New 200 unit 40B


Yikes!  The newly proposed 40B  on both sides of Rte. 27 at Dale Street is 200 rental units, in buildings 3-5 stories tall – this from Sarah Raposa after her meeting this morning with the developers.  Click here for the plans

Planning Board and Board of Selectmen members –

I met with the development team for the proposed 40B at Dale St/Rt 27 this morning. The developers also did Leland Farm in Sherborn. Attached please find the plans for a 200 unit rental project. As proposed:
  • 25% affordable and 75% market rate
  • Two buildings
    • Building 1 – 110 units would be located at 39/41 Dale Street (3.285 ac)
    • Building 2 – 90 Units would be located at 49 Dale Street (2.957 ac)
  • 3-5 stories with underground and surface parking
  • Building 1 access/egress from North Meadows & Dale, with additional egress on North Meadows (plus two pedestrian connections to John Crowder and Joseph Pace)
  • Building 2 access/egress from Dale St
Obviously this density is shocking and there is a lot to review. I will be setting up a meeting with town departments for September so everyone has an opportunity to review and provide early comments on this. I’ll keep you posted.

Sarah Raposa, AICP

Town Planner


10 responses to “New 200 unit 40B

  1. Robert J Ingram

    Is it time to look at MSH Master Plan as available location with some town control over 40b development? These will keep coming if the town does not act..


    • Selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson

      My plan was always to include a lot of affordable hosing at the Medfield State Hospital to get to our 10% levels. I also wanted to spread it around town at any sites we could make work. Ironically, however, this 40B is so large and because it is a rental we would get credit for 100% of the units, with the result that this development would put us over the 10% affordable level. I figure that we are about 175 units short of the 10% level, when one figures in that the new units built add to the housing stock denominator.


  2. This is HORRIFYING!!!


  3. One side of the road is wetland


  4. This scale is insane and out of character for the town. How can we ensure this isn’t built?


  5. This project changes Medfields small town look forever.
    I thought we purchased Hospital grounds for this very thing along with senior living facilities.
    I thought the place for these projects was at the state hospital to meet these needs.


  6. That is going to change the town for the worse . Those buildings should be at hospital property. Not to mention they are way to large for the area. Guess I’m moving out of town. There goes the neighborhood… GREED


  7. The density of this proposal is insane!


  8. Colleen Sullivan

    Pete, I believe I read somewhere in your blog the names of the people selling these parcels (both sides of Rt 27) to the developer….could you post that information again, please?


  9. Pete, we need your help to prevent this project from happening.


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