Hospital Road 40B

I received the following this morning from Mike Sullivan that relates to the Larkins’ 40B on Hospital Road –

November 8, 2016 Ms. Leslee A. Willitts Conservation Agent Conservation Commission Town of Medfield 459 Main Street Medfield, MA 02053 Re: Larkin Property – Hospital Road Medfield, Massachusetts Dear Ms. Willitts: Design Consultants Inc. (DCI), on behalf of the Town of Medfield (Town), attended a meeting on behalf and performed a site visit. The purpose of the meeting and site visit was to review the activities on site. Based on observations by the Town, earthwork activities have begun on site. Although the property owners have applied for a 40B Comprehensive Permit, the permit has not been issued. As the work is in preparation for a site development, a Stormwater Permit is required from the Board of Health, and the property owner has not meet the requirements of the US EPA’s Construction General Permit (CGP). As a result of the meeting and site visit, it was determined that the demolition of existing buildings have been performed (with a building permit), trees have been removed and a significant amount of grubbing has been completed. This has resulted in exposed soils and dragged soil onto Hospital Road. As a result it is recommended that: 1. A Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) be prepared under the CGP and a Notice of Intent filed with US EPA. Additional work should not be permitted until the SWPPP is completed and the US EPA issues it approval. 2. The site should be stabilized. Silt fence has been installed backwards and needs to be removed and reinstalled. Exposed soils need to be stabilized. A stabilized construction entrance is required. Hospital Road should be swept. 3. There should be no parking of vehicles in the Town’s right-of-way 4. DCI recommends that the property owner’s retain the services of a professional engineer to develop a stormwater pollution prevention plan, visit the site and prepare a report on what activities need to be completed to stabilize the site, and provide certification once the work is completed. 5. No additional work shall be completed until the property owner receives the applicable permits. 6. No additional work should be completed until a Stormwater Permit is obtained from the Board of Health. Town of Medfield February 2, 2016 Page 2 DESIGN CONSULTANTS INC We trust that the content so this letters satisfies your current needs. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at (617) 776-3350 x 323 or Sincerely Design Consultants Inc. Michael F. Clark, P.E. Associate Cc: Board of Health Planning Board Zoning Board of Appeals John Naff, Director, Building Department Michael Larkin, Esq. F:PROJECTS2016 PROJECTS2016-XXX HOSPITAL ROAD MEDFIELD MATO L WILLITTS 11 08 2016.DOCX20161108-dci-ltr_page_2


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