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Mental health referral service

The William James Interface Referral Service

The School Department and the town signed up with The William James Interface Referral Service, which is a mental health referral service for any resident.  Interface phones are answered by mental health professionals, and they match callers with appropriate clinical staff.  Interface does the legwork, and makes referrals based on the variables. The service became available for Medfield residents November 1.  See the Interface website for other resources – William James Interface Referral Service
20170926-William James College-Interface Referral Service_Page_5
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Disappearing crosswalk


Main St. crosswalk at RR tracks will return

Observant resident of the month, Marge Vasaturo, asked me at the Veterans Day Luminary event on Saturday whether the crosswalk on Main Street by the railroad crossing would return.  I had to ask Mike Sullivan if there had in fact been one there, and Mike recalled that there was one there, and in turn asked Maurice Goulet, Director of DPW if it was coming back – and yes it will be returning.

By an interesting quirk of town budgeting history, the Medfield Police Department actually paints the lines on the streets the DPW repair, and Moe reported to Mike that there were a few items that the Police Chief is arranging to get painted that were left out when Rte. 109 was repaved last summer.

And as your award Marge, here is a photo of the Vasaturo family luminaries –

vasaturo luminary

Public Safety Building was a bargain

The table below about Public Safety Building costs was shared this week, first by a Gilbane Construction employee with Mike Quinlan, chair of the Building Committee, then to Mike Sullivan, and then to the Board of Selectmen.

To me it is reassuring to see both that the cost of our Public Safety Building was relatively low, but also that our size comports with what other towns are deciding to build, which reaffirms the appropriateness of the recommendations of the Building Committee about the size of a building that was needed.  Congratulations and thanks are again in order to the Building Committee for successfully steering the town through that project!

I have had many meetings in both conference rooms that are available for public use in the Public Safety Building, and can attest to both their quality and utility.

Publis safety bld prices


This was the accompanying email from Mike Sullivan that makes our low cost per sq. ft. even more remarkable –

FYI. This came in this morning from Mike Quinlan. Confirms what we’ve been hearing about what a good price (relatively) we got on out public safety building. Especially since our project included construction of the Dale St. School parking lot, repair of the Adams Street basketball/tennis court, and installation of solar panels. Even better, we still have over $500K left in out accounts. Mike S

Medfield Coalition for Suicide Prevention

Medfield sign

The Medfield Coalition for Suicide Prevention, is a newly formed steering-committee (created September 2017) of community members/professionals who desire to create a coalition that promotes mental health resources.  We recognize that a public health crisis has touched our town and by coming together, we can form an initiative that raises awareness and has the potential to save lives . The MCSP has created this GoFundMe account in order to raise funds that will:

  • hire a consultant to effectively guide our development of a strategic plan for suicide prevention among all ages in Medfield
  • create and disseminate printed resources
  • fund future QPR trainings
[The Medfield Coalition for Suicide Prevention is a program of Medfield Cares About Prevention (MCAP).]
Funds raised will benefit:
Medfield Foundation, Inc.

  Certified Charity
Medfield, MA

Interface is live

Interface, the mental health referral service brought to town by the combined efforts of the schools and police is now operational, and residents can get services.


The following is from the Superintendent’s blog  –

This post will highlight our new partnership with Interface Referral Service

Medfield Public Schools and Town of Medfield Collaborate to Fund Interface


We are pleased to announce a new referral service for all students and residents of Medfield. The Medfield Public Schools and the Town of Medfield have teamed up with William James College to provide a referral service that provides a wide range of valuable resources related to mental health and wellness for the benefit of children, adults and families, as well as educators and mental health professionals.

In addition to the resources on their website, the William James Interface Referral Service maintains a mental health and wellness referral helpline Monday through Friday, 9 am-5 pm, at 888-244-6843 (toll free). This is a free, confidential referral service for individuals across the lifespan living in Medfield. Callers are matched with licensed mental health providers from their extensive database. Each referral meets the location, insurance, and specialty needs of the caller. More information about the service and terms of confidentiality can be found here on the new Interface- Medfield page.


Two new MPD officers

mpd-new officers-20170711

8h8 hours ago

Ofc Keleher, Ofc Brienze, John Godino, Chief Meaney, Chris Bonadies, Ofc Roy, Sgt Geary, Sgt Anderson and Deputy Chief Wilhelmi at appointment


Christopher Bonadies and John Godino Appointed as Police Officers

Christopher Bonadies and John Godino were appointed police officers last night at the Board of Selectmen meeting.  Both Chris and John grew up in town and both will attend the police academy in October.  A third new police officer, a woman, is currently in the vetting stages and expected to be brought to the Board of Selectmen for appointment soon.

Selectmen 11/15/16

Meeting Minutes November 15, 2016 Chenery Meeting Room draft PRESENT: Selectmen Fisher, Peterson, Marcucci; Town Administrator Sullivan; Assistant; Town Counsel Cerel; Administrative Assistant Clarke Chairman Fisher called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. He announced this meeting is being recorded and we want to take a moment of appreciation for our Troops serving in the Middle East and around the world Executive Session at the close of meeting for the purpose of discussing pending litigation filed against Medfield Conservation Commission and to discuss potential land acquisition SPECIAL ELECTION MEDFIELD HOUSING AUTHORI1Y Members Lisa Donovan, Eldred Whyte, Robert Canavan and Brent Nelson are present this evening to vote jointly with the Selectmen a new member to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of member Neil Duross. The newly elected candidate will fill the vacancy until the Town Election in March. The only candidate is Eileen DeSorgher. According to General Laws Chapter 41, Section 11 election is by roll call vote. Selectman Peterson, Clerk of the Board asked for the roll call vote. The Board of Selectmen and the members of the Housing Authority voted unanimously to elect Eileen DeSorgher. The Selectmen offered congratulations to Ms. DeSorgher. POLICE DEPAITTMENT Chief Meaney explained that he is here this evening to request the Selectmen vote to appoint Kim Belskis as a Medfield Police Officer. She is a member of the Army National Guard and is a suicide and prevention officer. Ms. Belskis is an exceptional fit for the Town and will be a great asset to the department. She expects to enter the Academy in February. VOTED unanimously to appoint Kim Belskis as a Police Officer with the Medfield Police Department Chief Meaney continued saying that several weeks ago the Board voted Sergeant John Wilhelmi as Deputy Police Chief. Tonight I would like to present Deputy Chief Wilhelmi with his badge and he will have the honor of being pinned by his wife. The Selectmen extended congratulations to Deputy Chief Wilhelmi. MEDFIELD ENERGY COMMITIEE Fred Bunger, Committee Chair and Axum Teferra from the Metropolitan Area Planning Committee presented information about a five year plan that will reduce Medfield's energy consumption by 20% by the end of fiscal year 2020. Mr. Bunger explained that the Selectmen and Energy Committee have been working to qualify Medfield as a Green Community since November 15, 2016 Page two 2011. The Town has completed four of the criteria necessary for the designation leaving only one more, the energy reduction plan. The plan's goal will be to save us $250,000 per year. Proposed projects will focus on lighting replacement in town buildings, water usage and building insulation. Included in the school's plan to reduce energy is to teach students to turn off computers, electronics and lights when not in use. Any projects that may cost the town to institute may be done by applying for state grants. Mr. Bunger explained that Medfield's application must be sent to the Department of Energy by November 21. The Selectmen were impressed by the remarkable data presented as they know it was a lot of work. VOTED unanimously to adopt the Energy Reduction Plan as presented by the Medfield Energy Committee and further vote to authorize Town Administrator to sign letters that will be included in the package for the Department of Energy Resources Mfit?~~~&Rt'MFi~qW~'~z~;a~,tf~!lrg Toyii),,,qgyh~el,~~r~Lt~ro'.~t~~~i that the Town's draft letter was submitted to Jay Talerman for his review and comments. Selectman Marcucci advises that the letter should emphasize the developer's financial history at the beginning of the letter; the bullet points regarding the applicants names seem to be confusing. That should be made clearer. MASS Housing must be made aware of the applicants financial backgrounds; specifically request they conduct an investigation. Discussion ensued regarding plans to reach the goal of 21 units per year to keep the Town at safe harbor. Mr. Sullivan reported on discussions he has had with a few developers regarding housing plans. Resident Suzanne Siino was in the audience and a discussion took place regarding group homes as a way to add units to affordable housing; locations for them will be ongoing matter. The Board is requested to vote to submit a reserve fund transfer for $40,000 to hire a housing specialist to assist the Town with the various regulations of 40B and it was so voted. STATE HOSPITAL MASTER PLAN COMMITIEE Discussion ensued with Steve Nolan, Chairman regarding the committee's decision to end their contract with VHB Consulting. Another RFP has been published for consultants to assist the Town with the strategic reuse plan for the site. The Selectmen are requested to vote to approve a request for funds in the amount of $150,000 for this work and it was so voted. November 15, 2016 Page three ROAD SALT AGREEMENT At their previous meeting the Board was requested to award the road salt bid for the 2016- 2017 winter season to Eastern Minerals, Inc. DPW Director Maurice Goulet requests the Selectmen vote to sign the Agreement with Eastern Minerals and it was so voted. PHASE II DOWNTOWN PARKING VOTED unanimously to sign a grant application, amount up to $15,000 for Medfield Phase II Parking Study and as recommended by the Economic Development Committee CHIEF PROCUREMENT OFFICER VOTED unanimously to authorize Chairman Fisher sign Inspector General Appointment Notice naming Kristine Trierweiler as Medfield's Chief Procurement Officer WATER TREATMENT PROJECT VOTED unanimously to award the contract to Environmental Partners Group, Quincy, MA for Consulting and Engineering Services pertaining to the study and design of magnesium and iron from Wells 3 and 4 and as recommended by the Board of Water and Sewerage LICENSES AND PERMITS VOTED unanimously to grant Council on Aging a one-day wine and malt beverage permit for two events; December 1, Challenge Paint Night and January 11, 2017 Supper Club VOTED unanimously to grant the Medfield Music Association permission to post signs promoting Spaghetti with Santa on December 7; Jazz Band Cuba fundraising event on February 3, 2017; Orchestra event with Berklee Strings Group on February 15 and Jazz Night to be held May 5, 2017 VOTED to grant Basil Restaurant a time extension on their liquor permit to 1:00 AM Wednesday November 23, Thanksgiving Eve VOTED unanimously to grant permission to hold the 2nd annual SK and 1 mile Fun Run to honor Hunter Williams an 8 year old double lung transplant VOTED unanimously to grant Medfield Junior Girl Scout Troop 88192 permission to hold a Pet Parade in May 2017 November 15, 2016 Page four SELECTMEN REPORT Mr. Peterson extended compliments to John Thompson for his recent tour at the state hospital site; great opening ceremony of the new Public Safety Building; great group of friends and neighbors planted over 1000 spring bulbs at Straw Hat Park; Richard DeSorgher presented a terrific program for the Historical Society's anniversary. He attended the Veterans' Day Breakfast at the CENTER and gave kudos to Veterans' Service Agent Ron Griffin who did a wonderful job with arrangements. Mr. Marcucci enjoyed the Veterans' Day evening event at Baxter Park and received good information at a meeting arranged by Michael Sullivan and Mark Cerel on Friday afternoon Discussing 40B. Mr. Fisher attended the Veterans' Day Breakfast enjoyed listening to singer Dan Clark. He is happy to report that Medfield High School graduate Matthew Aucoin is assisting with the high school music program. EXECUTIVE SESSION The Board of Selectmen will be going into executive session for the purpose for the purpose of discussing pending litigation filed against the Medfield Conservation Commission and to discuss potential land acquisition with the expressed intent not to reconvene in open session. By positive roll call vote the Selectmen went into Executive Session at 9:15 PM.20161115_page_220161115_page_320161115_page_4