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Reps support town’s grant application for parking study

Emmy Hahn THE GENERAL COURT OF MASSACHUSETTS STATE HOUSE, BOSTON 02133-1053 Program Coordinator, MA Downtown Initiative 100 Cambridge Street, Suite 300 Boston, MA 02114 Dear Emmy Habn, November 28, 2016 As the elected delegation from Medfield, we are writing to support the Town's application for Downtown Technical Assistance through the !viassachusetts' Downtown Initiative Program. The funding requested will support the Town's preparation of a parking management plan to accommodate recent and potential new growth in their downtown area. In 2014, the Town of Medfield retained the services of McMahon and Associates ta· prepare an evaluation of the existing parking supply in the town. The study indicated that wbile there was not a current parking problem, with further development of existing buildings, the Town's parking capacity would soon be maximized. Downtown Medfield has experienced significant turnover in business tenants recently and these updates have created a need for additional parking. In February, the Town of Medfield held an Open House public meeting to engage the community and receive input from residents. Though much of the feedback was positive, the community identified four rnajor challenges that need to be remedied: 1. Traffic congestion is extreme; 2. Drivers operating in a manner dangerous to pedestrians and other vehicles; 3. Lack of Downtown parking; 4. Pedestrians are not safe. The Town of Medfield is requesting $15,000 to perform updates to the existing parking conditions, examine parking requirements and land use for parking spaces, analyze a downtown buildout, and hold a number of public meetings to engage the community. Downtown Medfield has the space to expand and there is strong public support for pursing new parking strategies. The town is open to shared public/private parking, zoning tweaks, lot reconfiguration, and new parking structures. We respectfully request your full support of this important funding application. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. Yours in service, ~~ Shawn C. Dooley State Representative State Representative Cc: Medfield Board of Selectmen Micbael Sullivan, Medfield Town Administrator Sarah Raposa, Medfield Town Planner James E. Titnilty State Sen at or


The Massachusetts Historic Commission wrote the letter below to the Medfield Historic Commission about the LCB proposal –


Holiday Stroll Dec. 2, 4-9PM


(Medfield MA) The Cultural Alliance of Medfield (CAM) announces its second annual Holiday Stroll on Dec. 2, 2016 from 4 – 9 pm in downtown Medfield. This is a festive family event that takes place at seven locations along Main Street (use 468 Main Street for your GPS). The Holiday Stroll includes cookie decorating, an outdoor ice sculpture, 40 juried artisans, roaming carolers and M.E.M.O.’s outdoor tree lighting ceremony. All events are within walking distance, free parking nearby at the Montrose School (29 North Street) and free admission. For complete details and a list of artisans, visit


New sign

Meeting House Pond sign.JPG

Per David Temple email last night – “Made by Frank Iafolla for Medfield Historical Commission.”

Thanks Frank, it is beautiful.  Frank also made the McCarthy Park sign.

Nice things happening at both ends of Meeting House Pond, with the Ed Doherty Memorial seating area and the Girl Scout built bridge at the outflow  – now we need to restore the middle area along Frairy Street, and clean the pond.

LCB filing with MHC


LCB filed materials dated 8/25/2016 with the Massachusetts Historical Commission, which I understand to be part of LCB’s appeal to the DEP of the Medfield Conservation Commission’s decision that Vine Brook is a perennial stream.  I understand that the ConCom determination that Vine Brook is a perennial stream, combined with the 200′ setback mandated by the Rivers Act from perennial waterways, effectively prevents the construction of the LCB 78 unit assisted living facility on the proposed site behind the Clark Tavern.  To see the 8/25/2016 filing click here 20160825-LCB-filing with MHC.




Straw Hat Park opening

Straw Hat Park opening invite

Medfield Press on EDC’s report to BoS on downtown

Downtown Summit

Medfield Press has a  good article (copy also inserted below) on the report to selectmen at our meeting Tuesday on the downtown summit held by the town’s Economic Development Committee with the assistance of the MAPC.  The MAPC representative stressed that what the town will ultimately get in the end is a To Do List for our downtown.

Also, Adam Stuhlman of the Medfield Press reported to us on Tuesday that the Medfield Press now has two reporters covering the town, which is welcome news, as the town can only benefit from good newspaper coverage – and Adam is doing a good job.


Medfield study shows residents’ downtown wishlist

Posted Mar. 24, 2016 at 12:32 PM


The Economic Development Committee and the Metropolitan Area Planning Council released the results of a study from February that showed what residents felt were the strengths and weaknesses of the downtown area.

The study showed that while residents like the area, they are concerned about traffic and parking. The Board of Selectmen Tuesday agreed to a proposal to do a parking and sidewalk study. Before the study begins they want to reach out to old members of the dormant Downtown Study Committee, said Patrick Casey, chairman of the Economic Development Committee.

On Feb. 9, the committee and the council held a public forum at the Medfield Public Library to determine what residents thought of the area in terms of necessary changes and good uses. Casey said about 90 people attended, with the results showing most people enjoying what the area offers.

“People said the downtown area was walkable and visually appealing,” he said. “They like the fact that it has historic structures like the Peak House, Clark’s Tavern and the churches. They also liked the independent shops.”

At the same time, he said the results showed several needed areas of improvement, according to residents. People were worried about traffic, parking and pedestrian safety. Also mentioned was the low number of retail stores and there being “no gathering places for kids,” according to Casey.

Casey also said the committee talked to about 30 downtown area businesses last summer, with most of them saying the town has been good to work with.

“We have a good starting point and we want to make it stronger. We just need to remove negatives like traffic and parking to make a trip there easier,” he said.

Steve Winter, director of economic development for the MAPC said the study was paid for by the state and cost $15,000. He said a lot of work remains to be done on this project and that residents need to appreciate what they have in the downtown area.

“The history of Medfield is woven into the downtown area,” he said.