W&S rates 30% below MWRA


Medfield is fortunate to have Jeremy Marsette on its Water and Sewer Board, since in his day job Jeremy runs the Natick DPW.  Jeremy sent along the following information that compares water and sewer rates from around greater Boston –

Hello all,

The annual survey of Water and Sewer Retail Rates performed by the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority Advisory Board was just published.  They included Medfield as one of the communities surveyed.  Attached are several pages of note from the survey.


Based on an AWWA standard for historical usage of 120 HCF of annual water consumption the average combined water and sewer bill for all MWRA serviced communities was found to be $1,524.84 for the calendar year 2016.  For comparison, a bill from Medfield for the same usage was found to be $1,073.48.  This represents that Medfield’s rate structure for combined water and sewer usage is 30% less than the average of all 60 MWRA serviced communities.


The major difference in costs is on the sewer side of the bill.  The MWWTP is the key contribution in making Medfield’s sewer costs much lower than the costs seen by MWRA communities.


On average MWRA communities increased water/sewer rates by 3.4% from 2015 to 2016.  Medfield increased rates by 2.4%, based on the survey’s calculations.


I have copies of the full rate survey, and it is also available on the MWRA Advisory Board’s website at http://www.mwraadvisoryboard.com . Please feel free to forward this information.


Thank you,





Jeremy Marsette, PE

Director of Public Works

Town of Natick



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