Bill saves a piece

Bill Massaro salvaged a piece of the former Medfield State Hospital water tower for posterity.  We were told that those rivets that held together the old water tower were the reason that it had to be replaced, because they could not withstand any more sandblasting – that and the fact that the tank was 19′ below the level of the Mt. Nebo water tower, which made for problems within the system – both combined to make the new tank the proper, albeit expensive, solution.

20160807-MSH-water tower piece.jpg

My Day 5 Tower Demo report will be out later today.


In the meantime I thought Medfield Historic might like a piece of the old  tower.


I have a video of a vertical slice being cut this afternoon and a video of it coming down.  The foto of the cutting will be in today’s report, but at  17 MB  the video  is too big for your home e-mails.


When I have time I will have to try to pare it down, as well as others I have taken, but for now, see below for foto of the piece of that slice the demo guys cut off for me for the Town.




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