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Become the Angel Run Treasurer or Sponsorship Coordinator


Volunteer Treasurer and Sponsorship Coordinator Opportunities

Medfield’s number one family fun event since 2006, the Medfield Foundation Angel Run, has two openings for organized and motivated individuals to fill the roles of:

  • Treasurer
  • Sponsorships

The treasurer is the bigger role – experience is helpful, but really just need people who are detail-oriented and willing to help out. The Angel Run is held annually at the beginning of December, attracts 1500 participants, and raises money for Medfield families in need.

Interested parties can contact Medfield Foundation President, Evan Weisenfeld at or 508-740-4367.


MFI volunteer awards 2018


Colleen Sullivan’s photograph of the whole crowd involved in making the Medfield Foundation volunteer awards happen, except Gus Murby, who only got his foot in this photo and someone on the left (unless Mike Marcucci now really has two sets of arms).

2018 MFi Volunteer Awards


Photo by Colleen Sullivan

Medfield Foundation volunteer awards held yesterday

See the account of the event and photos by Colleen Sullivan on Patch

MFi Volunteer Awards Sunday at 3PM


2018 Medfield Foundation Volunteer Awards Sunday at 3PM at The Center

The public is invited to the reception, to honor all the following remarkable individuals for their volunteer services, at 3PM on Sunday April 8 at The Center.  The following are the Medfield Foundation volunteers of the year for 2018:

Lifetime Achievement

Kim Agricola for work with the Medfield Animal Shelter
Chris Allan as the sound engineer for over twenty years of town meetings, and also for Medfield TV

Volunteers of the Year

Tony Centore for work with the Senior Housing Study, and also for the Lions, Board of Health, Solid Waste Committee
Susan Holbrook for work with the UCC Medfield and Cradles to Crayons


Jack Morrill for being “hard working, humble, and committed to causes bigger than himself” in many diverse entities


The following remarkable individuals were also suggested by their fellow residents to be honored for their wonderful volunteer work in Medfield with the cited organizations:
Janie Boylan for work with the Medfield Coalition for Public Education, and also for Girl Scouts, PTO, and All Night Graduation Party
Tracey Rogers for work with the All Night Graduation Party
Renee Romanowski for work with the Angel Run, and also for MCPE, Script, Medfield Food Cupboard, Pub Crawl for SMA, and Neighbor Brigade
Liz Sandeman for work with New England Donor Services, and also with the Lions, Schools, Amelia’s Light, and Hannah Adams Club
Jill VanBrocklin for work with the Medfield Animal Shelter
Nancy Irwin for work with the Swap, and also for St. Edward’s meals, knitters, prayer shawl ministry, and usher coordinator


The Medfield Foundation volunteer awards are made possible through the sponsorship of Roche Bros. and Brothers Marketplace, as well as a contribution for Rockland Trust.


Tony Centore – MFi Co-Volunteer of the Year

Tony centore

Tony Centore Selected as one of Two Co-Volunteers of the Year for 2018

Separately, both Pauline Medeiros and Chris Rumel suggested Tony Centore as the Medfield Foundation volunteer of the year.  These are their nominations in the order received, first from Pauline, and then from Chris:


Primary organization or initiative where she/he volunteers: Senior Housing, Veterans, Lions Club

Other organizations where she/he volunteers: Center at Medfield, American Legion, Solid Waste Committee, Board of Health (1983,1984)

How many years has the nominee be donating her/his time? At least 15

I would like to nominate Tony Centore for Medfield Foundation’s Volunteer of the Year Award. Tony has dedicated his time and expertise to volunteering in Medfield over a period of many years. Tony, a veteran who served during the Vietnam Era, has been a member of Beckworth Post American Legion for nearly 15 years. Tony is currently the Adjutant for the Post and as such records the minutes of Legion meetings and files all forms. In addition, he is a member of the Executive Board which oversees all of the Post’s financial operations and is on the Board of Trustees which oversees the management of the Post’s property. It is noteworthy that Tony was an instrumental member of the Medfield Public Schools Veterans Plaque Committee. As a result of the committee and Tony’s efforts, plaques were erected at Dale Street School honoring Medfield’s World War II and Korean War Veterans. An additional plaque was installed at Blake Middle School honoring Medfield’s Vietnam Veterans in 2012. Ron Griffin states, “During my time as Medfield’s Veteran Service Officer and member of the American Legion, I’ve worked with Tony on several committees. Whatever the committee, whatever the task, Tony is a tireless contributor.” A second area in which Tony has volunteered is the Lions Club. Tony joined the Lions in 2003. For several years he was responsible for all of the Lion’s Club’s press releases. Over the years Tony has volunteered selling Christmas trees for the Club, working at the Club’s hamburger stand on Medfield Day and been active in all of the club’s projects. Tony was voted Lion of the Year by his fellow members in 2010. He has served on the Board of Directors and sponsored several new members into the club. Most notably, Tony should be recognized for creating the Lion’s Annual Chowder fest in 2009 and chairing the event for nine consecutive years. He has enlisted the help of friends and peers at the Lions Club and has worked with many local restaurants to donate chowder for the event as well as freshly baked rolls. All proceeds for the annual Chowder fest benefit FOSI (Friends of Seniors, Inc.) . Thousands of dollars have been raised from profits of the Chowder fest to support programs for Medfield’s seniors at the Center. In addition, the annual event provides seniors and other Medfield residents the opportunity to socialize together and have a good time. Tony has been an active, longtime volunteer at the Center at Medfield. In fact he was involved prior to its opening, since he was a member of the Adult Community Center Committee. Using his background as an engineer, Tony was involved during the construction of the Center, offering his expertise. Roberta Lynch stated that Tony was always there for whatever was needed. Since its opening Tony has volunteered at the Center, picking up bagels from the Blue Moon to be brought to the Center, cooking and serving for the Center’s monthly breakfasts, helping at the summer cookouts, and working at the Center’s annual yard sale. Tony was a member of the Board of Health for two years (1983 and 1984). Tony was a five year member of the Solid Waste Committee (2009-2014). During his tenure many changes were made at the transfer station, most notably the restriction of use by Medfield residents only by requiring stickers and single stream recycling. Residents can all agree that the latter has made recycling so much easier.

Tony should definitely be acknowledged and commended for bringing to the forefront, the issue of Senior Housing in Medfield. Tony realized that Medfield seniors, many of whom lived in the Town for thirty, forty years or more would be unable to afford to stay in Medfield should they decide to downsize. Tony brought this concern to the attention of Medfield’s Council of Aging Board; town administrator, Mike Sullivan; and town counsel, Marc Cerel. A Senior Housing Study Committee was approved at Town Meeting in April 2016. Subsequently Tony was named Chairman. Since the inception of the Committee, Tony has been instrumental in guiding the Committee. Roberta Lynch, Director of the Center at Medfield and fellow committee member says of Tony, “Tony is a champion for providing appropriate and moderate priced housing for Seniors in Medfield.” The committee spent numerous hours collecting data, meeting with Town officials, and most importantly listening and surveying more than 140 Medfield seniors. These seniors shared information about their age, income, house assessment, and preference for senior housing. Tony shared the results with seniors at a meeting at the Center in October 2017. He gave a complete, clear power point presentation that was easily understood by those attending the meeting. He also entertained questions from those present and listened to their comments. At this meeting, Tony shared some typical comments by seniors who took part in the survey .Those comments were the following: (1”) I am the third generation of my family to live here (Medfield) and, like my parents I am not going to be able to afford to continue to live here. We are part of what made this town a wonderful place to live and, as a result, are being forced out.”(2)” New construction for seniors in Medfield would be most welcome. Thank you for working on this and making reasonably priced quality units available as soon as possible.” (3)” Have waited many years for the Town to take an interest in senior housing.” (4)” After years of paying high property taxes for our schools, with no one in the family attending, it is fantastic our town is also looking at the older generation. Thank you!” Tony and his committee have completed their study of Senior Housing in Medfield. On January 30, 2018 Tony presented the committee’s final report to the selectmen. The first paragraph of this report summarizes their work. “The committee has quantified the growing senior 55 plus population in Town, collected senior home assessments and income, conducted a Medfield Senior Housing Survey, evaluated the financial aspects of selling and buying senior friendly housing, and made recommendations to address what we see as a major housing issue among Medfield Seniors.” Tony has done everything possible to keep Medfield seniors well informed and educated with regard to the Committee‘s work and Senior Housing in general. He has held informative meetings, organized a meeting for Seniors to express their concerns with the Selectmen, and keeps Seniors informed through numerous emails. He often provides references to other web sites as well. As a fellow senior, I believe that I am representative of the many Medfield seniors who want to thank Tony for all of his efforts on our behalf and believe that he should be recognized. In addition, the entire Medfield Community should thank Tony for his many, longtime, and varied contributions helping to make Medfield such a great place to live. “Thank you, Tony Centore, for sharing your time, energy, and expertise with us!


Primary organization or initiative where she/he volunteers: Medfield Seniors Housing Study

Other organizations where she/he volunteers: Medfield Legion, Medfield Council On Aging

How many years has the nominee be donating her/his time? Unknown, 10+, likely much longer

I had the pleasure of working with Tony on the Medfield Seniors Housing Study committee in town. Tony was the Chair of the committee, and his leadership and passion for helping Medfield Seniors was inspiring to all of us on the committee. Tony took charge from Day 1, and took lead on the vast majority of our collective efforts. Simply put, the committee would not have accomplished half of its goals without Tony’s involvement. He prepared the initial online survey and ensured it was available both online or on paper. He also took lead in researching the latest information on senior housing needs in the country, while touring other projects in nearby communities. He was the primary person drafting and revising the final report which was delivered to the Board of Selectmen on time, and also led the committee presentation of our findings. His tireless advocacy on behalf of Medfield will serve to benefit the towns senior population for years to come, and will directly influence affordable options to allow seniors to remain in our great town.Tony is very active in Medfield with various other organizations, and he works tirelessly for the residents in town and to make Medfield a better community. He works on all of these initiatives for the right reasons, and selflessly volunteers his time toward the causes. I think Tony would be a fantastic and deserving recipient of this award.Thank you for your consideration.


The public is invited to the reception to honor all the nominated volunteers at 3PM on Sunday April 8 at The Center. The Medfield Foundation volunteer awards are made possible through the sponsorship of Roche Bros. and Brothers Marketplace, as well as a contribution for Rockland Trust.


Nancy Irwin – 2018 MFi Volunteer Awards nominee


Nancy Irwin – MFi 2018 Volunteer Awards nominee

Nancy Irwin was suggested for recognition in the MFi 2018 Volunteer Awards by Maggie Joseph.  The following is Maggie’s eloquent description of how Nancy crafted what we all know and love as the Swap:

Every town has something to be proud of and Medfield is no exception. Since 1986, when the Transfer Station opened, it has provided a convenient place for garbage disposal. However, it has now morphed into something distinctive: a spot where the community can dispose of its trash and also dispose of unwanted items as well as pick up all kinds of stuff: furniture, kitchen ware, books, and much, much more. And with time, its name has morphed too, from the ugly word “THE DUMP,” to the functional word, THE TRANSFER STATION, part of which bears the friendly name, The SWAP. Popular with the Medfield community, the SWAP is a place to discard or to acquire stuff and to meet other “swappers” – and that is due in large part to Nancy Irwin who has transformed it from a disorderly and sometimes chaotic area into an organized, environmentally friendly and methodically arranged place to “shop.”

In 2008, Nancy Irwin started volunteering in the SWAP. In fair weather or foul, she has remained committed to her mission of recycling articles or saving what the community might find useful. She has been appointed Coordinator by the Transfer Station and Recycling Committee, and has the support of volunteers (like MaryPat who joined her in 2013) all of whom have contributed to the success of the SWAP.

Previously, people would wander around all day searching for items that were randomly placed. As Coordinator, Nancy now manages shoppers with an efficient use of time and place by making sure that they are allowed only thirty minutes a day to “shop,” so that everyone has a chance for the fair disposal or pick-up of goods. She also makes sure that articles are arranged by type of use, instead of being thrown together in a mish-mash of categories.

In addition, her petitions to the town for shelter from the elements were finally met with success. Two small tents to store items were donated by MaryPat, and Nancy also procured four to six umbrellas to protect people and the items themselves from the weather. Memo has donated two canopies, and the Town has purchased two permanent tents and one canopy. Eventually, Nancy petitioned the Town to pave the area, as it was unsafe.

Finally, through the environmentally-conscious spirit that has impelled Nancy to remain steadfast in her mission to recycle or re-use, the SWAP also saves the town a lot of money. It costs between $49 and $54 per ton to recycle items from the Transfer Station, but the amount decreases during the six months that the SWAP is open, a true benefit to the town. And once it is closed, Nancy and other volunteers are still busy, taking down and storing tables, shelves, bins, dollies, supplies, and canopies, plus recruiting volunteers for the next season.
Nancy volunteers in St Edward the Confessor parish as well. She helps with meals for the needy, making sixty meals a year for Haley House in Boston. She knits mittens for the homeless through the “One Family Knitters” at St. Edward’s. Nancy also coordinates the church’s Prayer Shawl Ministry and is the Usher Coordinator at St. Edward’s.


Renee Romanowski – 2018 MFi Volunteer Awards nominee

Renee Romanowski

Renee Romanowski

MFi Volunteer Awards nominee

Renee Romanowski was nominated for recognition in the 2018 MFi Volunteer Awards by her husband, Joe Romanowski.  This was Joe’s enumeration of all the many things Renee has done for Medfield:

Primary organization or initiative where she/he volunteers: Angel Run
Medfield Foundation Inc (MFI) 4+ years – Angel Run Treasurer – Participant runner

Other organizations where she/he volunteers: Medfield Coalition for Public Education (MPCE) 5+ years – Board Member – Chairperson & Event Coordinator – Treasurer Medfield Script Program – Treasurer (managed almost $1mm each year)Medfield Food Cupboard – Current volunteer Medfield Pub-Crawl – Current Co-Chairperson The Medfield Pub-crawl that has raises money and awareness for CURE-SMA to support a local family’s quest to find a cure. This fun and rapidly growing event has raised well over $25K over the last 4 years.Medfield Neighbor Brigade – Frequent participant. Other Misc Events – Room parent – Volunteer Extreme Home Makeover for The Johnson Family – Volunteer Tanerini Farms for school events – Countless school activities for 3 children”

How many years has the nominee be donating her/his time? 20+

Although I am nominating Renee Romanowski for her recent work as the Angle Run Treasurer for the past 4 years for the Medfield Foundation’s Angel run, her volunteer work has been ongoing without the desire of recognition. As a matter of fact, I am making this nominating without her consent as I know she would not want the limelight. Holding a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, Renee made the tough decision to leave her growing career over 20 years ago to raise a family in Medfield and has carefully balanced parenthood and a new career of volunteerism. She is a silent and constant force when it comes to helping her community schools, local families and especially the children. We have lived in Medfield for over 27 years and have seen many changes in it’s landscapes and culture. It is because of the hard work of selfless volunteers like Renee that make this town a desirable location for future families who flock to our town to raise their families. It is always hard to quantify volunteer impact however based on the desirably of our Medfield School system and rising home values, I believe there has been a great impact by Renee and her volunteer colleagues.Here are just a few of the projects that Renee has worked on:Medfield Foundation Inc (MFI) 4+ years – Treasurer – Participant runner Medfield Coalition for Public Education (MPCE) 5+ years – Board Member – Chairperson & Event Coordinator – Treasurer Medfield Script Program – Treasurer (managed almost $1mm each year)Medfield Food Cupboard – Current volunteer Medfield Pub-Crawl – Current Co-Chairperson The Medfield Pub-crawl that has raises money and awareness for CURE-SMA to support a local family’s quest to find a cure. This fun and rapidly growing event has raised well over $25K over the last 4 years.Medfield Neighbor Brigade – Frequent participant Other Misc Events – Room parent – Volunteer Extreme Home Makeover for The Johnson Family – Volunteer Tangerini Farms for school events – Countless school activities for 3 children”