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Prom safety

Safe and Substance Free Parent Resource Guide for Keeping Teens Safe for Prom and Graduation.

This resource is available in part from the Norfolk County DA’s office in collaboration with Youth Health Connection and other partners.  This information was shared by Medfield Cares About Prevention (MCAP).


The Medfield Cares About Prevention (MCAP) meeting this morning saw three positive results:

  • Tip Line – Establishment of a local tip line was advanced with news that everyone was in agreement with the script for call answering outlined by David Traub and news that the Norfolk District Attorney’s office will probably fund the cost of the telephone line.  The tip line idea is to provide an anonymous telephone line that anyone can call with information that can then be passed along to third parties, such as, “we hear you are planning to be at the Cape for the long weekend, and we are also hearing that there is a large party planned for your house on Saturday night.  We just thought you would want to know.”
  • Age 21 to buy tobacco – MCAP voted to recommend to the selectmen that the town increase the age to buy tobacco products from the current age 18 to age 21.
  • Marijuana education – MCAP decided to recommend early education in the elementary schools about the issues related to marijuana use be provided in conjunction with the tobacco use education that is already occurring.

MFi volunteer awards

The Medfield Foundation is pleased to announce that the 2015 Medfield Foundation Volunteer Awards will honor the following extraordinary individuals for their remarkable volunteer services in the Town of Medfield:

Youth volunteers

  • Binit Shah Primarily for creating the Tech Club at the Medfield Memorial Library, and also for volunteering for Medfield.TV and Medfield Foundation Youth Leadership.

Binit Shah

  • Emily Zona Primarily for being a Peer Tutor at Blake Middle School, and also for volunteering at St. Edwards, the Thomas Upham House, at MHS on the Student Council as its VP and on the assistant principal search committee, and tutoring Spanish at the Medfield Memorial Library.

emily zona


  • Chris McCue Potts Primarily for work with the Medfield Music Association, and also with the Zullo Gallery.
  • Susan Maritan Primarily for her work with the Medfield Coalition for Public Education, and also the Garden Club, the Medfield Food Cupboard, the Angel Run, New Life Home Refurnishing, and the Wheelock Victory Garden.
  • Rose O’Reilly Primarily for many years of work with the schools in many forms, including the Fashion Show, the All Night Graduation Party, the Snack Shack, and initiating the Prom Bus, the Medfield Coalition for Public Education, New Life Home Furnishing, and also with Cradles to Crayons.

Lifetime achievement

  • Jeanne Bastanier Sullivan Primarily for her work with the Medfield Food Cupboard, and also with the Medfield Coalition for Public Education, the schools at all grade levels, the Animal Shelter, the Church of the Advent, and the All Night Graduation Party.

Special Recognition

Binit Shah is the 2015 Medfield Foundation Youth Volunteer of the Year.

Chris McCue Potts is the 2015 Medfield Foundation Volunteer of the Year.

Jeanne Bastanier Sullivan receives the 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award.

All these extraordinary volunteers will be celebrated and feted at a reception to be held at 3:00 PM on Sunday, March 22 at The Center on Ice House Road, Medfield, to which the public is invited.

The reception is sponsored by the Rockland Trust Charitable Foundation.

Angel Run volunteering

This year the Angel Run’s volunteers can sign up online –  see below –

The Angel Run Needs Your Support!

The Angel Run Needs Your Support!

Mark your calendars! The Medfield Foundation Angel Run is taking place Sunday, December 7th at 2pm.  Last year we had 1,200+ registrants.  We are hoping this ye…

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Angel Run

The preregistration for the Angel Run that ended yesterday included about 25% more runners than a year ago.  Over 1,000 runners registered in time to get the lower entry fee and T-shirts, versus about 800 last year.

More runners means

  • more families having holiday fun, and
  • more monies to distribute to Medfield families in need.

The Angel Run is Medfield’s family fun holiday tradition, and this year –

  • 2PM on Sunday, December 7
  • starts and ends at MHS
  • after party is in the BMS cafeteria
  • entries are available up until race time


Boys State & Girls State

20141030-legion-boys & girls state At the Legion last night twelve of the seventeen MHS seniors who spent a week last summer at the Legion run Boys State and Girls State, held at Stonehill College in Easton, recounted their experiences to the crowd of over a hundred in attendance at the Legion’s monthly dinner meeting. Each of the dozen students spoke about what the experience had meant to them, and each was remarkably eloquent, poignant, or in turn funny.  The experience had clearly made strong positive impressions on each student, and for some it had been life changing.  More than one student recounted the benefits to them from meeting others from backgrounds so disparate from what they have know in Medfield.

Boys State and Girls State are the Legion run opportunity for high school students to learn about the American political and governing processes by actually taking part in mock government elections and functions, as well as taking courses.  The students are divided amongst separate towns, elect their own leaders from amongst their own members, and deal with legislation.

20141039-Legion-Boys & Girls State-2Last summer the students also got to participate in the actual political process, as some researched and took a position against the then pending legislation in the Massachusetts legislature that would have allowed cell antennae to be located virtually anywhere regardless of local zoning.  The students submitted letters against the legislation to the legislature that Representative Shawn Dooley said last night helped to put a face on the opposition and to defeat that legislation.

Medfield’s Legion sends more students to Boys State and Girls State than any other city or town in the state.    Around 700 students in all participate.  Karl Schwartz, past Legion Commander, recounted that when he took the program on 17 years ago no students were being sent by the Legion to participate, and that the program has been gradually built up over the years.  Today the students compete for the slots, as the demand to participate exceeds the monies  available to send students. 20141039-Legion-Boys & Girls State-3

MAHS on 11/10 at MHS

Notice today to MHS parents regarding the MetroWest Adolescent Health Survey coming on 11/10.  Extremely useful data is derived from this long running survey –

October 27, 2014
Dear Parent or Guardian,

To make sure we continue to give the best possible education and services to children in Medfield, we want to learn about their attitudes and behaviors with regard to a variety of health-related topics. Inorder to accomplish this, students at Medfield High School are being asked to participate in the MetroWest Adolescent Health Survey. The questions on the survey cover many topics including alcohol, tobacco and other drug use; violence and safety; nutrition and physical activity; sexual behaviors; and mental health.  This project will continue to help our district develop and enhance its health education and prevention services. We will be giving this survey to students in grades 9-12 on Monday, November 10th.

The survey is anonymous, meaning your child will not put his or her name on the survey and no one will know what he or she writes.  There will be no identifying information on any of the surveys.

Completing this survey is volnntary.   Your child’s grades in school will not be affected by whether or not he or she participates.   Your child can also decide not to take the survey or skip any question he or she does not wish to answer.

The Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment is a Federal Law that requires us to notify you ahead of time about the survey, and give you the chance to look at it, so you can let us know if you do not want your child to take part. Ifyou would like to see the survey before deciding, a copy will be available in the main office from Thursday, October 30, 2014 through Thursday, November 6, 2014.

If you DO NOT want your child to take part in the survey, please complete the form below return it to the main office secretary by Friday, November 7, 2014.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Susan Cowell, Wellness Content Specialist.

Robert Parga