Energy use by building


The Medfield Energy Committee is working on crafting a plan to reduce town energy consumption by 20%, in order to qualify as a Green Community (and thereby pick up our $148,000 state DOER grant monies).  As part of that process, the MEC is gathering the data on what buildings and uses use what amounts of energy, and also asking departments for recommendations on how to their reduce usage.

The MEC reports the following current existing energy use by building or use:

Facility (copy) Use (MMBTU) Cumulative MMBTU % of Total
Medfield High  14,030 14030.15 26%
Blake Middle  8,766 22795.707 43%
Dale Street Elementary  5,423 28219.128 53%
Diesel  4,366 32584.979 61%
Memorial Elementary  4,268 36853.056 69%
Wheelock Elementary  3,497 40350.473 75%
Water Pump Stations  3,213 43563.181 81%
Wastewater Treatment Plant  2,959 46522.418 87%
Gasoline  2,952 49474.362 93%
Library  1,003 50477.793 94%
Pfaff Center  905 51382.908 96%
Town Hall  801 52183.684 98%
The Center at Medfield  639 52822.457 99%
Sewer Pump Stations  451 53273.46 99.7%
Transfer Station  107 53380.948 99.9%
Outdoor Parks  53 53434.178 99.95%
Traffic Lights  26 53460.095 100%

3 responses to “Energy use by building

  1. Shawn Collins

    Where is the energy use by the Town Garage?


  2. Shawn Collins

    Didn’t see Town Garage listed. Is that information available?


  3. Selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson

    Shawn, I am not sure why the Garage is not listed. I know from past discussions that its natural gas usage the first year was unusually high and then went down substantially the next year.


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