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DRAFT Minutes:  Medfield Energy Committee: November 10, 2016 at Town Hall

Attendees: Fred Bunger, Pete Peterson, Paul Fechtelkotter, Marie Nolan, Jerry  McCarty, Maciej Konieczny, Cynthia Greene and Axum Tefara by phone

  1. October 13 meeting minutes   The committee also met on October 27 to go over the Green Communities Table 4, but minutes were not recorded.
  2. Green Communities (GC). Mike Sullivan sent the GC package that included a letter of introduction, the plan, table 4 and a link to all of the audits to the Board of Selectman (BOS) and the School Committee (SC) on 11/7.  Fred made a change to Table 4 removing the $500K for the boiler and replacing it with a zero as the boiler installment has already been done.  This reduces the cost of the entire plan from $1.7 M to $1.2 M.  Fred’s letter with the package asked that both organizations contact him with any questions.  He has not had any inquiries yet.  At both meetings Fred will explain that the dates in Table 4 can be changed.


Axum has sent the draft energy package to Kelly Brown for her review, but she does not expect that Kelly will have comments before the BOS and SC meetings.  She does not expect substantive comments from Kelly.  Axum will need at least an hour to upload the remaining documents from Medfield so that she can complete the package by 5 pm on 11/21.


Axum can attend both the BOS and SC meetings.


Once the Green Communities package is accepted by DOER, the designation event will be held with Secretary Beaton in January.  He will hand out the big checks at that meeting.  Medfield will then determine which projects we want to fund with the $148K designation grant in the first year and submit that project list by February or March.   DOER will review and approve the projects and Medfield will receive the funds in March or April.  Medfield can apply for subsequent competitive grants of up to $250K each year after we submit an annual report and show how we have spent the previous year’s funds.


Next Steps:

  • 11/14 School Committee meeting. The meeting may be postponed to 11/21 as the notice for the meeting was not put out in time to meet open meeting law requirements.  This could be a problem as the package submittal is due by 5 pm on 11/21.


  • Fred Bunger has sent a note to Kelly Brown explaining the situation and asking if we can have an extension on the submittal time for the letter from the school committee.
  • Fred will also see if the School Committee is willing to have a special meeting to consider the GC package before the 11/21 meeting.
  • Fred will notify the MEC members if the meeting is on for 11/14 so that some can attend with him.
  • Fred will contact both the BOS and SC to see if they have any questions on the package.


  • 11/15 Board of Selectman meeting. Several members will attend with Fred.
  • Remaining items to be submitted:
  • Criteria 1 and 2 information – DONE – Sent in by Sarah Raposa
  • Letter from Mark Cerel saying that an expedited permit can be done within one year. This letter was drafted in 2014, but never finalized.  Marie supplied the draft letter.

ACTION: Fred will ask Mike Sullivan to get Mark’s signature on the letter so it can be submitted.

  • Criteria 4 on fuel efficient vehicles. We need to complete the inventory.  For the older vehicles, we can leave the mileage blank as it may be difficult to determine the miles per gallon for some of them and we can just list how the vehicle is used.

ACTION:  Maurice and Andrew are working on this.


We discussed Table 4 and the start dates for projects.  Jerry said that from his experience in Weston, we can change the dates in the Table when we send in the package for the $148K designation grant.    We may want to do the EMS retro-commissioning in 2017 as it has a longer payback.  Jerry explained that the biggest problem for Weston was the plug load in the schools as more and more electronics are being used.


The plan also contains long term goals that include maximizing energy efficiency in the town buildings, adopting a certifiable green building standard, a routine demand response program and purchasing fuel efficient vehicles.  The plan includes setting aside funds for a town energy manger.


  1. Solarize Medfield will end on November 30, 2017.  Marketing has included Medfield TV, dinner meetings with Memo and the Lions and handing out leaflets at Chowder fest.  New England Clean Energy has had 185 contacts, 133 desk analyses, 53 site assessments (only one was not feasible), and 52 homes received proposals.   Of those, 14 will not being going forward and 13 systems have signed up for a total of 124 kW totals.  The goal of the project was to double the number of homes with solar which would have been 30 additional properties.  Fred Bunger reported that he had an assessment and that it was professionally done, but that he will not be able to install as his condo association will not allow solar.

Maciej explained that the SREC program will be changing to a 15 year tariff system after 1/8/17.  Those systems that are installed before 1/8/16 will still receive the SREC 2 for 10 years.  Marie will contact MA CEC for more information on this change.

Several members have noticed that the Veterinarian’s office on Rte. 27 has removed their solar panels.   Marie will call to find out why as she said the owner was happy with the panels.

  1. Public Safety Building – The solar panels have been delivered and they should be installed next week.


  1. DPW Garage Solar – We will need to redo the economics for this project because of the change to a solar tariff system. We should look to put a bid out in January.
  2. Capitol review – Jerry is doing a capital review of the town’s buildings for the BOS and the SC to determine what projects should be put in the capital plan. He will coordinate with the Energy Committee.   He is interested in having all of the EMS report to a central location.


  1. MEI – After we get through the GC submittal, we will have a discussion of the MEI results for the town’s buildings.


  1. Next meeting December 14, 7:30 pm at the DPW garage.

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 pm


Respectfully submitted by Cynthia Greene


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