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Veterans Day

Veterans breakfast

Medfield’s Veterans Service Officer Ron Griffin started and has put on a breakfast for veterans on Veterans Day at The Center for several years, and he is kind enough to include the selectmen.  This morning Richard and I attended, along with Senator Jim Timilty and Representatives Shawn Dooley and Denise Garlick.  Shawn brought along his two young sons, one of whom sat on Shawn’s lap during the speeches.

Ron Griffin arranges for MHS students from the student lead group, Warriors for the Warriors, to act as the servers at the breakfast, and this morning there over 20 student servers, as well as Ron’s colleagues from the Town House, Mike Sullivan and John Naff assisting with the cooking.  John brought along his two daughters to help.

It is wonderful for both the veterans and the students that they get to share time together.  Ron also has veterans speak to the sixth graders each year.

The above photo of the Veterans breakfast is from last year.

veterans luminaries

The luminaries for the veterans occurs at sunset this evening at Baxter’s Park, to complete Medfield’s Veterans Day events, thanks to Michelle Doucette.

Vets & forced arbitration

From the American Association for Justice –



This Veterans Day, we honor the service and sacrifice of the brave men and women of the U. S. Armed Forces by issuing a call to preserve and strengthen laws promoting their financial security by stopping forced arbitration. Take Action

When members of the military are serving our country, they should not be burdened by financial stress back at home, but their financial security is threatened by forced arbitration – an injustice that corporations bury in the fine print of financial documents to ensure they will never be held accountable in a court of law if they violate laws like the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) can put control back in the hands of America’s service members by eliminating forced arbitration in financial disputes and restoring their ability to defend their rights in court. Contact the CFPB asking it to ban forced arbitration in consumer financial services and products. Take Action

American Association for Justice, 777 6th Street NW, Suite 200 | Washington, DC 20001 | 202-965-3500

Boys State & Girls State

20141030-legion-boys & girls state At the Legion last night twelve of the seventeen MHS seniors who spent a week last summer at the Legion run Boys State and Girls State, held at Stonehill College in Easton, recounted their experiences to the crowd of over a hundred in attendance at the Legion’s monthly dinner meeting. Each of the dozen students spoke about what the experience had meant to them, and each was remarkably eloquent, poignant, or in turn funny.  The experience had clearly made strong positive impressions on each student, and for some it had been life changing.  More than one student recounted the benefits to them from meeting others from backgrounds so disparate from what they have know in Medfield.

Boys State and Girls State are the Legion run opportunity for high school students to learn about the American political and governing processes by actually taking part in mock government elections and functions, as well as taking courses.  The students are divided amongst separate towns, elect their own leaders from amongst their own members, and deal with legislation.

20141039-Legion-Boys & Girls State-2Last summer the students also got to participate in the actual political process, as some researched and took a position against the then pending legislation in the Massachusetts legislature that would have allowed cell antennae to be located virtually anywhere regardless of local zoning.  The students submitted letters against the legislation to the legislature that Representative Shawn Dooley said last night helped to put a face on the opposition and to defeat that legislation.

Medfield’s Legion sends more students to Boys State and Girls State than any other city or town in the state.    Around 700 students in all participate.  Karl Schwartz, past Legion Commander, recounted that when he took the program on 17 years ago no students were being sent by the Legion to participate, and that the program has been gradually built up over the years.  Today the students compete for the slots, as the demand to participate exceeds the monies  available to send students. 20141039-Legion-Boys & Girls State-3

Veterans Day luminaries at 5PM

The American Legion Auxiliary is selling candle lit luminary bags to honor living veterans and in memory of those veterans who have passed away. The bags will be displayed in Baxter Park on Veterans Day (Tuesday, November 11, 2014) and lit at 5pm along with a short ceremony. [Bags will be displayed at Noon, lit at 5pm and removed after 9pm]
All proceeds from this fundraiser will be used to support Auxiliary program for veterans and their families, the Stephen Hinkley award, and Girls State program. Some veteran programs we support annually are Christmas Gift Shop at West Roxbury VA (give wrapped gifts to veteran patients that they can give them to their family and a gift for the Veteran, Coffee hour at VA (free coffee and treats on a Wednesday morning), HomeStart (Homeless Veterans transitioning into homes).

Please forward the bag inscription and payment to American Legion Auxiliary, c/o Michelle Doucette, 17 Pleasant St, Medfield, MA 02052. Bags are $6 each or 2 for $10. Checks can be made out to ALA 110. Luminaries can also be purchased at the American Legion. Please order bags by November 8th – after that date please call 508-359-2290 for availability

Lee & Snyder Roads dedication Sat. at 10 AM

From the committee to Study Memorials –

The Medfield Committee to Study Memorials is dedicating two Medfield Streets this Saturday, May 24th at 10:00 AM.  Your attendance would be greatly appreciated.  The ceremony will be held at the intersection of Lee and Snyder Roads near Stagecoach.  While these roads are not new, they were never dedicated after the heroes they are named after.

Lee Road is named after Earl Winfred Lee who was killed in action when his B-24 Liberator was shot down over France during World War II.

Snyder Road is named after George Thomas Snyder who was killed in action in Chorwon, North Korea during the Korean War.

The Medfield Committee to Study Memorials is ready to place a sign at your streets, which will tell the story of these two Medfield citizens.While their lives were brief, it is our hope that their memory can be long remembered.

In case of severe inclement weather, please call 508-906-3025 to find out our alternative plans.

Andy Thompson recognized for lifetime achievement

Andy Thompson    The Medfield Foundation proudly recognizes Andy Thompson with its 2014 Lifetime Achievement Awards for his almost five decades of work to benefit Medfield.

Most of Andy’s volunteering has been around sports, and primarily youth sports, which came naturally to him where he was a college All American lacrosse player at Penn.

Andy has been a town resident for forty-nine years:

  • for forty-eight of those years he was a  member of the Medfield Physical Fitness Association, which exercised together and raised money for scholarships.
  • for forty-seven of those years he ran the Medfield High School football scoreboard at all home games.

    Andy’s primary volunteering has been sports-related; helping the town youth through coaching and inspiring them to be team players and to learn to love sports.  Not only was he actively involved in youth sports when his children were playing, until recently, he was always on the sideline of any grandchild’s game.  Andy has six children, and he volunteered for their teams as they grew up.  His daughter Barbara noted “when my dad started being involved in youth sports, there was no soccer or lacrosse in town.”

  • Little League Coach for 11 years; President of Little League for 3 years
  • Soccer Coach for 5 years
  • Lacrosse Coach for 5 years
  • Ice Hockey Coach for 9 years

    Andy was also an Assistant Scout Master of Troop 20, Boy Scouts of America, for five years, and he served two terms on Park and Recreation Committee.  He volunteered until recently at The Center at Medfield, was an Executive Board member and many year member of the American Legion, and helped run Medfield Park & Recreation Commission’s children’s activities on Medfield Day.  Andy was a political volunteer in his wife, Ann’s campaigns, and more recently her driver as she served in town government.

Selectman goals & objectives

I am being interviewed on Medfield TV on 6/18 by Jack Peterson and Theresa Knapp of Patch, and Jack asked me to bring along topics to discuss, so I updated the list of goals and objectives I prepared for the Board of Selectmen last September:

2013 Goals and Objectives for the Medfield Town Administrator and the Board of Selectmen

By Osler L. Peterson, Selectman
June 3, 2013

1.    Institutional good governance systems, such as
a.    Thorough planning,
b.    Government transparency, and
c.    Complete reporting to the residents
2.    Have the Board of Advisors (former selectmen) conduct a zero based review of our town government systems to determine whether we are using best practices and have the right systems.  Consider partnering with an educational institution to get interns for this task.
a.    Establish expectations, policies, and procedures for all town boards and departments.
b.    Evaluate staffing levels and positions.
i.    Consider hiring a Finance Director.
3.    Get written five year plans from the Town Administrator and department heads.
4.    Have Town Administrator use annual calendar for the Board of Selectmen.
5.    Hold a Board of Selectmen joint meeting annually with each town board and commission to review our shared purposes and goals.
6.    Report to town on DPW’s road and sidewalk repair plans and funding.
7.    Work with Water and Sewer Commission on its master plan.
8.    Study the possible purchase and/or control of the development of the Medfield State Hospital site
9.    Oversee the process of dealing with the clean up and reuse of the Medfield State Hospital site.
10.    Complete bylaw review, especially for issues related to the Medfield State Hospital site.
11.    Work with planning board for new economic growth; Town’s master plan and downtown zoning.
12.    Work on strategy for maintenance and renovation of all town buildings and a strategy to build a new DPW Garage, Public Safety, and Community Center.
13.    Examine opportunities for additional revenue streams, such as:
a.    Housing can be the “business” of Medfield (e.g. – Old Medfield Square)
b.    Power purchase agreements for PV power
c.    Selling Medfield bottled water
14.    Identify opportunities for regionalization of services, such as:
a.    Dispatch for public safety
b.    Board of Health
15.    Target completion of union negotiations before contracts expire.
16.    Create a three-year financial forecast of the town, working with the Warrant Committee and the School Committee.
17.    Implement succession planning for key municipal positions.
18.    Installation of solar PV arrays on town owned land.
19.    Become a Green Community.
20.    Solve Veterans Service Officer position issues.
21.    Perform an analysis of overtime use.
22.    Maintain town’s fiscal status.
23.    Determine whether our recycling rates can be improved, and our trash costs thereby reduced