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BoS meeting policies

BoS Meeting Policies

On April 4 the selectmen adopted the agenda and meeting policies that follow, which require submission of agenda items by Thursdays at 3PM before the Tuesday meetings.

The only change from this draft, to what was adopted, was to charge the Board of Selectmen chair with making the determinations about whether to include any late “emergency” submissions.

MICHAEL J, SULLIVAN Town Administrator TOWN OF MEDFIELD Office of BOARD OF SELECTMEN TOWN HOUSE, 459 MAIN STREET MEDFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS 02052-0315 Board of Selectmen Agenda Policy (508) 359-8505 1. Agendas shall close at 3PM on Thursday prior to a scheduled Tuesday night meeting. For meetings scheduled on other days, the agenda will close at 3pm on the third business day prior to the meeting. de lable electronical members b ose of bu 1 e riday before sch , · led meeting. Age , be posted in accordance with the Open Meeting Law and to the Town website. 4. Citizens who wish to speak during the Citizen Comment portion of the meeting shall sign in when they arrive. When, whether, and for how long the matter will be taken up during that meeting is within the Chair's discretion. In the discretion of the Board, the matter may be deferred to a future meeting. Citizen comments directed to a specific agenda item generally will be taken up during the time allotted to that item. 5. While any citizen may appear and be heard during the Citizen Comment portion of the meeting, any citizen who wishes to raise a concern specific to a Town Department shall notify the Assistant to the Town Administrator by 3pm on the third business day prior to a Board of Selectmen meeting (Thursday for a Tuesday meeting) to give a representative of that department an opportunity to appear. 6. Agenda to generally include the following: A. Call to Order B. Disclosure of AudioNideo Recording C. Announcements D. Appointments/Public Hearings E. Citizen Comment F. Action Items G. Pending Items H. Licenses and Permits a. Consent Agenda I. Correspondence J. Town Administrator Update K. Selectmen's Reports20170404-agenda policy_Page_2

BoS 3/21 minutes

Below are Evelyn’s draft minutes of our 3/21 meeting.  My edits to these draft minutes were to note that I was the one who attended both the Medfield Foundation volunteer of the year reception and the Pack 113 Blue and Gold Banquet.

Meeting Minutes March 21. 2017 Chenery Meeting Room draft PRESENT: Selectmen Fisher, Peterson, Marcucci; Town Administrator Sullivan; Assistant Town Administrator Trierweiler; Town Counsel Cerel; Administrative Assistant Clarke Chairman Fisher called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM and read announcements. TRANSFER STATION STICKERS The Transfer Station and Recycling Committee recommends and requests the Selectmen vote to increase the fee for residential transfer station stickers from $50 to $75.00. The $50 fee has been in effect for the past six years. The $75 fee will encompass the two year period July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2019 and take effect with the purchase of new stickers. Additional vehicles from the same household will remain at $25.00. VOTE: On a motion made and seconded it was voted unanimously to increase the Transfer Station sticker fee to $75.00 for the period July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2019 and as recommended by the Transfer Station and Recycling Committee COMMITIEE APPOINTMENT Medfield Historical Commission recommends the Selectmen vote to appoint William Hasapidis as a full member of the Commission and it was so voted. SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT DR. JEFFREY MARSDEN Dr. Marsden requests the Selectmen vote to authorize the School Committee submit a Statement of Interest to the Massachusetts School Building Authority for the replacement or renovation of the Dale Street School. A MSBA requirement is that the Town submits an SOI each year until word is received that we are in the queue. On a motion made and seconded, Selectman Peterson, Clerk of the Board said it is resolved: having convened in an open meeting on March 21, 2017, prior to the closing date, the Board of Selectmen of Medfield, in accordance with its charter, by-laws, and ordinances, has voted to authorize the Superintendent to submit to the Massachusetts School Building Authority the Statement of Interest Form dated April 17, 2017 for the Dale Street School located at 45 Adams Street which describes and explains the following deficiencies and the priority category(s) for which an application may be submitted to the Massachusetts School Building Authority in the future priority: Replacement, renovation or modernization of school facility systems, such as roofs, windows, boilers, heating and ventilation systems, to increase energy conservation and decrease energy related costs in a school facility. March 21, 2017 Page two Replacement of or addition to obsolete buildings in order to provide for a full range of programs consistent with state and approved local requirements and hereby further specifically acknowledges that by submitting this Statement of Interest Form, the Massachusetts School Building Authority in no way guarantees the acceptance or the approval of an application, the awarding of a grant or any other funding commitment from the Massachusetts School Building Authority, or commits the Town of Medfield to filing an application for funding with the Massachusetts School Building Authority. Dr. Marsden thanked the Selectmen for their support. REQUEST TO FILE A DISCLOSURE STATEMENT Senior Housing Study Committee Chairman Tony Centore requests the Selectmen vote to file a disclosure statement with the Town Clerk on his behalf acknowledging that he waves a potential conflict. Selectman Marcucci suggested this item be deferred until we have more details from Town Counsel if in fact there is a conflict. HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNT EMPLOYER APPLICATION The Selectmen at their March 7, 2017 meeting voted unanimously to offer a high deductible health insurance option to current enrolled employees and as recommended by the Insurance Advisory Committee. The Board is requested to vote to authorize Town Administrator Sullivan sign the HSA agreement form and it was so voted. PENDING At their March 7 meeting the Selectmen were requested to sign Chapter 90 Reimbursement Request Form for the redesign of North Street in the amount of $5,288.57; however there was a discrepancy in the figures. A corrected form is submitted for Selectmen's vote to sign VOTE: Selectman Peterson made a motion, seconded by Selectman Marcucci to sign Chapter 90 Reimbursement Request Form in the amount of $5,288.75 and as recommended by DPW Director Maurice Goulet. Vote was unanimous MEETING MINUTES VOTED unanimously to accept the March 7, 2017 minutes as submitted LICENSES AND PERMITS VOTED unanimously to grant permission to hang the Donate Life Flag in the reception area of Town Hall for the month of April, designated as National Donate Organ month March 21, 2017 Page three VOTED unanimously to grant permission to the Rotary Club of Natick for their annual Fathers' Day Bike Ride through a part of Medfield on Sunday June 18, 2017 SELECTMEN REPORT Mr. Peterson remarked that the Energy Committee would very much like to move forward with the purchase and conversion of street lights to LED's. To that end the Committee requests that Mr. Sullivan send a letter to Charles Tavares, Eversource representative requesting the process Medfield would need to undertake to purchase the lights. The Energy Committee would like to attend the Selectmen's April 4 meeting for discussion Selectman Fisher attended the Medfield Foundation Volunteer of the Vear reception this past Sunday. Jim and Patti Schwartz received the Lifetime Achievement Award for their combined 77 years of service to the Boy Scouts; Volunteer of the Year is Jean Mineo for her remarkable service to the Town and Lily Doctoroff is the recipient of the 2017 Youth Volunteer award. Congratulations to all. Mr. Fisher went to Pack 113 Blue and Gold Dinner describing it as a nice and fun event. He continued saying that last night March 20 Selectmen, Warrant Committee and Affordable Housing Committee had a working session with the Town's Affordable Housing consultant; a very productive meeting. Selectman Marcucci extended congratulations to all involved with the Medfield Foundation Volunteer reception saying it was incredibly impressive with great attendance and a good time had by all. Well done This is Mr. Fisher's last meeting as a Selectman. Selectman Fisher said that through his nine years he enjoyed many good days, learned so much, met great people both from Medfield and out of town and will truly miss being a Selectman. However, it is time for me to move on. Thank you for all your support over the years. Mr. Sullivan said that it has been a pleasure working with you. Your style has been very calming. Selectmen Peterson and Marcucci read a proclamation in his honor and declared March 21, 2017 as Mark L. Fisher Day in Medfield. Mr. Fisher was presented with a miniature replica of the Town Clock. The Selectmen adjourned at 7:30 PM for the annual Warrant Committee hearing20170321_Page_220170321_Page_3

BoS 4/18

Below is the agenda for the 4/18 meeting of the Board of Selectmen.  The back up data for the agenda runs to 69 pages, so I am providing it as a PDF.  It contains the usual requests, as well as Maurice Goulet’s memo about the Waste Water Treatment Plant issue and the Zoning Board of Appeals comprehensive permit decision on the Larkins’ Hospital Road 40B, both of which I already posted.

To anyone interested in the operation of your volunteer town boards, I commend you to examine the Zoning Board of Appeals forty-seven page, single spaced decision, which shows a remarkable level of thoughtful and detailed examination of the issues on the town’s behalf.  Both that process and decision represent huge investments of time and effort by the three Zoning Board of Appeals members, Douglas C. Boyer (Acting Chair), John J. McNicholas, Charles H. Peck, and I thank them.  The ZBA’s decision last year on the LCB assisted living facility was an equally impressive bit of work.


;:? I POSTED: TOWN CLERK TOWN OF MEDFIELD MEETING NOTICE . tkGtiVt.Ll . rovm OF MEOFIELO. MASS. zon APR l 2 p 3: 3 J POSTED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROVISIONS OF M.G.L. CHAPTER39 .SECTION 23A AS AMENDED. OFFICE OF I Ht. PLACE OF MEETING TOWN CLERK Board of Selectmen Board or Committee DAY, DATE, AND TIME Town Hall, Chenery Meeting Room 2nd floor Tuesday April 18, 2017@ 7:00 PM 7:00 PM Call to order Disclosure of video recording AGENDA (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) Announcement: We want to take a moment of appreciation for our Troops serving in the Middle East and around the world PUBLIC HEARINGS 7: 15 PM Street Layout/as a public-right-of-way a part of Vinald Road between Mitchell Street and Cottage Street 7:25 PM Street Layout/as public ways Eric Road Extension station 0 +00.00 to 9.00; Quarry Road Extension Station 8+88.09 to 16+97.87 and any and all easements thereto Citizen Comment ACTION ITEMS Review Warrant Articles; Selectmen assignment Review and provide comments for 67 North Street LIP application from ZBA Discuss Fire Chief search committee CONSENT AGENDA LICENSES AND PERMITS Medfield Green requests permission to display signs May 3 to May 24 advertising May is Medfield Green Month at the Transfer Station Medfield Youth Baseball Organization requests a parade permit for Opening Day Sunday May 7, 2017, parade to begin at 3:00 PM and permission to place signs announcing the event. The Selectmen are cordially invited to participate in the parade The Medfield Food Cupboard is working with the Post Office for its annual Food Drive on Saturday May 13, 2017. They request permission to display signs May 8 to May 13 promoting Three Squares New England Organization requests permission to conduct their annual Bicycle Ride for Food Through a portion of Medfield on Sunday September 24, 2017 between 7:30 AM and 9:30 AM TOWN ADMINISTRATOR UPDATE Department of the Army will hold a Public Meeting Wednesday April 19, 2017 to discuss proposed updates to the Master Plan Charles river Natural Valley Storage Area April 6, 2017 Memo from Director of Public Works regarding update on WWTP issue SELECTMEN'S REPORTS APPROVAL OF MINUTES Acceptance/correction of March 21, 2017 minutes INFORMATIONAL Copy of Medfield Conservation Commission April 20, 2017 legal notice ZBA Notice of Decision no. 1300 for Country Estates of Medfield LLC Signature l( / Date (2 - I Z . ~::;;;-" ~20170418-agenda-alone_Page_2

BoS annual report

Thanks to Selectman Mike Marcucci for authoring the Board of Selectmen report to the town:

public safety building opening

Public Safety Building Ribbon Cutting




2016 was a year of transition, with a reminder of where we have been and where we need to go as a Town.  On the Board of Selectmen, we started the year with three members who had served a total of 29 years on the Board, with tenures that began as far back as 1980.  With Richard DeSorgher stepping down after the 2016 Town Election, and Mark Fisher announcing that he would depart the Board after three terms at the final meeting of the year, the 2017 Board will feature two members serving their first terms for the first time in recent memory.  In August, we bid farewell to Ken Feeney and Bobby Kennedy, Sr. who retired from the Department of Public Works after more than a century of combined service to the Town.  This is part of a transition in leadership that began with the retirement of Superintendent Robert Maguire in 2013 and which will see transitions in most major Town posts from their long-term occupants by 2020.


As we thanked these gentlemen for their long service to the Town, in 2016 we also began moving forward to plan Medfield’s future.


Townwide Master Plan and Town Website

In April, the Board established the Town-wide Master Plan Steering Committee which is charged with developing the process by which the Town will update its Master Plan.  The current Master Plan, adopted in 1964 with a small update in 1997, is due for a refresh.  We expect to move forward with the process recommended by the Steering Committee no later than the 2018 Annual Town Meeting. The goal is to complete that process in a timely fashion with appropriate public input so that we can move toward implementing its recommendations.


The 2016 Annual Town Meeting also appropriated funds for an overhaul and upgrade of the Town’s website.  Everyone in Town government understands that the website needs a substantial upgrade to meet the needs of our citizens to communicate with and obtain information from their town officials.



Capital Plan and Permanent Planning & Building Committee

The Town also took advantage of a state grant to begin preparations for a 20-year capital plan that will be completed under the direction of our new Director of Facilities and Energy Manager, Jerry McCarty, and which will be completed this summer.  This will enable us to project capital costs over the next two decades and set our budget priorities accordingly with an eye toward maintaining a stable tax rate.  There likely will be some tradeoffs as we look ahead, but armed with this information we are in a better position to appropriately assess how to spend our taxpayers’ limited resources.


In addition, we opened the new Public Safety Building on time and under budget thanks to the efforts of Chief Kingsbury and Chief Meaney, as well as John Nunnari, Mike Quinlan, Tom Erb, Lou Fellini, and Tim Bonfatti of the Permanent Planning and Building Committee.  The completion of the Public Safety Building was the second phase in addressing the building needs identified by the Town in 2008—DPW Garage, Public Safety Building, Parks and Recreation, and Dale Street School.


We submitted an expression of interest for Dale Street to the Massachusetts School Building Authority and Parks and Recreation began a programmatic feasibility study to determine the economics of a new Parks and Recreation facility.  As of now, it is not likely that we will be in a position to move forward to renovate or, more likely, replace Dale Street School until 2020 or 2021.  That would be an ideal time, as substantial debt comes off of the books between 2021-2023 from the High School, Blake Middle School, and Memorial School projects.  It would be better if that debt were mostly paid off before any new debt associated with Dale Street is incurred. The timing is somewhat out of our hands, however, with the Commonwealth picking up 40% of the tab, when they are ready to move, we need to be ready to move.


Medfield State Hospital

The Medfield State Hospital Master Planning Committee, with the assistance of Carrie Hulet from the Consensus Building Institute, made progress toward a 2017 Fall Special Town Meeting to vote on a Master Plan.  The MSH Master Plan would include the MSH campus as well as Lot 3 and the Hinkley Property which are also under their purview.  The future of MSH is important to Medfield achieving its Town goals, and the property presents a tremendous opportunity for the Town to address many of its present needs.  We owe the MSH Master Planning Committee, it’s Resource Committee, and the MSH Building and Grounds Committee thanks for all the time and effort they put in during the year.  There is more work to do, but we think we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Affordable Housing and 40B

Town affairs in the latter part of 2016 year were dominated by an issue that was not prominent on the Town agenda when we started 2016 but likely will remain at the forefront of Town discussion in 2017: affordable housing.


With the unveiling of the 200 unit proposed Medfield Meadows development on Dale Street, the Town spent most of the fall protecting itself from that project.  More than 800 residents came to the Board of Selectmen meeting at the High School to hear from the developers and standing up for the Town and opposing a proposal that could have had a serious, negative impact on the Town.  The Dale Street neighbors group mobilized the town but also marshaled the facts and evidence to persuade MassHousing to reach the right conclusion and deny the application.  These citizens, acting as citizens, won victory for the Town. In doing this, they also won also a second chance or the Town to control our own destiny on Affordable Housing.


Specifically, the Medfield Meadows proposal spurred action on our long-gestating Housing Production Plan, which was adopted by the Board of Selectmen and the Planning Board on October 17, 2016. Since then, Town administration and both boards have been working to bring Medfield toward compliance with the requirements of the Commonwealth’s 40B law.  If Medfield can add 21 units per year to its subsidized housing inventory (“SHI”) until we reach the 10% compliance threshold with 40B, any housing development will have to comply with our zoning by-laws.


There is much work to do, but 2016 saw a substantial step forward for the Town’s efforts to meet its obligations under the 40B law and to maintain control over our affordable housing development destiny.



Awards, Accolades, and Solar Panels

The Medfield High School boys hockey and lacrosse teams won state championships in 2016.  Our music program continued to bring honor and sweet sounds to our town with hundreds of participants from Dale Street all the way to the High School.


Through the efforts of Fred Bunger and the Medfield Energy Committee, we became a “Green Community” in 2016 and are now eligible for additional state grants.  “Solarize Medfield” under the leadership of Marie Zack Nolan continued on the residential side what we have accomplished at our Town buildings—becoming a leader in solar energy.  We opened the new solar array at the Wastewater Treatment Plant and moved toward installing arrays at the DPW garage and the Public Safety Building.  These energy initiatives contribute to protecting the environment and to improving the Town’s bottom line


2016 was a year of transition and progress.  We will need many hands to fulfill the promise of efforts begun and advanced last year.  We appreciate the efforts of the many Town employees and volunteers who put in the time, often extra time, to make our Town a better and more livable place.


Respectfully Submitted


Mark L. Fisher

Osler L. Peterson

Michael T. Marcucci

Office hours tomorrow 9-10AM


Office hours tomorrow 9-10AM

I hold regular monthly office hours at The Center on the first Friday of every month from 9:00 to 10:00 AM (litigation schedule permitting).

Residents are welcome to stop by to talk in person about any town matters.  Residents can also have coffee and see the Council on Aging in action (a vibrant organization with lots going on).

I eterson can be reached via 508-359-9190 or this blog about Medfield matters, where any schedule changes will be posted.


BoS on 4/4


There are 31 pages of supporting materials available via this PDF –

20170404-agenda supporting materials

BoS on 3/7

Meeting minutes March 7, 2017 Chenery Meeting Room draft PRESENT: Selectmen Fisher, Peterson, Marcucci; Town Administrator Sullivan; Assistant Town Administrator Trierweiler; Town Counsel Cerel; Administrative Assistant Clarke Chairman Fisher called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM and read announcements. MASS STANDARD CONTRACT FORM DPW Director Maurice Goulet is present The Town's MASS Service Agreement is about to expire. Director Maurice Goulet explained that by the Town renewing we will be allowed to receive and expend grant funds that the Transfer Station and Recycling Committee may receive VOTE: On a motion made and seconded it was voted unanimously to authorize Chairman Fisher execute the MASS Standard Contract Form and as requested by DPW Director Maurice Goulet CHAPTER 90 REIMBURSEMENT REQUEST VOTED unanimously to sign Chapter 90 Reimbursement Forms for engineering services in amount of $7,153.84 for Philip Street project and as recommended by DPW Director Maurice Goulet COMMITIEE APPOINTMENT Medfield Historical Commission co-chairs David Temple and Dan Bibel request the Selectmen vote to appoint Caitlin Struble as a member of the commission and it was so voted GIRL SCOUT GOLD AWARD The Selectmen are invited to attend the Girl Scout Gold Award Ceremony for Julie Han Sunday March 26, 2017 2:00 PM at the United Church of Christ 2017 TOWN MEETING WARRANT Board of Selectmen are requested to vote to open the warrant to add a second article pertaining to storm water management that will be added as a new chapter in the Town's Code Book. VOTE: on a motion made and seconded it was voted unanimously to open the 2017 Warrant Selectman Peterson remarked that as we are opening the warrant he would like to add an article regarding the Community Preservation Act. He strongly feels that Medfield should be receiving matching funds from the state that could be allocated to our affordable housing trust. March 7, 2017 Page two Selectman Marcucci responded that when the CPA Committee came before us in the fall they advised not to place an article on the 2017 warrant but wait for 2018 ATM. This will give the Committee additional time to present information to the residents. VOTE: on a motion made and seconded it was voted unanimously to close the 2017 Warrant ECONOMIC DEVEWPMENT COMMITTEE, CHAIR PAT CASEY Mr. Casey said that as a result the Downtown Summit one of the committee's initiatives is to help improve parking in the downtown area. The committee applied to the state for a grant to pay for a parking study, however as of now the state has not responded. Cost of the study is $15,000-$16,000. Mr. Casey continued saying that the committee is hoping to do a parking management study that would focus on additional signs, markings indicating parking spaces that may help with parking issues. Discussion ensued about the two articles on the warrant and it was agreed that at town meeting to have the two articles come up together for discussion (downtown improvements and phase II parking study). Committee membership; the committee recommends and requests the Selectmen vote to appoint member Joe Seier as an associate member and associate member Alex Jowdy as a full member of the Economic Development Committee and it was so voted. BOARD OFWATERAND SEWERAGE Present Jeremy Marsette, Bill Harvey and Christian Carpenter Discussion took place regarding warrant articles pertaining to water and sewer. Town Meeting will vote on leasing space on the new water located for wireless facilities. Question is whether revenues collected are deposited in the water enterprise fund or the general fund. The Selectmen feel it is better served to the townspeople deposit be made in the general fund. No decision made; committee to discuss at their March 9 meeting. The next couple of articles deal with water bans and water conservation; should private well users adhere to the water ban restrictions and secondly when water department employees are denied entry onto private property to repair and or replace water meters should fines be established. Town Counsel drafted these articles. Mr. Marsette remarked that his board was not aware they were the sponsors of these articles. Mr. Sullivan said that placing the water board as sponsor in the draft of warrant articles is only for a placeholder. All in agreement that the committee should confer at their March 9 meeting if articles should move forward; Town Counsel will attend the meeting for discussion. The Selectmen feel that there is a lot of interest regarding these issues that the articles will move forward and the Selectmen will sponsor. The Selectmen thanked the Board of Water and Sewerage for their contributions to the discussion. The Selectmen are requested to sign Amendment No. 3 for further extended construction phase services for the watermain and storage tank. March 7, 2017 Page three VOTE: On a motion made by Selectman Peterson, seconded by Selectman Marcucci it was voted unanimously to sign Hospital Road Watermain and Storage Tank Amendment No. 3/ for Further Extended Construction Phase Services in the amount of $94,100.00 INSURANCE ADVISORY COMMITIEE, PETER MORAN CHAIR Mr. Moran explained that the committee is proposing to offer Town employees another option for health insurance, a high deductible plan. Presently the Town pays 62% towards an employee's HMO plan and about 50% towards a PPO plan. With the new proposal family plan members would be subject to a deductible of $2,000 ($4,000 in total for family plan) and with new proposal individual member would be subject to a $2,000 deductible. The Insurance Advisory Committee recommends for employees enrolling in the new high deductible plan, the Town match the subscribers' contribution up to $1,200 per year for the family plan; up to $600 per year for individuals. Subscriber could elect to contribute additional funds to the health savings account under federal law, however, the Town would not match these contributions. The savings accounts would roll over year to year as any monies not spent will remain in the account. A workshop will be scheduled with employees who are health insurance members to clarify the information. With this new plan the Town will see considerable savings as well as those insured will benefit from lower premiums. The Selectmen are requested to vote on the new health insurance option. VOTE: On a motion made and seconded it was voted unanimously to offer a high deductible health insurance option to current employees with a health savings account and a contribution match of $1,200 for a family plan and $600 for an individual plan On another health insurance issue; for many years the Town has offered health insurance to members of the Board of Selectman and the Board of Assessors. This has not been an issue through past years as insurance was relatively inexpensive. However as those premiums have recently been climbing significantly the Warrant Committee advises not to offer insurance going forward to future elected officials. Current elected officials would not be affected. VOTE: On a motion made and seconded it was voted unanimously to not offer health insurance benefits to new/future elected officials and as recommended by the Warrant Committee. The Town Clerk whose position is full time would still be eligible SIGN WARRANT VOTED unanimously to sign the March 27, 2017 Town Election Warrant March 7, 2017 Page four Regarding the Town Election Mr. Sullivan commented that no candidates for the Board of Assessors or Trust Fund Commissioners have come forward. Please give serious thought to join either of these two committees. MINUTES VOTED unanimously to accept the minutes of January 31 as submitted and accept the February 7, 2017 minutes as amended LICENSES AND PERMITS VOTED unanimously to grant permission to the high school Boys Baseball and Girls Softball Teams to hold a fundraising car wash behind Town Hall on Sunday May 7, 2017 VOTED unanimously to grant permission for the third annual (jod Loves :Jvt.edjfie{d Community 'Day of Service to take place Saturday April 22 and organized by Pastor Jonathan Chechile VOTED unanimously to grant permission for signs to be posted March 18 to March 27 promoting a food drive for the Medfield Food Cupboard on Town Election Day atthe voting polls VOTED unanimously to grant permission to the Medfield Voter Services Committee to post signs March 9 to 10 promoting Medfield Candidate Forum on March 16 in the high school auditorium VOTED unanimously to grant the Council on Aging one-day wine and malt beverage permits for March 15 St Patrick's Dinner; April 12 Town Meeting Supper Club; May 6 ARCP Dance; May 17 May Supper Club; additionally Wednesday Summer Cookouts June 14 & 28; July 12 & 26; August 23 PENDING Dwight Derby House appropriation by Citizen Petition Letter received from Heather Gordon stating that the Dwight Derby House Committee agrees to the dismissal of the warrant article requesting appropriation of $10,000 and will accept the amount of $9,500 (balance in downtown improvement article) that will be allocated for Dwight Derby House improvements. The Selectmen are pleased with this solution. Mr. Sullivan remarked that 2017 Town Meeting may be meeting two nights, April 24 and 25. March 7, 2017 Page five SELECTMEN REPORI' Selectman Peterson attended Cub Scout Pack 200 Blue and Gold Banquet last Saturday commenting it was great fun. At the event he had a discussion with a Newton employee (Medfield resident) regarding ALS. He also attended a recent "inclusion meeting." Mr. Peterson held first Friday office hour at the CENTER, topic of discussion was affordable senior housing. Selectman Marcucci enjoyed the banquet. The good food was from Cutlets on North Street. Entertainment was Mike the Bubble Man, good fun. Selectman Fisher had the opportunity to ring the bell at the state hospital and enjoyed a tour through the chapel with John Thompson. He and his wife visited the "sugar shack" on Main Street. Owner Bob Piersiak does a terrific job making the maple syrup of which we now have quite a supply. INFORMATIONAL The Town has received a check in the amount of $23,004.40 for SREC credits. It was a good decision installing the solar array at the Wastewater Treatment Plant. ADJOURNMENT As there was no further business to come before the Board of Selectmen, the meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.20170307_Page_220170307_Page_320170307_Page_420170307_Page_5