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ATM votes last Monday on ALS & AHT

town meeting

ALS Study Committee & Affordable Housing Trust at ATM

The town posted a summary of the votes on each warrant article at last Monday’s annual town meeting (ATM) (20170424-Warrant_votes_2017) .

On the only two substantially disputed warrant articles, my own estimate of the votes was that the warrant article:

  • #15 about ALS had the ATM voting about 80% against giving $500,000 to the selectmen to implement ALS as it saw fit in the next year if the selectmen felt it was needed – a clear mandate that the residents wants to make that decision themselves, rather than delegate it.  ALS will now go to the study committee that both the Warrant Committee and selectmen recommended; and
  • #17 about funding the Affordable Housing Trust with a $1m. bond had the ATM voting about 80% in favor.  Those monies will provide the town a financial tool to use to create affordable housing, in its efforts to get to 10% affordable housing and to therefore eliminate unfriendly 40B’s.  The town needs about 139 more affordable housing units to reach that 10% threshold, or about 160 if one considers the likely increase in housing units in town to be needed after the 2020 census.

Residents interested in serving on either the newly created ALS Study Committee or the just created Affordable Housing Trust should contact Evelyn Clarke ( to make his or her interest known.

Affordable housing at the Legion

Selectmen were informed yesterday that the Legion is looking to build affordable housing for veterans at its current location, and as a byproduct of the affordable housing project, to get a new facility (a copy of the email appears below).

I suggested to Ron Griffin that I would like him to follow up on my past suggestion to explore the possibility of adding onto the Legion’s land some of the adjoining town owned land, where the town both has an interest in developing more affordable housing and may well have no other possible use for that land.  That town land could perhaps allow the number of affordable units provided to be increased.



From: Vet Ron G HM []
Sent: Wednesday, April 19, 2017 5:47 PM
To: Pete Peterson ; Mike Marcucci ; Gus Murby
Cc: Mike Sullivan
Subject: American Legion discussing 40B units


Hi Pete, Mike and Gus

I wanted to inform you that the American Legion is discussing with developers Ralph Costello and  Mike Larkin to build 40b rental units on their property on Peter Kristoff Way.

Preliminary discussion, is for the Legion to receive a new building on the existing property in exchange for 40B rental units to be developed on the remainder of the 2.5 acre piece of property.  Some of the rental units would be reserved for low income veterans or their surviving spouses.

The current Legion building has turned into a money pit of needed expenses.  We have been trimming operational costs for the building for the last few years but heating and cooling this metal building with limited insulation is overwhelming.  We now have major roof, sewer and parking lot maintenance issues pending.  We’ve patched our patches with more patches.

Our goal is to have a two story building with a function hall on the first floor and in the basement the members rooms.  We hope to offer Medfield, an attractive location to hold functions larger than 40 people but less than 140.  With limited building overhead costs, we hope to be financially able through function rentals to support the many programs that the Legion, Auxiliary and Sons of the American Legion support through out our community.

We also understand that this project might meet the towns Safe Harbor requirement for 2018

I provide this infromation as Executive Board Chairman of American Legion Beckwith Post 110, Medfield Ma. and very close acquaintance of Medfield’s Veteran Service Officer.

Ron Griffin
Medfield VSO

Affordable housing workshop, 7PM this evening

This today from Suzanne Siino’s Medfield Inclusion Project.



If you think our 40B issues are behind us after Mass Housing’s denial of Medfield Meadows, think again.

Since 1969, Mass Chapter 40B Law mandates that 10% of EVERY towns housing inventory be affordable.  Medfield has 4220 housing units.  Currently, we have 283 units designated as affordable.  We are short by 139 units.

Medfield’s newly approved Housing Production Plan (HPP) is a blueprint to our 40B future.  It is Medfield’s vision and commitment to the development of future subsidized housing.   Do you share this vision?   Take the time to read the document.  It’s on the towns website.

Medfield has “Safe Harbor” from future unwanted or unfriendly 40B developments  (like Medfield Meadows) ONLY if we create 0.5%  (of 4220) or 21 units of affordable housing every year until we reach the 10% goal.   Two new 40B projects, the Bike Shop rental project and the Hospital Rd ownership project will give us a one-year reprieve once they are permitted.  It’s vital we begin to plan for 2018 and beyond, or risk exposure to unwanted 40B once again.

Medfield is a bucolic town with top-ranked schools.   The cost of land and the average home prices are well above the state median.  There is very little, if any, state or federal funding for development of subsidized housing.  This presents financial challenges for towns, housing authorities and developers.

More than 80 communities in the Commonwealth have created Affordable Housing Trusts (AHT) since 2006 to address this issue. .  AHT’s have a Board of Trustees whose purpose is to create and preserve affordable housing.  More importantly, they rely on the voices of the citizens, the goals of the HPP, and the Town’s Master Plan to proactively and creatively plan 40B housing.   Long term revenue funding of the Trust can be achieved creatively in over 40 ways, including Inclusionary Zoning Funds and CPA (Community Preservation Act) funds.

At Town Meeting on April 24, you will be asked to vote on Articles 16 and 17; the creation of an Affordable Housing Trust (AHT) and its initial funding of one million dollars.  These monies will simply get the ball rolling for the first year until the Trust establishes its funding mechanisms.

There’s a lot to learn and much at stake.  In October, the High School auditorium was filled with hundreds of residents passionately protesting the mega 40B.  We need that same energy now!

Come listen to the experts from COG (Community Opportunities Group) the town’s consultants, ask questions, and let your voice be heard.  It’s your town, and it can be your 40B too!

Please attend the Affordable Housing Workshop, Tuesday, 4/11, 7 pm at The Center.


Suzanne Siino

Medfield Inclusion Project




Borrelli 40B gets DHCD approval


The Department of Housing and Community Development issued a letter dated yesterday (a copy of the letter appears below) that gave its approval to Bob Borrelli’s proposed eight unit 40B at 67 North Street.  Borrelli next applies to the Zoning Board of Appeals of the Town of Medfield for a comprehensive permit.

Those eight affordable units are the second part of the affordable housing units needed by the Town of Medfield to gain a one year safe harbor from unfriendly 40B’s, when added to the Larkins’ thirteen affordable units at their Hospital Road 40B that were approved by the Zoning Board of Appeals this week.  The one year of safe harbor runs from the date that the Zoning Board of Appeals permits the Borrelli 40B units.

However, the town next needs to plan now for the twenty-one affordable units it needs to build each year for the next several years to keep its safe harbor from the unfriendly 40B’s.  The town needs about 140 affordable units beyond those described here.  Come to the Affordable Housing Workshop at 7PM on April 11 at The Center to hear about the next steps.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING & . COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Charles D. Baker, Governor + Karyn E. Polito, Lt. Governor + Chrystal Kornegay, Undersecretary April 6, 2017 Mr. Robert J. Borrelli, Manager Medfield Holdings, LLC 9 Boiling Spring Avenue Medfield, Massachusetts 02052 Mr. Mark L. Fisher Medfield Board of Selectman 459 Main Street Medfield, Massachusetts 02052 RE: Cushing House, Medfield, Massachusetts De terr 11i11alio11 of Project Eligibility under the Local Initiative Program (LIP) Dear Messrs. Borrelli and Fisher: I am pleased to inform you that your application for project eligibility under the Local Initiative Program (LIP) for the proposed Cushing House project has been approved. This approval is based on your application that sets forth a plan for the development of eight rental units. The proposed rents of the LIP units are generally consistent with the standards for affordable housing to be included in a community's Chapter 40B affordable housing stock. As part of the review process, Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) staff has performed an on-site inspection of the proposed project sites. DHCD has made the following findings: 1 . The proposed project appears generally eligible under the requirements of the Local Initiative Program, subject to final program review and approval; 2. The site of the proposed project is generally appropriate for residential development; 3. The conceptual plan is generally appropriate for the site on which the project is located; 4. The proposed project appears financially feasible in the context of the Medfield housing market; 5. The initial proforma for the project appears financially feasible and consistent with cost examination and limitations on profits and distributions on the basis of estimated development costs; 6. The project sponsor and the development team meet the general eligibility standards of the Local Initiative Program; and I 00 Cambridge Street, Suite 300 Boston, Massachusetts 02114 617.573.1100 Medfield - Cushing House Page2 7. The project sponsor has shown evidence of ownership of the Project site. The proposed project must comply with all state and local codes not specifically exempted by a comprehensive permit. Please provide us with a copy of the comprehensive permit as soon as it is issued. The DHCD legal office will review the comprehensive permit and other project documentation. Additional information may be requested as is deemed necessary. Following the issuance of the comprehensive permit, the specifics of this project must be formalized in a regulatory agreement signed by the municipality, the project developer, and DHCD prior to starting construction. As stated in the application, the Cushing House project will consist of eight units, two of which will be eligible for inclusion in the Medfield's subsidized housing inventory. The affordable units will be marketed and rented to eligible households whose annual income may not exceed 80% of aFea median income, adjusted for nousehofd size, as determined by t""li-e+Uf-'.Sq-.---Department of Housing and Urban Development. The conditions that must be met prior to final DHCD approval include: 1. A final affirmative fair marketing and lottery plan with related forms shall be submitted that reflects LIP requirements including consistency with the Comprehensive Permit Guidelines, Section Ill, Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plans; 2. Any changes to the application it has just reviewed and approved, including but not limited to alternations in unit mix, rents, development team, unit design, site plan and financial proforma reflecting land value, must be approved by DHCD; 3. The project must be organized and operated so as not to violate the state antidiscrimination statute (M.G.L. c151B) or the Federal Fair Housing statute (42 U.S.C. s.3601 et seq.). No restriction on occupancy may be imposed on the affordable unit (other than those created by state or local health and safety laws regulating the number of occupants in dwelling units); and 4. The Town shall submit to DHCD the finalized details of the comprehensive permit. As the Cushing House project nears completion of construction, DHCD staff may visit the site to ensure that the development meets program guidelines. Medfield - Cushing House Page2 When the units have received Certificates of Occupancy, the developer must submit to both DHCD and to the Town of Medfield a project cost examination for the comprehensive permit project. This letter shall expire two years from this date or on April 7, 2019 unless'a comprehensive permit has been issued. We congratulate the Town of Medfield and the project sponsor on their efforts to work together to increase the Town's supply of affordable housing. If you have any questions as you proce. d with the project, please call Alana Murphy at 617-573-1301. cc: Sarah Raposa, Town Planner Michael Sullivan, Town Administrator James Murphy, Esq. Office of the Chief Counsel, DHCD Enc. RESPONSIBILITY FOR COST CERTIFICATION: By your signature below, Medfield Holdings, LLC acknowledges and accepts this approval letter, including the obligation under law to provide the Department of Housing and Community Development and the Town of Medfield with a project cost examination. Signature: ___________ _ Name (print): __________ _ Date: _____________ _ Upon receipt, please make copy of this letter and return a signed copy to Division of Housing Development, Department of Housing and Community Development, 100 Cambridge Street, Boston, MA 02114 ATTN: Local Initiative Program Cushing House, Medfield, Massachusetts LOCAL INITIATIVE PROGRAM - COMPREHENSIVE PERMIT Sponsor: Medfield Holdings, LLC 9 Boiling Spring Avenue Medfield, MA 02052 Project Addresses: 67 North Street Medfield, MA 02052 This project will provide ownership opportunities according to the following breakdown: Tl£ee of Unit ·#Units # Bdrms #Baths Gross SF Maximum Rent Market Units Two Bedrooms 6 2 1 876 $1,950 LIP Units One Bedroom 1 1 1 700 $1,279 Two Bedrooms 1 2 1 740 $1,461 TOTAL UNITS 820170406-DHCD-ltr from re Cushing House PEL_Page_220170406-DHCD-ltr from re Cushing House PEL_Page_320170406-DHCD-ltr from re Cushing House PEL_Page_4

ZBA approves Hospital Road 40B


The Zoning Board of Appeals of the Town of Medfield yesterday approved and today released its decision on the Larkins’ 49 units (with 13 affordable units) Country Estates 40B project, granting approval subject to pages of conditions.  This link goes tot eh full decision – 20170406-ZBA-1300 – Country Estates – Hospital Road – Comp Permit

I know that blasting was a special concern of the neighbors, especially given the amount of ledge, and this is the blasting condition and the final conclusion:


G.l 7. Blasting – Pursuant to 527 CMR 1.00, Chapter 65, a licensed blasting professional
shall perform all blasting on the Property after proper pre-blast inspections and
surveys have been conducted and all required permits have been obtained from
the Medfield Fire Department, and such work shall be performed in accordance
with all local, state and federal requirements. Prior to any blasting or rock
removal, the Fire Chief shall review and approve a plan, including a schedule, for
such drilling, blasting, and hammering. No blasting shall take place before 10:00
a.m. or after 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The plan and schedule shall be
provided to the Board two weeks before commencement of drilling, blasting, or
G.18 Rock Crushing. No onsite rock crushing shall be conducted except for that
necessary for use onsite from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. ,Monday to Friday. All
other rock shall be crushed offsite.



For all the reasons stated above and pursuant to the Board’s authority found in G.L. c.40B, §§ 20-23, the Comprehensive Permit application is hereby APPROVED WITH CONDITIONS by a vote of 3 to 0.    The Board reserves the right to cause this Decision to be recorded at the Norfolk County Registry of Deeds.


town seal



Please join the Town of Medfield and Community Opportunities Group, Inc. at a public workshop to discuss issues related to affordable housing in Medfield.


The purpose of the workshop will be to:

·        Provide information regarding Affordable Housing Trusts and Inclusionary Zoning

·        Obtain feedback on affordable housing goals

·        Provide the public with the opportunity to ask questions and comment on upcoming warrant articles at Annual Town Meeting


The workshop is open to all members of the public.

Questions? Please contact Sarah Raposa, Town Planner, at (508) 906-3027


Rep. Garlick’s letter on Patch


I just saw this on Patch – thanks Denise for including me in your statement, and thanks Laura for posting the letter.

The hard work to maintain a safe harbor that precludes unfriendly 40B’s has only just begun, and it will be a long slog for the Town of Medfield to arrange to get the 21 Subsidized Housing Inventory (SHI) units built each year to maintain that safe harbor.  I spoke with the Department of Housing and Community Development this week about expanding Tilden Village, and the financing (primarily 9% tax credit financing was recommended) to accomplish that expansion appears neither easy, nor fast.

Town officials are having their first meeting next week with the town’s new affordable housing consultant, so hopefully we will soon craft a plan that gets the town to the 10% affordable housing level.

Letter to the Editor: Medfield 200 unit – Mega 40B

Medfield Meadows

This week we celebrate leadership, teamwork, strategy, perseverance and a positive outcome. Patriots? Sure. The Town of Medfield – Absolutely! The denial of the site application for “Medfield Meadows,” the 200 unit Mega 40B proposal, was the result of the work of Medfield’s committed citizens, elected leaders, Town staff and MassHousing.

The successful work of the Dale Street group was rooted not only in their neighborhood issues but in their ability to organize, understand the process, gather significant information, mobilize fellow community members and share their concerns with and for the Town.

The “Town” represented by the Board of Selectmen actively listened and was willing to act. The Board of Selectmen was engaged and thinking innovatively, exercising resources to strengthen the team effort, and charging the staff with the process and preparation of materials. Perhaps one of the finest moments I have ever witnessed in local government occurred at the packed public hearing when the consultant for the developer deflected a community member’s question by saying, “We’ll take that up with the Town.” Chairman “Pete” Peterson paused and looked out at the hundreds and hundreds of concerned citizens gathered in the hot, overcrowded auditorium, his fellow Selectmen at his side, the Town staff present and prepared, with the whole Legislative delegation in attendance and responded, “We are the Town.”

MassHousing is tasked with an aggressive charge of helping to develop affordable housing, which is needed in our Commonwealth. MassHousing’s mission statement says it will focus on the needs of its customers and the people and the communities it serves, while demonstrating values of respect, collaboration and integrity. Throughout the process MassHousing was observing, listening, analyzing documents and relevant materials, revisiting the site and meaningfully engaging in the process.

The denial of the site application opens a window for Medfield to control its own destiny in terms of affordable housing and meeting the community’s needs. The Medfield Housing Production Plan is the way in which the Town, can and should move forward on its own terms.

I stand ready, always, in partnership to support the Town – its citizens, the elected leaders and staff. I join with you all in honoring this moment of good government and celebrating Team Medfield!



State Representative Denise C. Garlick

13th Norfolk District (Medfield; Precinct 1 and 2)