BoS meeting policies

BoS Meeting Policies

On April 4 the selectmen adopted the agenda and meeting policies that follow, which require submission of agenda items by Thursdays at 3PM before the Tuesday meetings.

The only change from this draft, to what was adopted, was to charge the Board of Selectmen chair with making the determinations about whether to include any late “emergency” submissions.

MICHAEL J, SULLIVAN Town Administrator TOWN OF MEDFIELD Office of BOARD OF SELECTMEN TOWN HOUSE, 459 MAIN STREET MEDFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS 02052-0315 Board of Selectmen Agenda Policy (508) 359-8505 1. Agendas shall close at 3PM on Thursday prior to a scheduled Tuesday night meeting. For meetings scheduled on other days, the agenda will close at 3pm on the third business day prior to the meeting. de lable electronical members b ose of bu 1 e riday before sch , · led meeting. Age , be posted in accordance with the Open Meeting Law and to the Town website. 4. Citizens who wish to speak during the Citizen Comment portion of the meeting shall sign in when they arrive. When, whether, and for how long the matter will be taken up during that meeting is within the Chair's discretion. In the discretion of the Board, the matter may be deferred to a future meeting. Citizen comments directed to a specific agenda item generally will be taken up during the time allotted to that item. 5. While any citizen may appear and be heard during the Citizen Comment portion of the meeting, any citizen who wishes to raise a concern specific to a Town Department shall notify the Assistant to the Town Administrator by 3pm on the third business day prior to a Board of Selectmen meeting (Thursday for a Tuesday meeting) to give a representative of that department an opportunity to appear. 6. Agenda to generally include the following: A. Call to Order B. Disclosure of AudioNideo Recording C. Announcements D. Appointments/Public Hearings E. Citizen Comment F. Action Items G. Pending Items H. Licenses and Permits a. Consent Agenda I. Correspondence J. Town Administrator Update K. Selectmen's Reports20170404-agenda policy_Page_2

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