The Junior-B

The 40B on Dale Street is back, this time with a total of 95 units instead of 200, consisting of:

  • 25 townhouse condos on the cemetery side with access from Dale Street, and
  • 70 units on the other side of Rte 27, comprised of 50 units in an apartment building and the other 20 in townhouses, all with access via Rte 27.

Per Mike Sullivan the cemetery side are condos and the other side are rentals –  although it does not make sense to me that townhouses on one side would be ownership and rental on the other side, so I will follow up on that.  See this link for the full plans 20170405-Medfield Meadows-2-plans  Mike reports that the town department heads opined to the developers when they met last week that the design was “too modern looking.”

20170405-Medfield Meadows-2-pictures-220170405-Medfield Meadows-2-pictures

3 responses to “The Junior-B

  1. Kar Osullivan

    Was there a new application for Medfield Meadows 2? The first application had innacuracies, I would like to see if the second application does too. Could the building department or someone else publicly post the application? Thank you.


    • Selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson

      I think that all the town has at this point is the plans I posted. I do not think that there has been an application yet to the ZBA


  2. Kar Osullivan

    Thank you so much for your quick reply Mr. Peterson.


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