Meeting Minutes April 4, 2017 Chenery Meeting Room draft PRESENT: Selectmen Peterson, Marcucci, Murby; Town Administrator Sullivan; Assistant Town Administrator Trierweiler; Town Counsel Cerel; Administrative Assistant Clarke Selectman Peterson acting as Chair called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. He announced this meeting is being recorded and called for a moment of appreciation for our Troops serving in the Middle East and around the world. Newly elected Selectman Gus Murby was welcomed to the Board. BOARD REORGANIZES VOTE: Selectman Marcucci made a motion seconded by Selectman Murby to elect Selectman Peterson serve as Board Chairman for the ensuing year. Motion carried VOTE: Selectman Peterson made a motion, seconded by Selectman Murby to elect Selectman Marcucci serve as Clerk of the Board. The motion carried. Selectman Murby is the Third Member TREE CITI Medfield has once again been approved as a Tree City USA. Ms. Trierweiler remarked that she will attend the annual recognition event on June 7, 2017 taking place in Arlington. LYME DISEASE COMMITI'EE The Committee is seeking the Selectmen's approval to pay the invoice for "Tick Shower Cards" that will be distributed to third graders over the next two - three years. The cost for 500 cards is $1,025.00. VOTED unanimously to approve invoice for payment in the amount of $1,025 for Tick Check Shower Cards EAGLE SCOUT The Selectmen are invited to attend Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Evan A. Springer on Saturday May 6, 2017 at the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church. John M. Messina Jr has earned the rank of Eagle Scout. He will receive his award on Saturday May 20, 2017 at the United Church of Christ. Selectmen are invited April 4, 2017 Page two 2QTH CENTURY FOX The Town has been contacted by the movie studio as they are interested in filming a major motion picture "X-Men New Mutants" at the state hospital site. Ms. Trierweiler will be the contact person. The Board is pleased to learn that we can expect revenue to come to the Town and no doubt local establishments will appreciate the extra business. INTER-MUNICIPAL AGREEMENT DPW Director Maurice Goulet requests the Board's approval for the Town to enter into an agreement with Southeastern Regional Services Group. By joining this group Medfield will benefit from shared and administrative services, i.e. lower prices for water and sewer treatment chemicals, DPW supplies and office supplies. Annual dues are $4100.00. Mr. Goulet advises that Ms. Trierweiler as Medfield's Procurement Officer sign the Agreement VOTED unanimously for the Town to join the Group, authorize Chief Procurement Officer Kristine Trierweiler execute the SERSG Inter-Municipal Agreement and authorize the annual dues payment of $4,100.00 MARIJUANA A letter was received from Representative Shawn Dooley requesting that Medfield submit a letter to the Joint Committee on Marijuana Policy regarding the Town's concerns about statewide legalization on recreational marijuana usage, permitting and possession. Mr. Sullivan will draft a letter for the Selectmen's review to send to Boston. COUNCIL ON AGING / TAX WORK-OFF PARrICIPANTS Director Roberta Lynch requests the Selectmen vote to exempt the tax work-off people from the state mandatory ethics training and ethics test. In her letter to the Board she states that due to the requirement of using a computer and the time involved that many elderly participants will find it difficult. Town Counsel Cerel confirmed that the Selectmen have the authority to exempt limited categories of municipal employees. Selectman Marcucci advised that that's fine to exempt, however tax work-off participants should have some basic ethics training and are made aware of privacy issues. VOTED unanimously to exempt Tax Work-Off participants from the requirement to take on-line ethics training and ethics testing MEDFIELD RAIL TRAIL PRESENTATION Chair Christian Donner remarked that the committee started to work on developing the rail trail in 2009 and we are pleased that there is an article on the warrant to address the trail. We have been working with Beals+ Thomas who have completed a design study. Their representative Robert Weidknecht is here this evening to present the project. April 4, 2017 Page three Mr. Weidknecht began his presentation by saying that the area lends itself to a trail as there are no significant issues concerning wetlands; drainage will not pose problems. The trail will be 10 feet wide consisting of stone dust. This is an excellent opportunity to convert this old rail bed to a useful rail trail. He outlined that cost estimates range from $600,000 to almost 900,000. Friends of the Rail Trail are hoping to raise much of the funds privately to construct the trail. It is hoped to have the trail completed by 2019. An item that has been previously been mentioned is that the MBTA requires towns building a rail trail to enter into a 99 year lease and indemnify the MBTA for any environmental liabilities from using the trail. Selectman Murby said that he has discussed this subject with the committee when he has attended a couple of their meetings. He is aware that the committee feels the Town doesn't need to purchase a policy to cover costs as the risks are very low. However, Mr. Murby does not agree. Also present in the audience is North Street resident Greg Sandomirsky who is a member of the Norfolk Hunt Club. He presented the Selectmen with a document prepared by the Masters of the Hunt Club dated March 14, 2017 wherein issues are raised concerning the trail which will go through the area that they use for training the hounds and horses, regular Hunt events and trail riding. Bike and dog traffic will limit the ability to conduct their training. The horses and hounds will not be allowed on the proposed trail and the grave concern is for the horses that can be easily frightened by unexpected sounds and sights, i.e. loose dogs, bicycles and people using the trail for walking. These concerns as well as others printed in the document are legitimate concerns. As in the past the Selectmen are grateful for all the time and effort that the committee has given to this project through the years, however, it has to be determined if the design of the trail will accommodate the concerns raised by Mr. Murby and also the Norfolk Hunt Club. KINGSBURY POND COMMITIEE Members Dick Judge and George Dealy On Saturday June 3 the committee is planning a Memorial Bench Dedication in honor of Richard Werner and Douglas MacKeachie Medfield residents who remain missing in action from World War II. Eagle Scout candidate Tyler Hatch chose as his project to revitalize an area at the Grist Mill to place a granite bench as a tribute to these two heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. MEDFIELD ENERGY COMMITIEE Fred Bunger and Fred Davis members Discussion revolved around the committee's proposal to the Town to purchase the streetlights from Eversource and install LED lights. The Town would only purchase electricity from Eversource, however the Town would assume maintenance of the lights. The cost for this April 4, 2017 Page four conversion is about $110,000; however, we would apply for a grant to reduce the cost to $67,000. Town will need to contract with a private company to handle the maintenance; significant savings to the Town about $30,000. Expressed concerns; color of the LED lights and cost for private maintenance company. When queried about who will install the lights, Mr. Bunger replied that either public works department or the facility manager. An article is on the Town Meeting Warrant; the Energy Committee requests the Selectmen and Warrant Committee support of the article. TOWN MODERATOR Scott McDermott is present to discuss his plan for Town Meeting procedure. Because of the extensive number of articles this year he feels it may run two nights; he has reserved the gym for Tuesday night. However, we may be able to complete in one evening as he will use a block system, i.e. group articles together that have some connection like Planning and Zoning articles, town budgets, the marijuana articles. He will do a time check at 10:30 and determine if town meeting will dissolve or adjourn. The Selectmen agree it is a good way to try to keep to one night. PENDING ITEM Senior Housing Study Committee member Tony Centore requests the Selectmen file a disclosure statement with the Town Clerk on his behalf. As Town Counsel went to another meeting, Selectmen Marcucci requests item be tabled until next meeting. DISCUSSION ITEMS The Selectmen agree to have a new policy for meeting agendas. Agendas will close at 3 PM on the Thursday before the regular Tuesday meeting; all documentation to be taken up at the meeting must be submitted by 3:00. The Chair will have the discretion to add items, however, unless time sensitive will be taken up at the following meeting. VOTE: On a motion made and seconded it was voted unanimously to adopt a Board of Selectmen Agenda Policy effective immediately Copy of policy attached FIRE CHIEF KINGSBURY Chief Kingsbury who has been Chief for 28 years has submitted his letter of resignation. It is agreed to follow the procedure used for hiring Police Chief Meaney. That process included the hiring of a consultant and an assessment center. Ms. Trierweiler when queried about the cost of the search advised it could be up to $20,000. A reserve fund transfer is necessary. VOTE: On a motion made and seconded it was voted unanimously to request a Reserve Fund Transfer in the amount of $20,000.00 to assist in the hiring of a new Fire Chief April 4, 2017 Page five LICENSES AND PERMITS VOTED unanimously to grant the following: Medfield Garden Club permission to display signs promoting their May 20 Spring Plant Sale High School Field Hockey Team permission to hold a car wash behind Town Hall September 23, 2017 10 AM to 2 PM Cystic Fibrosis Foundation permission to bike ride through a part of Medfield on October 7 Annual Cycle For Life Fundraiser Medfield Lions Club permission to display signs promoting their Charity Spring Gala May 13 Zullo Gallery permission to use the Gazebo Park for their Eighth Annual Art Festival June 10 Zullo Gallery grant one-day wine and malt beverage permits for April 22 concert; Thursdays in July and August; First Thursday September 1, October 5, November 2, December 7 Grant New n' Towne a one-day liquor license for May 6 reception at Dwight-Derby House Medfield Girl Scouts permission to hold annual Can and Bottle Drive at the Transfer Station May 13 and permission to display signs promoting the event SELECTMEN REPORr Mr. Peterson and Mr. Marcucci congratulated Selectman Murby on his election. Mr. Peterson noted that it has been customary for the Selectmen to rotate after the annual Town Election. Mr. Peterson said that previous meeting a discussion regarding health insurance for elected officials. I am one official who has health insurance with the Town. Discussion ensued about the process regarding ALS. The Town may look to have the level of service equal to or better than we had; if so then it is a question of dollar signs. Should it be left to Town Meeting to decide. Will we add staff, six new paramedics or retain a private service or go regional. Selectmen and Warrant Committee will meet on Monday April 10 to work out a plan for Town Meeting night. REVSIT PROPOSED MOVIE FILMING AT MSH Ms. Trierweiler stated that the Selectmen need to take a vote regarding movie contract VOTE: On a motion made and seconded the Selectmen voted unanimously to authorize Town Administrator and Assistant Town Administrator to enter into a contract with 20th Century Fox Meeting adjourned at 10:22 PM Meeting Minutes Thursday May 4, 2017 Chenery Meeting Room draft PRESENT: Selectmen Peterson, Marcucci, Murby; Town Administrator Sullivan; Assistant Town Administrator Trierweiler; Administrative Assistant Clarke Chairman Peterson called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM. He made the following announcements: This meeting is being recorded We want to take a moment of appreciation for our Troops serving in the Middle East and around the world Congratulations to the High School Jazz Choir for earning the Gold Medal Award at the recent Massachusetts Jazz Educational Festival and to the Jazz Band for earning a Gold Award at the Big Band Festival. It has been a while since two of the high school ensembles have earned Gold Awards in the same year MEDFIELD ENERGY COMMITfEE Fred Bunger Chairman remarked that the Selectmen appointed the Energy Committee in 2008. The Committee worked diligently towards the Town's being designated a Green Community and we are here tonight to announce that Medfield has achieved this distinction. Mr. Bunger continued saying we have a citation from Governor Baker confirming this designation. Also Medfield has been awarded a Department of Energy Resource Grant in the amount of $146,815.00. The Selectmen are very pleased with this grant and appreciative of the work of the Energy Committee through the years. MEDFIELD LIONS Member Ron Gustavson is present to request the Selectmen grant permission the Lions to hold the annual "Lions Toll Booth Fundraiser" Saturday May 13 from 9 AM -12 PM. The Town locations will be at the SWAP area, corner of Main Street and North Street, Blue Moon Cafe; Bank of America and Needham Bank. Funds collected are earmarked for the Lions eye research fund VOTED unanimously to grant permission to the Lions Club to hold their annual Toll Booth Fundraiser on Saturday May 13, 2017 9AM to Noon at the SWAP area and corner of Main Street and North Street CHAPTER 90 CONTRACT Director Maurice Goulet explained to the Board that every ten years the Town must file with the state their intention to renew our Chapter 90 contract. Contract expires on June 30 and requires Town Administrator signature. VOTED unanimously to authorize Town Administrator Sullivan to execute Chapter 90 ten year contract, expiration June 30, 2027 May 4. 2017 Page two CHIEF MEANEY AND MAURICE GOULET / TRAFFIC CALMING Some residents in the Gun Hill Road neighborhood are concerned with speeding on their streets, as most importantly newer residents have young children. Neighbors have put up signs on their properties to alert drivers to slow down with zero effect. One thought as a solution is to have the Town place speed humps on the roads. Police Chief Meaney and DPW Director Maurice Goulet have had discussions with neighbors about the situation. Chief Meaney said that as the Gun Hill Road area is not a cut through for traffic, and as it is with many other neighborhoods in town it is those people living there that are traveling in and out. He continued saying that should the Town decide to put in speed humps, bumps or dips, etc. the Town assumes liability; we have to keep that in mind. Ryan Baker, 4 Gun Hill Road was recognized. He feels it would be a great benefit to install speed humps adding that they work very well in Westwood. Director Goulet responded that an engineering report is need as certain criteria must be met. Signs need to be posted approaching the speed humps on both sides of the road. He continued saying that he is not a big fan of them and if we install in one neighborhood other requests will undoubtedly follow. It is agreed that the Chief and Director Goulet discuss and put together a process for consideration for methods of traffic calming in the Gun Hill Road area to be submitted in writing; then come before the Selectmen for discussion. BALLOT QUESTION Discussion ensued regarding administration advocating for the June 5 Town Election, Affordable Housing Trust Fund. Only information may be advertised as no tax monies may be used to advocate. Mr. Sullivan noted that the state does not allow any dollar amount to be included in a debt exclusion ballot question. VETERANS' SERVICE AGENT Mr. Sullivan remarked that as we know Ron Griffin is retiring at the end of June. The number of veteran cases that he handles has been in decline and three are only three at the moment. The state regulation reads that any city or town with a population of 12,000 or more must have a fulltime agent. Through the past years the state has been lenient with us having Ron part time, however now they may come down on us to be in compliance. Sullivan continued saying that he has contacted neighboring Towns to no avail. Dover, Sherborn, Millis and Norfolk populations are lower. There are several regulations that come into play; in order to form a district-- the towns must be contiguous; the service officer must be a veteran; cannot hold any other fulltime position. Town Administrator will continue to work to find a solution. May 4, 2017 Page three MEDFIELD ON THE CHARLES CAR SHOW, STATE HOSPITAL SITE Selectman Peterson remarked that as the car show turns a large profit he wants to increase the $2,000.00 fee that Mr. Harris will pay. This is the same contract as last year with a rain date included. As the event will occur in about six weeks it is too late to raise the fee. It was noted that a car show held at the Endicott Estate in Dedham carries a $2,500 fee. Medfield may take a different approach next year. On a motion made and seconded it was voted unanimously to approve the License Agreement for the June 25, 2017 car show, Charles Harris Licensee and further voted to authorize Chairman Peterson execute the contract ACCESS ROAD AT HOSPITAL SITE Bill Massaro addressed this issue as Steve Nolan, Chair of the MSHMPC had a previous commitment. Mr. Massaro explained that DCAMM requested that Medfield Conservation Commission be engaged in the topic of using an alternative location on Parcel A-2. ConCom has concluded that this alternative layout is not subject to the Wetlands Protection Bylaw. Steve Nolan has written a letter to DCAMM noting that as the Conservation Commission is no longer in play, a new route will established for the public to have access to the overlook and the boat launch. It should also have no impact on the core campus (as a development for the hospital property has not been finalized). It was suggested to DCAMM to contact John Thompson to work with their staff as he is very familiar with the alternative layout. It was noted that beginning May 5 there will be no access to the property at the main gate (where trailers are parked). Vehicles will enter at the Stone entrance. COMMUNICATION POLICIES Mr. Murby requested that this topic be placed on the agenda so that he may have a better understanding of how to communicate with residents as he wants to be certain Selectmen are complying with the Open Meeting Law. Mr. Murby is of the opinion that if a communication is sent to all three Selectmen the subject should be discussed at a meeting so that each member has the opportunity to give his opinion. A lengthy discussion took place and hopefully in the near future an understanding of how to better communicate regarding questions from the public will be developed for the Selectmen. PENDING ITEMS / FIRE CHIEF SELECTION COMMITIEE; .DWIGHT-DERBY HOUSE The Selectmen agreed that May 11 is the cutoff date for letters of interest; send to Kristine Trierweiler and Evelyn Clarke. Friends of the Dwight Derby house request a date revision for the one-day wine and malt beverage permit from May 6 to May 20 for the New n'Towne event and it was so voted. May 4, 2017 Page four LICENSES AND PERMITS (CONSENT AGENDA) Granted as noted by the Chair: Friends of the Library granted a one-day wine permit for May 30 event and permission granted to post signs announcing the event Gazebo Players of Medfield granted permission to post signs two weeks prior to their performance of the Merchant of Venice at new location, Rocky Woods Memorial Day Committee granted a parade permit and a discharge of firearms permit for Monday May 29, 2017 Zullo Gallery Art Festival Committee granted permission to post signs for two weeks prior to June 10 event TOWN ADMINISTRATOR UPDATE Senator Timilty announced his resignation. Date of Special State Primary is September 19 and State Election will take place October 17, 2017 Mr. Sullivan remarked that Planning Board member Wright Dickinson resigned from the Board. Wright joined the Board in 2000. It is necessary for the Selectmen and Planning Board to hold a special election. Planning Board recommends appointment of associate member Greg Sullivan. Water and Sewer April 2017 billing commitment is $1,218,852.81; $1,700 more than April 2016 SELECTMEN'S REPORTS Mr. Marcucci had no report; he and his family have just returned from a trip to Italy. Mr. Murby attended the reception at the Zullo Gallery organized by the Dale Street neighbors as a thank you for all the efforts of so many Medfield people regarding the Dale Street housing development. It was a very nice reception. He noted that Selectmen Peterson and Marcucci were recognized by the group for playing an important role. Selectman Murby was invited to a Lions Club dinner, which he thoroughly enjoyed. Mr. Peterson remarked that he had conversation with Housing Authority member Brent Nelson regarding adding 40 units to Tilden Village; happy to report they are moving forward with the plan. He attended a forum organized by MCPE; speaker was Dr. Ruth Polte who talked about addiction issues and added that she is a remarkable speaker. ADJOURNMENT On a motion made by Selectmen Marcucci to adjourn at 9:15 PM, seconded by Selectman Murby the motion carried. Board of Selectmen Meeting Minutes 7:00 p.m., May 23, 2017 Selectmen's Meeting Room, Medfield Town Hall Present: Selectman Peterson, Selectman Murby, Town Administrator Sullivan Chairman Peterson called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. He announced that the meeting was being recorded. He then asked for moment of appreciation for our Troops serving in the Middle East and around the world. He also announced that Norfolk County Mosquito Control District would begin ULV aerosol applications between sunset and midnight on Mondays through Thursdays from May 30th through September 29th. Action Items On a motion by Selectman Murby, seconded by Selectman Peterson, the Board voted unanimously to authorize the Town Administrator to sign the Chapter 90 Standard Contract forms for the repairs of the Philip Street Bridge in the amount of $95,500. Funds are to be provided by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts through the Municipal Small Bridge Program. Town Administrator Sullivan asked that action on the Chapter 90 Project Request for chip seal application to various roads in Town, estimated to cost $400,000 be tabled until the June 6th Board Meeting so that the Director of Public Works could attend and make a presentation to the Board on his proposed program for use of Chapter 90 Highway Funds. The Board on a motion by Selectman Murby, seconded by Selectman Peterson, voted to table this item. Licenses and Permits On successive motions by Selectman Murby seconded by Selectman Peterson, the Board voted to grant a one-day alcohol permit to Charles Harris, organizer of the June 25' 2017 Antique Car Sioiow at the former state hospital site; to grant permission to the organizers of the

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