MFi Youth Volunteer of the Year


Lily Doctoroff

2017 Medfield Foundation Youth Volunteer of the Year

Lily was nominated by Beth Sancher, her Mentor/Adviser at Medfield High School, who submitted the following nomination:

Lily Doctoroff will change the world without any pomp or circumstance.

I first met Lily when she was in 3rd grade. And from that moment I knew she was a force to be reckoned with. Lily, at a young age, possessed a quiet confidence rarely found in adults, let alone in a child and to this day carries herself in such a manner.

Lily has performed more service for others than most adults I know. While many volunteer in a desultory fashion  in order to “pad up” a resume, Lily does not.  She’d actually  be repulsed by the idea.

Let me tell you why Lily Doctoroff is the ideal candidate for Medfield Youth Volunteer of the Year.

Since 5th grade Lily has given back to her community through her volunteer efforts with the Vine Lake Cemetery Restoration Committee. As part of her service she has cleaned gravestones, helped maintain the grounds, and participated in large-scale clean-up events.

At the age of fourteen, Lily organized the “Bigger than Bullying” initiative created to combat bullying and its impact on the community, and to raise money for several anti-bullying organizations. She designed this program to increase awareness and empower middle school students to fight back against bullying. The program was so successful that it was incorporated by the Ben Speaks Foundation, a prominent local anti-suicide and bullying organization.

For the past two years Lily has been an intern and a member of the Medfield State Hospital Planning Committee. In her volunteer role she is responsible for the meeting minutes, writing a weekly newsletter, and she also wrote articles for the town newspaper.  As a member of the Communications Sub-Committee, Lily has worked with town officials on the use of social and traditional media to maintain dialogue on the ongoing work of the committee between town and residents.

This past year, Lily has added one more act of service to her large repertoire and has volunteered at New Life Home Refurnishing. New Life Home is a local non-profit organization dedicated to collecting and refurbishing furniture to supply individuals and families in need with furniture when they find new homes after overcoming difficult situations. Lily has personally refurbished over 25 kitchen sets over the course of a three month period.

Lily’s volunteer efforts are also demonstrated in her school-life.

As a 9th grader, Lily decided that Medfield High School needed a Gender Equality Club and sought out an advisor and a space to hold the meetings. The club was founded with the intention of promoting awareness of gender and sexuality in society and provide a forum for political discussions within the school and larger community. As the president of the club, Lily partnered with the Medfield Gay Straight Alliance to fundraise for LGBT homeless youth.

Lily is also the president of the Medfield High School Chapter of the National Honor Society. In her role as President this year Lily has led multiple fundraisers such as selling candy bars in order to raise money for the senior scholarships. Not only is she president of the NHS, but Lily is an active member of the National Art Honor Society and the Chinese National Honor Society. As a member of the Chinese NHS, Lily has helped to host programs and events that promote Chinese culture nights for the public.

Moving beyond the Medfield domain, since 2010 Lily has visited the Medway House Family Shelter  to provide childcare and organize activities for children aged between 6 months and 13 years. Lily’s biggest contribution, however, was when she organized a fundraiser where she collected supplies for families during their transitions.

Lily’s volunteer efforts in the Medfield community not only directly affects the lives of  those she serves, but she is an inspiration to all.  As a mother of two young girls, I can only hope my daughters will give of themselves so diligently and selflessly.


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