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Donate to ANGP

From Tracey Rogers, ANGP Co-chair –


Please support the CLASS of 2017 by making a donation to this year’s All Night Graduation Party (ANGP). Medfield’s ANGP is a time-honored tradition that has provided a safe and fun way for Seniors to celebrate on graduation night for 25 years. The party held at the Medfield High School could not take place without the support of our community. Graduation Day is Sunday, June 4th, for 218 Medfield Seniors. Use the blue form in the ANGP flyer that was recently sent to all Medfield residents or simply mail your contribution to MHS All Night Graduation Party, PO Box 38, Medfield, MA 02052. On-line donations can be made at  THANK YOU!

Relay for Life – Chili Chowder Challenge, 4/22

From Medfield firefighter, Bill DeKing –

chili chowder-page-001-2017

Come taste and vote on your favorite chili & chowder from some of the best local restaurants to benefit the Relay For Life of Millis / Medway/ Medfield/ Norfolk on April 22nd from Noon – 4pm. We will have raffles, silent auction, music, cash bar and much much more! Tickets are $20 per person and are available to be purchased in advance or at the door. The following restaurants are going to be there to judge. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to donate.
Thank you,
Bill DeKing

Jean Mineo, Medfield Foundation 2017 volunteer of the year

Jean Mineo

Jean Mineo – 2017 Medfield Foundation Volunteer of the Year

Jean Mineo was selected as the 2017 Medfield Foundation volunteer of the year just last month by the judges.  Jean was nominated by both Chris McCue Potts and Minta Hissong, a first having the same person nominated more than once in one year.  Jean and all the remarkable eight other Medfield volunteers who were nominated this year will be celebrated at the reception next Sunday, March 19 at 3PM at The Center. The public is invited to attend.

Brothers Marketplace generously sponsored the 2017 Medfield Foundation volunteer awards and support was also received from the Rockland Trust Charitable Foundation.

Below in the order they were received are the nominations first by Chris McCue Potts, and then the one by Minta Hissong.


It is no secret that Jean Mineo is the “chief cultural Officer” for the town of Medfield — past, present and future! Her past work includes making possible innovative and visually interesting community art, including a sculpture trail at MSH site, power boxes painted with historical or other images relative to Medfield, and outdoor pianos for all to enjoy. Additionally, Jean founded the Cultural Alliance of Medfield so that the town would have an active cultural projects/events/advocacy organization to supplement the grant-making role of the Medfield Cultural Council. Her current work involves a number of initiatives, from making the vision of the Straw Hat Park and Holiday Stroll both a reality — and highly successful ones indeed evidenced by Town Meeting support for park funding, and the enormous turnout and positive feedback on the 2nd annual Stroll!  For both endeavors, Jean had to oversee all aspects — from fundraising, volunteer and partner recruitment, political navigation, logistical details, publicity and so much more.  Through it all, Jean always does it thoughtfully, with a calm and focused demeanor, and in a way that inspires others to get involved. Rarely does Jean get frustrated when confronted with a hurdle or challenge (which is sure to happen) — she just focuses on what needs to get done to keep things moving forward.

A hugely beneficial initiative that Jean led was the town matching initiative for Medfield Cultural Council funding for local nonprofits. For very little money (but big impact), Jean successfully made the case for the match, rallied residents to turn out for the Town Meeting vote (and speak up), and then played a role in making sure residents knew what kind of impact the doubling of available funding could have on local cultural groups and projects, including Zullo Gallery, Gazebo Players, Medfield Music Association, Medfield Public Library, and others.

Jean’s current efforts serving on the Medfield State Hospital Master Planning Committee, have the potential to provide future payoff with expansion of the town’s cultural offerings. She has spent countless hours pulling together local cultural groups and representatives who have a shared vision for the huge impact cultural initiatives/a cultural focus could have at the MSH site. Her work has required endless meetings, bringing in unpaid expertise for a visioning session, rallying the community to support the hiring of a paid consultant to conduct and report back on a feasibility study, and building relationships and navigating all levels of town politics, and the work is ongoing. Jean even launched an artistic competition for the creative reuse of the old waterworks gears from the MSH site!

Jean’s commitment to Medfield’s cultural vitality and overall town character, and the impact her time and energy has made on our community, is nothing short of amazing.

In terms of impact and results, consider this:

1) The thousands of people who have visited and enjoyed the Straw Hat Park so far…including all of the attractions that were in place prior to the official ribbon-cutting in the fall of 2016. This includes piano players, sidewalk chalk art viewers, and so many others wanting to envision the possibilities!

2) The thousands of people who have taken part in the Holiday Stroll for the past two years – whether volunteers, residents, out of town visitors, or artisans selling their works or providing services. The Stroll helped deepen the sense of community that is so strong in Medfield, and helped to lift so many spirits. The community-wide event also helps to support the livelihood of many artists, and also showcase Medfield’s own
artistic talents, including visual and musical.

3) The thousands of people who drive or walk by and appreciate all of the various community art Jean has made possible through the Art in Public Places initiative (via Medfield Foundation).

4) The tens of thousands of people who will benefit if MSH redevelopment includes one or more cultural components – this would include residents, visitors and contributing artists.

As a testament to Jean’s work as former head of the Medfield Cultural Council, the Massachusetts Cultural Council awarded her with a Leadership Circle Award in 2015, and the town recognized her contributions with a special event at the Zullo Gallery.

In addition to all of Jean’s cultural work, she served on the MAP board (including president) and has also been actively volunteering with community projects sponsored by United Church of Christ in Medfield (prior to and separate from working there).

Jean Mineo is long overdue for the Volunteer of the Year Award. Let’s make 2017 her year!



I am nominating Jean Mineo for the volunteer of the year award. Jean serves on many boards, organizations, and donates hours of her time to our town. I will focus on one of her big accomplishments of 2016, the Straw Hat Park. This park would not have been created but for Jean’s vision, drive, patience, knowledge and fortitude. I was lucky enough to be on the Straw Hat Park committee with Jean from the beginning when we first started meeting in December of 2013! Jean worked tirelessly from the beginning when in the summer of 2013 she started gathering ideas for the park with public art in the space. From there the selectman gave her permission to gather a team and see what could be done with the pocket park. Jean spent hours and hours on administration, attending meetings, meeting with key players in town, surveys, PR, social media guru, fundraising, speaking at town meetings, and finally working with the tradesman to get the work done. It was her project and she kept plugging away when politics and obstacles got in the way. I watched her work from behind the scenes and her dedication to our town is second to none. She always had a way to make it work. The Straw Hat Park is a beautiful new space in our town that is already getting a lot of use. This creation of this space from dirt/grass to our new park is because of Jean’s work and she deserves to be formally recognized. Thank you for the consideration.
-Minta Hissong

MCPE’s Left Center Right (“LCR”) Tournament 3/24

MCPE-left right center 2016

MCPE will host its second annual Left Center Right (“LCR”) Tournament, at the American Legion in Medfield on Friday, March 24. LCR is a fast-paced team dice game. This highly entertaining game of luck promises a night of laughs and fun, and a chance at winning $100! LCR is played in teams of eight to ten players. Visit for more information or to register your team. All event proceeds will support grants to the Medfield Public Schools.


Angel Run opportunity


This from the Angel Run –

The MFi Angel Run is looking for a volunteer to chair the Publicity Coordinator position. This person will coordinate press releases, social media and other marketing activities. This is a two year commitment with the first year working directly with the current chair with the goal of transitioning the role fully in the second year. The role requires approximately 1-2 hours per week August – December. If you are interested, please email Rose Colleran ( for additional information.

Lowell Mason challenge

LMH Hi Res Logo.jpg

Lowell Mason House donations to double via $25,000 Challenge Grant


MEDFIELD, MA—Lowell Mason House President Thomas Reynolds and Treasurer Thomas Scotti announced today that the non-profit received a $25,000 challenge grant from an anonymous donor that  will match dollar-for-dollar all donations made from Nov. 15, 2016 to Feb. 1, 2017, doubling the impact of contributions.


“The Lowell Mason House has been making tremendous progress with construction getting the house available for music students of all ages –all of which has been made possible by our loyal supporters,” said Reynolds. “Whether through time or dollars, the generosity of Lowell Mason House supporters is bringing us closer to preserving Lowell Mason’s birthplace and transforming it into an active space for music making. We are grateful to our anonymous donor for investing in a way that encourages both current and new donors to help preserve Lowell Mason’s Medfield legacy.” Scotti explained that the  next phase of construction will encompass installing new windows, exterior doors and re-side the entire house, at an estimated cost of about $50,000.


To make a tax-deductible donation, checks can be made payable to the Lowell Mason House and mailed to PO Box 913, Medfield, MA 02052.  Donations can also be made online at  “Thanks to the match, donors large and small will allow us to proceed with the next round of construction and then move forward more quickly on the interior of the house.”


Lowell Mason was born in Medfield in 1792, and is considered the Father of Music Education in America due his efforts in teaching both students and teachers of music. In 1838, he became  the first music superintendent in the Boston public schools, and was instrumental in making music a part of the regular school curriculum in America.


Through the work of a team of volunteers, the Lowell Mason House was saved from demolition in 2011 and moved from its original location on Adams Street.


“We’re one step closer to making the House  a major cultural hub in Medfield where it will serve as a living museum that not only honors the father of music education, but also provides practice and performance space to further encourage artistic expression, and strengthen the value of the arts in the community,” noted Reynolds. For more information, please contact either Tom Reynolds at or Tom Scotti at

Angel Run funds relief to families in need

Medfield Youth Outreach and Pastor Phil of the UCC explained why the Medfield Foundation’s Angel Run has become so important to Medfield families in need – this was MYO and Pastor Phil’s letter to the editor before the race –


Medfield Youth Outreach urges residents to participate in the 2016 Angel Run! Whether through running the race or the many facets of volunteer help needed, your participation makes a difference.  What other event in town so seamlessly builds community? The MFI took the Angel Run on in 2012 as they saw a community event that was slated to end, that met a critical need for residents.  The majority of the proceeds from the Angel Run serve residents who have come upon hard times.

The Angel Run is so much more than just a 5K race.  It is a joyous event that fills so many community needs. Whether finding an opportunity to give back and volunteer, running a race that builds one’s running statistics, or enjoying a family fun event close to the holidays, participants may be unaware that this is just the beginning of how this race blesses members of the community. From its inception, a large portion of the race’s proceeds have met the needs of residents who have hit hard times through the Angel Run Fund.   All of this is done confidentially through Medfield Youth Outreach (MYO) and in partnership with Pastor Phil and the staff of The United Church of Christ in Medfield.  While MYO provides the screening for the Angel Run Fund requests, the UCC-Medfield distributes the funds and provides as a secondary screening source for accountability purposes.  MYO is uniquely poised to field the requests for financial assistance, and form ongoing relationships with residents, through their requests, opening them up to additional services and supports that benefit their home and family. The following is a few examples of how the funds raised by the race benefitted residents over the past year.  The stories have been altered to preserve confidentiality.

Merry Jo contacted the MYO office in late February.  She could not pay her whole rent as so much of her income had been going to afford the child care that helps her sustain her job. “When my husband left, I went back to work.  It has been impossible to find a job that pays as well as my job did before I left the workforce to raise my children. The costs of child care, my rent, utilities, and car expenses often surpass what I am bringing home.  My kids have been through so much. They have lost their house, moved to an apartment and are grieving the loss of the breakdown of my marriage. I had to use part of my rent money to cover a car repair.  I was issued a letter that the land lord will take me to court if I can’t pay my rent in full soon.”  The Angel Run Fund stepped in to cover the portion of missing rent.  MYO then met with Merry Jo to apply for fuel assistance, food resources, and child care resources that took some of the financial pressure off of the family. A thank you letter appeared a few weeks later: “Dear Angels, You all have no idea what the rental help meant to me.  Beyond helping me and my kids keep our apartment, I felt less alone for the first time in a very long while. I feel like things might actually get better. Thank you again and again…thank you.”

The Hardees are long term Medfield residents.  Both parents were employed and the family enjoyed a comfortable middle class life.  When Mrs. Hardee got sick, she eventually had to leave her job.  The care -giving demands placed on her husband forced him to step down from his job and take a lower paying position with less responsibility.  The family was barely making ends meet when they came to MYO for help.  They had amassed a large utility bill, that during the winter could not be shut off, but as spring arrived came the new shut off threats from the utility company. The stress from the fear of shut off was too much for Mr. Hardee to carry.  “I am humbled.  I never thought this could happen to us.  We were just one illness away from practically losing everything. Between the medical bills, less income, and so many demands on our income as the kids get older…I never owed anybody anything and now I can’t pay for my utilities and my credit cards are to the max!” MYO reached out to Pastor Phil at UCC with an Angel Run Fund Request toward the Hardee’s utility bill.  The request was met in full so that the family could divert its resources elsewhere. MYO then referred the family to Medfield Angels/Neighbor Brigade to provide meals for the family during the medical crisis and sports organizations to help with scholarships for the children.  Through the Angel Run Fund’s giving significant stress was reduced for this family.

The Angel Run keeps our most vulnerable residents connected to the community and reminds them that even though times are tough, they still are valuable and thought of.  Be a part of bringing this joy to the community, both through the run this December 4th, and through the year via the Angel Run Fund.

Wishing you and yours a blessed holiday season,

Dawn Alcott, LICSW, Director, Medfield Youth Outreach

Pastor Phil Bauman, United Church of Christ Medfield