Route 109 repaving

Route 109 Repaving

Chief Meaney provided the explanation below to Colleen Sullivan in response to her query today about the details of the Rte. 109 road work that starts next week.  Look for Colleen’s more complete story on Patch.




Maurice Goulet of the DPW is away this week but I will give you my understanding of the project. I attended a pre construction meeting on July 24 and these are the highlights:


The work is currently scheduled to begin next week as the signs indicate.


The area of Route 109 affected will be the center of Medfield as well as a short distance east of the intersection with South Street and west of the intersection with Route 27.


The work will involve grinding the surface of Route 109 down two inches. There may be some leveling of the roadway done at this point.


Any structures in the roadway that need to be leveled or repaired will also be done at this point.


The roadway will then be repaved to the same level.


The part of the project most disruptive to traffic (grinding and paving) will be done at night.


As part of the grinding process, the loop detectors, which assist in controlling the traffic lights during non-peak traffic times, will be replaced. This will mean that for a few days the traffic lights will be on an automatic cycle. You will likely only notice this late at night. Normally, when you approach the lights at night or during light traffic periods, the loop detector would realize there is a vehicle there and the lights will change to provide a green light to the motorist. While the lights are on the automatic cycle, this does not happen, so people will wait a short time longer during the overnights.


There will be some work done during the day but this will be less of a disruption to traffic.


Once started, the project should be done in a couple of weeks.


Mike Sullivan is also willing to discuss the project with you and Maurice Goulet will be back on Monday.


Hope this helps…..Bob


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