Tower’s penultimate stand

More of Bill Massaro’s saga of the old water tower’s demise.

Bill told me last night that, thanks to his diplomatic skills, that the town can have a piece of the old tower cut to order, if we have a use for it.  I thought it would make an interesting base for a sign, for something, somewhere.

Does anyone has any ideas for what the town could do with a really heavy 10-12 feet tall curved piece of steel?

20160808-MSH-water tower-demo-day 5.jpg


Day 5 finished with approximately 4 tiers of  plate remaining.


As of  7:00 p.m. today  approximately 2.5 full  tiers remain.


High tier cutting requiring the crane is complete.  Remaining tiers will be reached from ground level and work should go faster.


With repair of the bobcat  completed at 12:00,  removal and stacking of the previously cut material was restarted.


Don’t have new completion date, but will try to have one for next report..




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