectmen sign Town Election Warrant for posting

MARCH 23, 2015 – SPECIAL TOWN MEETING on public safety building and solar photovoltaic installation at the Waste Water Treatment Facility

March 26, 2015 – Warrant Report and Town Report mailed to printer Selectmen sign Town

MARCH 30, 2015 – TOWN ELECTION on override for the public safety building and me for selectman (Re-Pete!)

April 7, 2014 – Meeting Warrant for posting

April 16, 2015 – Warrant Report mailed to residents


(if needed, second night of Town Meeting on Tuesday April 28, 2015)


The Reps are coming!

The selectmen try to have regular visits/reports/consultations with our representatives in the legislature, but those visits seem to have become increasingly difficult to schedule.  They are no longer occurring on the quarterly basis as in the past.  Several recent scheduled dates had to be cancelled.

Evelyn emailed the selectmen this morning that they have next been scheduled to attend our March 24 meeting.  This was the email from Evelyn –


Good morning,


I received confirmation this morning that Senator Timilty and Representatives Garlick and Dooley will attend the Selectmen’s March 24 meeting.


Let’s keep our fingers crossed!!

Clark Tavern hearing this week

The Land Court is holding a hearing on the cross motions for summary judgment this week on the pending appeal of the ZBA permit issued to the Linnerts to turn the Clark Tavern into a restaurant.

Summary judgment is a mechanism that is applicable only when there is “no material fact in dispute,” such that the judge can decide the case on the legal issues alone, without needing to conduct a trial to determine the factual issues.  A party seeking to defeat summary judgment will attempt to show that there really is a “material fact” in dispute that must be determined via a trial.

Pi Day

This year pi day is even more appropriate, as it come on 3.14.15, a once in a century pi day occurrence.  Hope the snow does not ruin it.