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We are at 7.2% affordable housing

The Department of Housing and Community Development provided this chart of our current SHI with its notice that we are in a safe harbor, which shows that we have 7.2% affordable housing now per the Department of Housing and Community Development tally.  We have a total of 304 SHI with the two 40B projects that are being built, and we need a  total of 422 to be at the 10% threshold.  However, the new decennial census in 2020 will up our total number of dwelling units above the 4,220 that Department of Housing and Community Development is using below from the 2010 census, and hence that will increase the 10% needed to be in safe harbor too, so we will need more that just another 118 SHI to be in safe harbor after 2020.


Certified in safe harbor


Letter today, dated yesterday, from Department of Housing and Community Development certified that the Town of Medfield is in a safe harbor due to our having both a certified Housing Production Plan and 21 Subsidized Housing Inventory (SHI) eligible units that have been approved.


This Certification of Municipal Compliance is based on the following findings:

  1. Medfield has provided evidence that the required number of units described in its request is eligible to be counted towards certification.
  2. The 21 Subsidized Housing Inventory (SHI) eligible units in these projects (Country Estates SHI ID# 10062) and (67 North Street SHI ID# (10063) meet the number necessary to satisfy a one year certification threshold.
  3. The housing development is consistent with the production goals outlined in Medfield Housing Production

Affordable Housing Trust $1m. bond passed

The Medfield Press reports that the $1m. bond to provide working monies for the Affordable Housing Trust passed yesterday – the article is linked to here –


Medfield passes affordable housing override

Medfield voters easily passed a tax override in Monday’s special election, with 904 votes for and 180 against.


The Junior-B

The 40B on Dale Street is back, this time with a total of 95 units instead of 200, consisting of:

  • 25 townhouse condos on the cemetery side with access from Dale Street, and
  • 70 units on the other side of Rte 27, comprised of 50 units in an apartment building and the other 20 in townhouses, all with access via Rte 27.

Per Mike Sullivan the cemetery side are condos and the other side are rentals –  although it does not make sense to me that townhouses on one side would be ownership and rental on the other side, so I will follow up on that.  See this link for the full plans 20170405-Medfield Meadows-2-plans  Mike reports that the town department heads opined to the developers when they met last week that the design was “too modern looking.”

20170405-Medfield Meadows-2-pictures-220170405-Medfield Meadows-2-pictures

6/5/17 ballot to fund the AHT

At the annual town meeting (ATM) we voted to create an Affordable Housing Trust and to fund it with $1m. by means of a bond.  Where that funding is a Proposition 2 1/2 override, it also needs to be approved by an election ballot.  That special election will be held on June 5, 2017, and this is the ballot.

20170605-election ballot

Volunteer for ALS & AHT by tomorrow


The Town of Medfield’s nascent:

  • Advanced Life Support Study Committee, and
  • Affordable Housing Trust

are seeking volunteers to serve on both those entities.

Those interested should express their interest to Evelyn Clarke by 3PM tomorrow, when our agenda closes for the Tuesday meeting, per our recently enacted policy about BoS meetings and agendas.  The Board of Selectmen will make appointments to both at our May 16 meeting.

Evelyn Clarke
Town House
Work   508-906-3012
Fax      508-359-6182



ATM votes last Monday on ALS & AHT

town meeting

ALS Study Committee & Affordable Housing Trust at ATM

The town posted a summary of the votes on each warrant article at last Monday’s annual town meeting (ATM) (20170424-Warrant_votes_2017) .

On the only two substantially disputed warrant articles, my own estimate of the votes was that the warrant article:

  • #15 about ALS had the ATM voting about 80% against giving $500,000 to the selectmen to implement ALS as it saw fit in the next year if the selectmen felt it was needed – a clear mandate that the residents wants to make that decision themselves, rather than delegate it.  ALS will now go to the study committee that both the Warrant Committee and selectmen recommended; and
  • #17 about funding the Affordable Housing Trust with a $1m. bond had the ATM voting about 80% in favor.  Those monies will provide the town a financial tool to use to create affordable housing, in its efforts to get to 10% affordable housing and to therefore eliminate unfriendly 40B’s.  The town needs about 139 more affordable housing units to reach that 10% threshold, or about 160 if one considers the likely increase in housing units in town to be needed after the 2020 census.

Residents interested in serving on either the newly created ALS Study Committee or the just created Affordable Housing Trust should contact Evelyn Clarke ( to make his or her interest known.