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SWAP volunteers 4/30

From Megan Sullivan –

Swap area


On Sunday April 30th the final tent/canopy will be set up AND the washed tables, shelves, bookcases, signs etc. will be set up into the  tents. We need 4-6 men to help with the canopy set-up.  If you can commit to helping with the tent set up please contact   Other help is welcome anytime from 10-3 and while a sign-up is appreciated, you are also more than welcome (and encouraged to) just to stop by to help for 15 minutes or more!



Transfer Station sign - Copy

Transfer Station and Recycling Committee

The Medfield Transfer Station and Recycling Committee has a new Facebook page – it is

The site’s goal is to

  • educate Medfield residents about the Committee’s activities to reduce waste,
  • increase recycling, and
  • manage operating costs.

TSARC has the Hazardous Household Waste day coming up , and Medfield Green Month (May).  TSARC says it will also be alerting residents to PSA’s on Medfield TV regarding food waste composting.

From the town website –

Household Hazardous Waste Day will be April 29 2017 9am – 1pm

Category : Public Works

Department : Department of Public Works

Type : General

Date : 29-Apr-2017   Saturday

Time : 09:00 AM – 01:00 PM

Location : DPW Garage – 55 North Meadows Road


Rachel Brown

Member, Transfer Station & Recycling Committee

Nancy Irwin & Mary Pat McSharry, 2017 MFi volunteer award nominees


Nancy Irwin & Mary Pat McSharry, 2017 MFi volunteer award nominees for “their” SWAP area

Nancy and Mary Pat were jointly nominated by Megan Sullivan, Chair of the town’s Transfer Station and Recycling Committee, for recognition by the Medfield Foundation volunteer awards for their work creating the current SWAP area at the Transfer Station. Nancy has been running the SWAP for eight years, Mary Pat for three and a half years.

This was Megan’s nomination of each:


Nancy Irwin should be Volunteer of the Year because of her tireless work at the SWAP area that benefits Medfield in many ways.

Nancy has done a wonderful job taking a dumping ground and turning it into a fully-functional swap/reuse area that is an example for other towns.

Since 2009 (or maybe 2010) Nancy has been working to make the swap area better and better. Before Nancy got involved, the SWAP area was a location where people dumped their cardboard boxes of belongings and people searched through them. At the end of the day, everything left was thrown away. With perseverance Nancy has steadily made improvements each yea r. In the first years volunteers would take things home at night and bring them back the next day so they might have another chance to be adopted by someone. And now we have a wonderful covered swap area where items are well organized for display, making them more likely to be taken home, and they can stay for up to 2 weeks. In addition, now when remaining items are moved out if they have not been adopted, Nancy and her crew of volunteers work very hard to make sure only the “truly trash” ends up on the tip floor and everything else is donated or recycled. Nancy has been the leading force behind these changes.

Nancy has worked hand in hand with the DPW to accomplish the changes at the SWAP. A few years ago Nancy joined the Transfer Station and Recycling Committee so the swap area is represented on this committee. She has been a dedicated member. The new tent and paving are the result of her requests to the DPW.

While Nancy has been a SWAP champion (aka Grand Poobah), there are many folks who volunteer to make the SWAP area run during the operating season. (I appreciate all of them too!) Nancy doesn’t hesitate to ask for help and has a great group of volunteers who make the whole area run. Her enthusiasm for the area is contagious. And now that the SWAP is well organized and well-run, new volunteers have come forward to help.

Keeping the volunteers and customers happy isn’t an easy job. Nancy hasn’t let the difficult conversations get in the way of making the SWAP a nice place for the community to gather and find a treasure and for the town to reduce the waste generated by offering an easy place for reuse.

More often than not from 9am – 4pm Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from May – October you will find Nancy Irwin at the SWAP area. She is a dedicated volunteer who generously donates her time to make the SWAP area a fun, pleasant and important place for Medfield and one that is key to reducing the amount of trash the town disposes of. I’ve heard from many folks that the SWAP is one of their favorite things about Medfield … and Nancy Irwin is to thank for that.



Mary Pat McSharry is an incredible volunteer for the SWAP area and for this reason I am nominating her for Volunteer of the Year. Mary Pat has been a partner with Nancy Irwin in the management of the SWAP area since September 2013. As Mary Pat explains, one afternoon she came by and dropped some items off and never left. Until that time she hadn’t even heard of the SWAP. And since then she’s been an amazing volunteer!

Mary Pat has been wonderful for the SWAP area. She is very creative and she is responsible for the logistics, the layout of the tent area and keeping things looking fresh. She is pleasant and helpful to people at the SWAP. In addition, her creativity shines through in the creations she makes from and suggests for items in the SWAP area. She’s always creating. The signs that indicate different areas in the SWAP area were made by Mary Pat from repurposed treasures. The new sign made from a headboard that is outside the mattress recycling container is one of Mary Pat’s. She heard of the need and offered to make the sign, repurposing something that was headed toward the trash and at the same time saving the Town the cost of purchasing a new sign.

Mary Pat has also personally donated supplies for the swap area. The tent that has been used for electronics the past 3 years was a personal donation. In addition, she has not (but should have!) asked for reimbursement for the supplies such as tape and lanyards that she has purchased to keep the swap area running smoothly. You can tell her heart is in the volunteer work she does for the SWAP. She would rather things be running properly than worry about who is paying for them.

Mary Pat is a tireless advocate for the SWAP and attends meetings of the Transfer Station and Recycling Committee when she can. She is committed to a well-running swap area and puts in the energy to make that happen.

More often than not from 9am – 4pm Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from May – October you will find Mary Pat McSharry at the SWAP area. Cold and rainy or in the middle of a heat wave, she is there.  She is a dedicated volunteer who generously donates her time to make the SWAP area a fun, pleasant and important place for Medfield and one that is key to reducing the amount of trash the town disposes of. Mary Pat McSharry is one of the dedicated volunteers to thank for that.

SWAP needs shelving


The SWAP has its new large and substantial tent installed (not the one above), and now needs shelving.  This from Nancy Irwin, via Medfield Green –

Please see forwarded message from Nancy Irwin.  If you have any shelving units that you are not using, please consider donating them to the SWAP.


Thank you!


From: “Nancy Irwin”
To: “hdewey”
Sent: Wednesday, June 22, 2016 12:00:26 AM
Subject: SWAP shelves


Helen, Would you be able to pass a message on to others? SWAP large tent has arrived!!! We would like to request any shelves,especially plastic, that anyone might have. Please ask to bring to SWAP and deliver them to a Volunteer for use at SWAP. Thanks! Nancy

Medfield Green Month ends Saturday

Medfield Green

This Saturday, 9-1 at the Transfer Station

is the final week of Medfield Green Month


 Collection will be clean, dry textiles in any condition – includes clothing, shoes, linens and towels etc. 


Continuing this week will be Food Compost Info and Starter Kits for sale

9-1 under the tent


Getting a new mattress?  Recycle your old one at the transfer station year round – look for the container located between the Swap area and the tip floor


Expired medications and drugs can be deposited into the container at the Medfield Police Station year round


The Transfer Station is the place to be in May!

Transfer Station today

At the Transfer Station today –

  • Swap (volunteers especially needed from 2-4 PM),
  • Recycling food scraps, and
  • Styrofoam recycling.

TSARC seeking members

Transfer Station sign - Copy


Transfer Station and Recycling Committee (TSARC) Seeks New Members

The Transfer Station and Recycling Committee is seeking new members.   TSARC provides guidance and helps the DPW and Transfer Station staffs implement the guiding principles that the Selectmen endorsed in October 2015.  We are an active working committee excited about many new initiatives we have begun and have ideas for.   The areas of focus include Transfer Station Operations, Swap Area, recycling programs, Medfield Green Month and other initiatives that help reduce waste, including the upcoming pilot program for composting organics.  We are interested in having a diverse committee with both individuals who are passionate about recycling and reducing waste and those who are primarily focused on the efficient operation of the Transfer Station.  We are looking for up to three new members as we currently have six members and are authorized to have up to nine.  The committee meets at 10 am on the 2nd Monday of each month.

To learn more about serving on the committee, please contact Megan Sullivan, Chairman at  or 359-8274.

Transfer Station Guiding Principles

  • Minimize trash incinerated and reduce costs to the Town
  • Encourage the principles of reduce, reuse, recycle
  • Provide alternative disposal options as feasible (such as recycling, the swap area, donation drop-off bins, special collection days, etc.)
  • Encourage residents, in a polite way, to comply with the regulations of the Town and State for recycling and disposal
  • Do our best to be environmentally conscious to ensure quality of life for future Medfield generations