Warrant articles for ATM (to date)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10 11 12 13 14 15 DRAFT 2017 Annual Town Meeting Warrant Articles Town Election of Town Officers (Operating Override ?) Accept Town Reports Reimburse Stabilization Fund for Ambulance Loan ($70,000) Appropriate additional funds to FYl 7 Reserve Fund? (for current year but only if necessary) Adopt by-law to regulate Revolving Funds & Authorize Amount (G.L. Chapter 44, Section 53El/2) Fire Alarm Revolving Fund ($32,000.) Ambulance Revolving Fund ($70,000) (Amount to reimburse Stabilization Fund for loan to purchase ambulance) Advance Life Support Revolving Fund ($75,000.) (may change depending upon resolution of ALS service) Community Gardens Revolving Fund (Town Administrator) ($1,500.) Building Maintenance Income Revolving Fund (Council on Aging $30,000) Library Revolving Fund ($5,000) Respite Care Revolving Fund (Council on Aging) ($125,000) Transfer Station & recycling SW AP Area Fund ($10,000) Authorize deferral of water and/or sewer betterment assessments Adopt dog regulations (Hospital, Cemetery, Wheelock School, other sites???) Bylaw re Water Dept. access to water service and water meter (See Franklin bylaw) Authorize Board of Selectmen to lease space on Hospital water tower for Wireless Communications Facility Fix salary and compensation of Elected Officials Amend Personnel Administration Plan-Classification of Positions & Pay Schedule. Add funds for Beaver trapping and dam removal to Operating Budget?? Where? Operating Budgets (for now see tax levy sheet) $ Capital Budget ($400K from tax levy?) By-law to regulate private wells??? (water ban) DRAFT 16 Street acceptance for portions of Erik Rd & Quarry Rd (fourth time) 17 Appropriate funds for Maintenance of State Hospital Property 18 Create Revolving fund for MSH (was set up as stabilization and should be revolving) 19 Appropriate funds for State Hospital Consultants 20 Appropriate funds for Design (and Construction) of Iron/Manganese Treatment Facility (Water enterprise) (authorize bonding?) 21 Authorize the Board of Selectmen and/or Affordable Housing Trust to lease/dispose of Lot 7 for senior housing. 22 Appropriate funds to the OPEB Trust (should we put in insurance budget?) 23 Appropriate to Sewer Betterment Paid in Advance to Sewer Betterment Stabilization Fund (Town Administrator) 24 Appropriate to Sewer Betterment Paid in Advance to Sewer Betterment Stabilization Fund (Town Administrator) 25 Appropriate Funds for Phase II Parking Study (EDC/Downtown) 26 Appropriate Funds to prepare Master Plan (Master Plan Committee/Board of Selectmen) 27 Appropriate funds for Downtown Improvements (portion of local meals tax receipts) 28 Accept portion ofVinald Road from Cottage Street to Mitchell St as a right-of-way 29 Appropriate funds and authorize bonds for Park & Recreation Facility including project manager & architect 30 Vote to increase amount of tax work-off program to $1,000 (Council on Aging) (increases amount of overlay) 31 Supplement each prior vote Authorizing borrowing to pay costs of capital projects (Treasurer/Collector) 32 Amend Zoning Bylaw (Planning Board) 33 To mitigate impact oflarge single, two and multi-family dwellings (at least 11 amendments) 34 To provide for inclusionary zoning 35 Amend Code of Medfield Regulations by adding a new section establishing the Medfield Affordable Housing Trust DRAFT 36 Amend the Table of Area Regulations for Retail sales of recreational marijuana 37 Amend Code of Medfield Regulations by adding a new section regulating and/or taxing recreational marijuana 38 Vote to name the bridge crossing Mill Brook at Elm Street the "Colonel Douglas C. MacKeachie Bridge 39 Rail Trail Study Committee 40 Authorize Board of Assessors to use Free Cash to reduce tax rate20170113-ms-warrant-articles-for-town-meeting-draft_page_220170113-ms-warrant-articles-for-town-meeting-draft_page_3


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