MEC on 10/13


Minutes:  Medfield Energy Committee: October 13, 2016 at Town DPW Building
Attendees: Fred Bunger, Lee Alinsky, Pete Peterson, Paul Fechtelkotter, Cynthia Greene

1.    September 8 energy committee minutes accepted.

2.    Next steps on Green Communities.  Paul reported that all the schools, town hall and library audits are done and Sam Nutter is working on completing the reports.  Paul will call Sam on 10/4/16 to check on the status of the reports.  The Pfaff Center is still to be done.  The Dale Street School was audited a year ago and Sam will work with that information.  There is a question if the auditors went back to the Council on Aging.
•    Sam will use FY 15 as a baseline and we will be able to take credit for some of the LED change outs that have happened at the Library already.
•    There are 23 thermostats at the library and Columbia gas will not give incentives to swap them out as they are programmable, but it might make sense to replace them anyway as the current set up is not energy efficient.
•    Axum Teferra at MAPC asked for the narrative reports and the spreadsheets by building and projects be submitted to her by October 14.  There is a call with Axum on 10-18 at 11 am.
•    On Oct 21 a letter from the town approving the energy reduction plan is needed.   Fred Bunger will work on this.  The school’s energy reduction plan needs to be approved by the Superintendent.  The rest of the plan needs to be approved by the Board of Selectmen.  Meeting with the Board is scheduled for 11/15/16.
•    Reports still to be done:  The DPW building, diesel and gasoline, wastewater treatment plant and drinking water.  Maurice Goulet to follow-up.  Any reduction in water pumping costs due to the new water tower should be included as an energy improvement project.
•    The new Public Safety Building energy efficiency vs the old buildings is to be calculated.  Andrew and Axum to follow-up.
•    There are no big projects that will get us to the 20% and so we expect there will be lots of little projects.  We will have to determine the timing of the projects.  Fred Bunger suggested we use the funds from the initial grant to replace the energy management systems at the schools and then do the higher ROI projects later and solicit additional grant funds to cover them.

3.    Garage Solar. Green Skies did not meet the DCAM certification so the garage solar will be rebid.

4.    Solarize Medfield.  We are in Tier 3 with 75 kilowatts signed up.

5.    LED streetlight maintenance. Fred Davis has made contact, but has not received responses.

6.    Public Safety Building.  The solar system will be on line the end of November and so will make the 1/8/17 deadline for SRECs.

7.    Meeting adjourned at 8:10

Next meetings –October 27 to go over Green Communities submissions and November 10, regular monthly meeting.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Cynthia Greene


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