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A better way to remove ticks

From the Lyme Disease Study Committee chair –

Chris Cole Kaldy
June 19 at 7:13am
Here’s a different way to remove a tick which leaves no remnants in your skin. Take a look!
You HAVE to learn this tick removal trick before you go camping
It’s easier and safer than using tweezers or your fingers.

Lyme Rx

From Chris Kaldy, chair of Lyme Disease Study Committee –

Medfield Lyme Disease Study Committee Information site
Some very hopeful news!
In Test Tube, ‘Pulse-Doses’ Of Antibiotic Wipe Out Lyme Disease Bacteria Persisters
A germ-fighting scientist finds a possible new way to eradicate Lyme disease bacteria that persist a…

Lyme disease

Chris Cole Kaldy posted in Medfield Lyme Disease Study Committee Information site

Chris Cole Kaldy 3:02pm Mar 31

Time to start Tick Control on your pets!

If you stopped your pet’s tick preventive over the winter, get it started again NOW. Outdoor dogs and cats will likely be the first family members to find a tick. There are three basic types of products; be sure to use the product that best matches your goals. Ask your vet which suits your pet best.

1 Products that kill ticks pretty much on contact before they attach and start feeding (quick tick knockdown).
2 Products that kill after ticks have attached and started to feed (ticks bite to die).
3 Products that may kill fleas and other parasites but don’t really kill ticks effectively (read the label).

Lyme Disease – reports & seeks members

The Lyme Disease Study Committee reported on its work for the past year to the selectmen last night.  In sum:

  • education efforts continue,
  • illegal hunting curbed,
  • 30 deer culled this year (140 total over four years),
  • deer car crashes down, and
  • other towns being assisted.

The program is hampered by the state’s 500″ no shooting zone around dwellings (whereas a state report said 150″ is enough) and lack of hunting on Sundays.  The 500′ setback precludes many identified areas of heavy deer  concentrations that would benefit from the culling.

The committee is seeking new members – contact Chris Kaldy at 359-1017 –


February 2015
To the Honorable Board of Selectmen and Residents of Medfield,
The Medfield Lyme Disease Study Committee is pleased to report on its activities for the
past year. The Committee’s approach to manage the health threat posed by Lyme and
other tick-borne diseases is through education on personal and property prevention and
protection as well as deer reduction.
The Committee implemented new and continued with previous efforts to teach about
means of personal protection from tick bites as well as property protection from ticks.
Toward this end, the committee utilizes various media as well as the school, sports and
other town organizations to disseminate its information. The three local television
channels are playing 30 second tick awareness videos created by the Mass Dept. of
Public Health (MDPH) during the active tick seasons. A Facebook page was created to
spread information to residents. Emails were sent by sport coaches and scout leaders to
parents to remind families about tick protection. Our selectmen publish information on
their biogs. Notices were published on the Medfield Patch about the active tick season
and methods for prevention and protection. Links to valuable websites are listed on our
committee’s page on the town’s website. Posters published by the MDPH reminding
children and residents to check for ticks are in our Town Hall, schools and also the
Medfield Afterschool Program. A notice to parents was sent again through the school
nurses to students’ homes warning about the active tick season and methods to protect
against tick bites. Tick check cards were given again to all first and third graders. The
committee’s warning sign about ticks was posted at more locations around town
including Park & Rec properties. At Medfield Day, information was available at the
Board of Health booth. The New ‘N Towne organization gives out information to new
The committee also continued its organized deer-hunting program in the fall for its fourth
season by qualified, volunteer, bow hunters on town land, properties owned by The
Trustees of Reservations (TTOR), and private parcels. Again the program was
successfully implemented and completed with no incidents or safety issues reported to
the committee or the Police Dept. It was held during the Massachusetts state archery
season from October 20 through December 31. Thirty deer were culled. State hunting
laws as well as additional requirements of the committee and TTOR were followed.
Hunting took place only from fixed tree stands placed away from marked trails. Signage
was posted on trails and entrances to the selected properties. Hunters were authorized
after interviews and testing, including a proficiency test of their archery skills as well as a
background check by the Medfield Police. Some illegal hunters were discovered and
removed, so that hunting occurring on town or TTOR land was through our strictly
regulated program. Residents thanked bow hunters for making this effort.
As part of its broader plan, the committee is in touch with nearby towns to encourage
education and deer reduction across the area.
Submitted by
Chris Kaldy, Chair


Lyme Disease Committee seeks membere

This from Lyme Disease Study Committee chair Chris Kaldy –

Chris Cole Kaldy posted in Medfield Lyme Disease Study Committee Information site

Chris Cole Kaldy 8:43am Jan 13

Looking for community involvement in 2015? The committee needs a new member or two to help keep our educational efforts up in town. Please consider and spread the word. (And always add more Medfield friends to the group please!) Contact me directly by sending a message, and thanks! Chris Kaldy

Ticks may be out

Chris Cole Kaldy posted in Medfield Lyme Disease Study Committee Information site

Chris Cole Kaldy 1:57pm Jan 12

Q: Don’t ticks die after the first frost? Unfortunately, no! This is a common misconception.

The Blacklegged (deer) tick can remain active in their adult stage from fall to spring as long as the temperature is above freezing and the ground is not covered with snow. So stay alert and check for ticks after being outdoors.

Watch for deer on roads during rut

Chris Cole Kaldy posted in Medfield Lyme Disease Study Committee Information site

Chris Cole Kaldy 8:10pm Nov 2

Be alert when driving! It’s deer mating season and they are more active. Use caution on our narrow streets. Why post this? Deer are a key part of the tick life cycle as a reproductive host.