Union support for Chief

The following letter was received today –

Medfield Permanent Firefighters Association Local: 4478 114 North Street • Medfield, MA 02052 Phone: 508-359-2323 Fax: 508-359-2212 On behalf of the Medfield Permanent Firefighters Local 4478, we would like to officially show support for Chief Kingsbury's proposal to bring the departments Emergency Medical Services to the Advanced Life Support (ALS) level. After the sudden loss of our regional ALS support and the expenses which accompany it, the clear choice is for our own department to provide this service. In doing so, we would have the potential to increasing our revenue stream. Plea se note, while the town doesn't provide EMS for the purpose of income, it will help offset the cost to the tax payers. Working at the ALS level will provide the town with the highest standard of care and quickest response to all medica l emergencies. As an added bonus, this will also bolster the fire department staffing to work alongside the call department. This step will ultimately provide the town with the level of service that it deserves for the foreseeable future. Respectfully, #/0/#~ Mike Harman President Medfield Permanent Firefighters Local 4478


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