MFi Legacy Fund kickoff

Nice article in the Medfield Press (and a much better photo than I got from the back)-



Residents celebrate launch of Foundation Legacy Fund

Over 50 Medfield residents gathered to celebrate the launch of the Medfield Foundation Legacy Fund on Oct. 25.The program for the evening featured Town Historian Richard DeSorgher, who provided a history of community philanthropy in Medfield. DeSorgher described how Medfield residents have, since the 17th century, given themselves and their resources to make Medfield the community it is today.

The Medfield Foundation Legacy Fund is a new initiative in partnership with the Foundation for MetroWest that offers individuals, families, civic groups and businesses of Medfield the opportunity to contribute to the community. The Foundation for MetroWest, located in South Natick, is a community foundation serving 33 cities and towns in the area, including Medfield since 1995. In addition to its programs for regional grantmaking and philanthropy education, the foundation provides a Town Fund program, specifically developed to provide the resources and support for establishing funds dedicated to particular towns.

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