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Watch the ribbon cutting

solar at WWTP

See and hear the ceremony preceding the ribbon cutting for the  solar PV at the Waste Water Treatment Plant

BY Colony Rail Trail Needham opening

Needham held the official opening of their section of the Bay Colony Rail Trail this afternoon. Hopefully Dover will vote to proceed and Medfield will be soon behind.

MYBS opening day

Rain is holding off for the parade and opening day, going on right now.

Nice event to honor Douglas Swain, for whom the new concession stand was named and dedicated.  Really poignant remarks by his son.

Medfield’s 1st solar PV

solar at WWTP

Representative Shawn Dooley reads a Proclamation from the Legislature, with Mike Sullivan, Jeremy Marsette, Mark Fisher and my better half (I barely made the photo) looking on.

Medfield First Solar PV Array opened at the Waste Water Treatment Plant on 4/28/16

The new 237 KW solar PV array at the Waste Water Treatment Plant went online after a ribbon cutting yesterday.  This opening was the combined achievement of Energy Committee member Fred Davis obtained a $12,500 state DOER grant for the town in 2014 that allowed the Committee to study solar options in three town locations, the Waste Water Treatment Plant Operator, Bob McDonald, getting a $180,000 state grant for almost half the construction costs, and the Energy Committee pushing the project forward to completion via eh efforts of its staff person, Facilities Manager, Andrew Seaman.

It is actually a hugely instructive lesson in how important a paid town staff person is to a volunteer town committee, as this whole process did not really take off until Andrew was hired and began to staff the Energy Committee and its meetings.

Adam Stuhlman wrote a good article for the Medfield Press – click at

Medfield state budget earmarks out

State-House-smaller_1 (1)

I spoke with Representative Shawn Dooley at the ribbon cutting this morning for the Waste Water Treatment Plant’s solar PV installation, about the two earmarks he included in the House version of the state budget for Medfield

  • $15,000 to the Medfield Fire Department for the purchase of an automatic chest compression device,and
  • $1m. towards repair of West Street bridge over the Charles River

and learned that both had effectively been defeated.  They are still there, just without any money assigned to them.  It is possible the Senate could fund them, but not likely.

This email today from Medfield’s man at the legislature, John Nunnari, with the excruciating details about how the legislature does things –


An update on the proposed amendments noted below.


For consideration, the amendments were respectively wrapped into Consolidated Amendments “H” and “I”.


In order to speed up the process of considering amendments, leadership bundled most of the 1307 amendments into nine categories; Education and Local Aid; Constitutional Officers, State Administration, and Transportation; Energy and Environmental Affairs; Social Services and Veterans; Housing, Mental Health and Disability Services; Public Health; Health and Human Services and Elder Affairs; Public Safety and Judiciary; Labor and Economic Development


Amendment 306 was bundled into Consolidated Amendments “H” – Public Safety and Judiciary and Amendment 310 was bundled into Consolidated Amendments “I” – Labor and Economic Development.


While both consolidated amendments did pass today, through a parliamentary procedure designed to shield members votes, Amendments 306 (and 166 other amendments included in “H”) and 310 (and 178 other amendment included in “I”) did not pass.


I’m sorry to say that the money proposed via these amendment will not be forthcoming.




From: John Nunnari
Sent: Tuesday, April 19, 2016 4:46 PM
Subject: State Budget – Medfield Amendments


Two amendments filed to the House budget and up for consideration during next weeks debate.



AmdID Amd# Sponsor Sponsor Title Amending DEP Description InstaTrac Summary Amount Requested Increase Earmark HFY16 Comment
2017H0306 306 Shawn Dooley Medfield Fire Department Purchase 8324-0000 DFS Department of Fire Services Administration Earmarks $15,000 to the Medfield Fire Department for the purchase of an automatic chest compression device and/or associated materials, and increases the item by the same amount. $20,799,781 $20,814,781 $15,000 $15,000 2016H0486 Amendment #486 in FY16, this item was excluded from a bundle in last year’s budget.
2017H0310 310 Shawn Dooley Maintenance of the West Street Bridge in the towns of Medfield and Millis 1599-0026 ANF Municipal Regionalization and Efficiencies Incentive Reserve Earmarks $1,000,000 for the maintenance of the West Street Bridge in the towns of Medfield and Millis, and increases the item by the same amount. $5,240,000 $6,240,000 $1,000,000 $1,000,000



BoS – 5/3 agenda

wire instructions to olp's village bank client account20160503-agenda_Page_220160503-agenda_Page_320160503-agenda_Page_4

Security deposit violations are a defense to evictions


The Supreme Judicial Court this morning decided that a landlord’s violation of the highly complex security deposit law may be asserted as a defense to an eviction. I counsel all but full time professional landlords to take last months rent instead of a security deposit, because of the complexities required by that law.

We conclude that a violation of the security deposit
statute is encompassed within the definition of “counterclaim or
defense” in G. L. c. 239, § 8A, and that a counterclaim or
defense on that basis may be asserted as a defense to a
landlord’s possession in a summary process action under G. L.
c. 239, § 1A. Therefore, we reverse the Housing Court judgment
granting possession to the landlord and remand for a hearing in
accordance with the provisions of G. L. c. 239, § 8A, fifth par.