BoS 7/19

TOWN OF MEDFIELD MEETING NOTICE I POSTED: rowN OF MEOflELO. MASS. 2Dlh JUL rs • P 12: lrt POSTED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROVISIONS OF M.G.L. CHAPTER39 SECTION 23A AS AMENDED. OFFICE OF ·THE Board of Selectmen TOWN CLERt< Board or Committee PLACE OF MEETING DAY, DA TE, AND TIME Town Hall, Chenery Meeting Room, 2nct floor Tuesday July 19, 2016@ 7:00 PM AGENDA (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) 7:00 PM School Department update on Wheelock boiler project and field replacement 7:15 PM Dave Maxson, discuss the proposed cell tower to be installed on utility pole near the Subway Shop, Main Street OLD BUSINESS Discuss Selectmen's calendar September through December PENDING Board, Committee, Commission appointments NEW BUSINESS Veteran's Services I discuss Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War and Veterans Home Act, Senate Bill 2325 LICENSES AND PERMITS High School Football team requests permission to hold a car wash behind Town Hall Sunday August 28, 1 l-2PM Girls Varsity Ice Hockey Team requests permission for a car wash behind Town Hall Saturday October 8 Other business that may arise and come before the Board of Selectmen Signature 1- 1£-l EXISTING SECONDARY POWER TO POLE ACROSS STREET PROPOSED 60A FUSED DISCONNECT & SURGE ARRESTOR GROUND LEVEL ELEV.~ O'± (AGL) 180'± (AMSL) 5' -8.5' (AGL) IN ACCORDANCE WITH UTIUTY COMPANY REQUIREMENTS ELEVATION 11x17 SCALE: 1"=5' 22x34 SCALE: 1 "=2.5' LE-2 PROPOSED (1) ANTENNA 15.1"t;!l x 24.2"H PROPOSED 3 FT.± FIBERGLASS POLE-TOP EXTENSION MOUNT L EXISTING SECONDARY POWER TO BUILDING EXISTING COMM WIRES c EXJSTJNG TELCO TO BUILDlNG UU EXISTING CUMBING PEGS 5 (ALTERNATING SIDES) PROPOSED CONDUIT (COAX FROM RRH) PROPOSED CONDUIT (FIBER) PROPOSED (1) 1/2" COAX PROPOSED AC/DC CONVERTER q; MOUNTED BEHIND RRH ~ PROPOSED (1) 70DMHz RRH@ PROPOSED SAR-0 @ MOUNTED BEHIND RRH 4 LE-3 1--EXISTING UTILITY POLE #6X GROUND ROD 2.5 0 - ".J'~t=' 2tg ~ -f-109:: -oC-Jo=> - w 5 = AN ANALYSIS OF THE CAPACITY OF THE EXISTING STRUCTURE TO SUPPORT THE PROPOSED LOADING HAS NOT BEEN COMPLETED BY PROTERRA DESIGN GROUP, lLC. DRAWINGS ARE SUBJECT TD CHANGE PENDING THE OUTCOME OF A STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS. PHOTO DETAIL SCALE' N.T.S. l fA3E EXHIBIT THIS LEASE IS SCHEMATIC IN NATURE AND IS INTENDED TO PROVIDE GENERAL INFORMATION REGARDING THE LOCATION AND SIZE OF THE PROPOSED WIRELESS COMMUNICATION FACILITY. THE SITE LAYOUT WILL BE FINALIZED UPON COMPLETION OF SITE SURVEY AND FACILITY DESIGN. IMAGE SOURCE' PROTERRA 05/07/15 (2 ~ 1- iii :c xw w en


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