Town letter to MassHousing

This is the final version of the Town of Medfield’s letter submitted to MassHousing this afternoon on the Mega-B:



2 responses to “Town letter to MassHousing

  1. An extraordinarily thoughtful and comprehensive response. If it achieves its purpose, I propose making Mark’s birthday a town holiday.


  2. Selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson


    Thanks for your input.

    Please know that the letter was assembled by Town Planner, Sarah Raposa from input by many parties, but not much, if any from any selectmen of which I am aware. The one selectmen input I witnessed was Mike Marcucci’s suggestion that the section on background properly be moved from the end to near the beginning.

    So it should be Sarah’s birthday that becomes a town holiday.

    Also, look for the Dale Street neighbors’ letter to MassHousing, which is even more detailed – it has an almost 200 page appendix.


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