BoS 5/3

Meeting Minutes May 3, 2016 Chenery Meeting Room draft PRESENT: Selectmen Fisher, Peterson, Marcucci; Town Administrator Sullivan; Assistant Town Administrator Trierweiler; Town Counsel Cerel; Administrative Assistant Clarke Chairman Fisher called the meeting to order at 7:00PM. He announced this meeting is being recorded. Chairman Fisher called for a moment of appreciation for our brave servicemen and servicewomen serving around the world. NEW FOOD ESTABLISHMENT Owner of new business to be known as Cutlets at 14 North Street (formerly Honey's) is present to request a common victualler license. Matthew Cawley remarked that his family operates a cafe in Dedham and he is pleased to be opening his place in Medfield. He plans to have prepared meals, sandwiches and be available for catering. Hopes to be opened June 1; hours planned are 10-8 Monday to Friday; Saturday 9-5. Mr. Cawley mentioned that he was very impressed with the Town Hall staff and their great assistance to him as he went through the permitting process. Chairman Fisher said that we are happy to have you in Medfield. VOTE: Selectman Peterson made a motion to grant a Common Victualler license to Matthew Cawley d/b/a Cutlets at 14 North Street, seconded by Selectman Marcucci. Motion carried SELECTMEN'S CALENDAR The Selectmen reviewed a copy of the draft calendar prepared by Mr. Sullivan. Mr. Peterson advised that Selectmen goals and items from previous calendar be incorporated into the new one. Also former Selectman DeSorgher emailed his list of items to us that were not completed during his term; Mr. Peterson suggests these items be addressed. MEMORIAL DAY PARADE The Memorial Day Committee invites the Selectmen to participate in the May 30 Parade and Ceremony. A parade permit and a discharge of firearms permit are requested. VOTED unanimously to grant a parade permit and a discharge of firearms permit for the May 30, 2016 Memorial Day Parade and Exercises 83 ADAMS STREET Mr. Sullivan explained that the Town has had a long range plan to construct a sidewalk on Adams Street from Dale Street to West Mill Street. A drainage easement is a necessary component of the plan from the resident at 83 Adams Street. This was accomplished and May 3, 2016 Page two it was approved at Town Meeting. Town Counsel requests the Board sign the Town Acceptance document that will be recorded at the registry. VOTED unanimously to sign Town Acceptance document with regard to approved drainage easement at 83 Adams Street 7: 15 PUBLIC HEARING - PERMISSION TO SOLICIT Michael Churchill on behalf of COMCAST Michael Churchill was present. The notice of public hearing was read by Selectman Peterson. Mr. Churchill said that he is requesting permission to go door to door in Medfield to offer the best value packages that COMCAST has available. He remarked that he is a Medfield resident and his job is to hopefully get homeowners interested enough that they consider switching from his competitor. He's requesting three months to canvass. Mr. Fisher stated that canvassing may only occur during daylight hours, no Sundays and you will need to check-in with the Police Department each day to let them know the areas you will be working. VOTE: On a motion made by Selectman Peterson, seconded by Selectman Marcucci to approve Michael Churchill to solicit on behalf of COMCAST according to the terms discussed. Vote was unanimous TREE CI'IY Ms. Trierweiler was happy to report that the Arbor Day Foundation has recognized Medfield as a 2015 Tree City USA. This is the third year in a row that Medfield has received this award. Ms. Trierweiler went on to say that each year she has attended an awards ceremony and the 2016 event will be held at Holy Cross College. LYME DISEASE STUDY COMMITTEE Chairman Chris Kaldy and member Frank Perry are here to present the committee's annual update. Ms. Kaldy said that the committee was formed in 2010. Our committee was appointed to help raise awareness and educate the public to protect against tick bites that may cause Lyme disease. This year we distributed materials to grades one and three reaching out to help them understand the necessity to be cautious when they are outdoors. Also signs have been posted around Medfield's playing fields regarding tick areas. In 2016 we added two new members. This is the fifth year of the deer culling deer program as controlling the deer population helps to prevent Lyme disease. It was another successful year as hunters took down 31 deer. May 3, 2016 Page three Mr. Peterson remarked that the committee has done a tremendous job providing excellent information to help prevent Lyme disease; a tremendous to the Town. The Selectmen applauded their efforts. TRANSFER STATION AND RECYCLING COMMITIEE Members present, Megan Sullivan and Rachel Brown to let the Selectmen know about two new programs at the Transfer Station. Medfield has been awarded a grant from MassDEP to conduct a pilot food waste composting program. The goal of the program is to turn food waste into good nutrient soil and reduce the Town's incineration costs. Residents will bring their food waste to the TS and place it in specific barrels near the windows. Ms. Brown continued that starter kits are available for purchase that includes a 3.5 gallon pail, a kitchen scrap pail and a roll of liners or residents may purchase just the kitchen scrap pail. It is not necessary to make this purchase to participate in the program. You may use your own supply. An agreement has been made with E.O.M.S. Recycling of West Bridgewater who will pick-up and then empty the barrels at their facility on a weekly basis. Ms. Sullivan requests the Selectmen vote to s_ign the agreement and it was so voted. The second new initiative is mattress collections. This project is also funded by a grant from MassDEP. Residents may deposit used mattresses in a container that will be available at the Transfer Station Ms. Sullivan announced that the committee is seeking new members. We currently have six members and may have up to nine. We are interested in having committee members who care about recycling and reducing waste. Interested residents may contact me for additional information. SENIOR HOUSING STUDY COMMITIEE We have received four applications for the committee. The Selectmen encourage additional residents to come forward and agreed to continue discussion about the makeup of the committee at the May 17 meeting. SOLAR ARRAY The House of Representatives has recognized Medfield for its first municipal solar installation. Representative Shawn Dooley attended the April 28 opening day ceremony at the Wastewater Treatment Plant where he presented the citation. Mr. Fisher remarked that it was a nice event. REQUESTS GAS LINE CONNECTION New resident on Cedar Lane requests permission to connect to gas line on Pine Street. As new resident was expected to attend the meeting but did not arrive the Selectmen agreed to table discussion for the next meeting. May 3, 2016 Page four RESIGNATION Council on Aging member Louis Fellini will resign effective May 31, 2016. Mr. Sullivan said that he has been a member for 10+ years and made many contributions to that board. VOTE: Selectman Peterson made a motion, seconded by Selectman Marcucci to accept Council on Aging member Louis Fellini's resignation with deepest regret, effective May 31, 2016 LICENSES AND PERMITS VOTED unanimously to grant the Lowell Mason House Committee a one-day wine and malt beverage permit for their gala event to be held Friday June 3, 2016 at the CENTER SELECTMEN REPORf Mr. Peterson will hold first Friday office hour at the CENTER from 9 - 9:45 AM. He participated in the opening day baseball parade with Selectman Marcucci and his five year old twin boys. It was a nice event. The new concession stand was dedicated to honor Douglas Swain. Mr. Peterson attend the opening of Needham's new rail trail and announced that the Town of Dover passed a warrant article to construct the trail in their town. Attended a meeting with the Larkin Bros. about their proposed development on Hospital Road; state hospital committee is moving forward with discussions about the site; the opening ceremony for the solar array was a nice event with Representative Shawn Dooley attending. HIGH SCHOOL VARSITI BOYS STATE CHAMPIONSHIP ICE HOCKEY TEAM AND COACHES Selectmen Fisher remarked that you are the best Ice Hockey Team in the Commonwealth. The entire town of Medfield is very proud of you and your accomplishment. Athletic Director Eric Scott thanked the Selectmen for recognizing the team, saying they are a great group of athletes. This is Medfield's first ice hockey Division 2 championship. We have had successful teams before and this was a sweet one. Head coach Toby Carlow was introduced who had nothing but praise for the team and the terrific way they handle themselves. It was our proud moment when we scored the winning goal. He thanked Needham Bank for their amazing partnership and is very grateful for the sports jackets the bank has provided for the whole team. Representatives from the bank were Ted Nugent and Marjorie Cappucci who extended congratulations on a job well done. Assistant coaches Tony lafolla and Erik Lindgren were also present. Citations and Town pins were presented to each player who was introduced by Eric Scott; Kevin Walsh, David Corrigan, Mason Giunta, Tom Schofield, Kyle Gately, Ryan Johnson, Mike Foley, Matt Treiber, Cooper Brown, Dylan McNally, John Maclean, Matt Johnson, Mike Walsh, Owen May 3, 2016 Page five Murphy, Steve Christakis, Sean Tyler, Jim Freeman, Nigel Rieff, Ted Seier, Liam Gatley, Nick Wheeler, Jonathan Seibel, Brian Abely, Matt Malvese, Mike Mangiafico. SELECTMEN REPORT cont. M r. Marcucci suggests that a charter for the Town Master Plan Committee be discussed at the next meeting. Mr. Fisher wanted to share his thoughts and observations on the Town Meeting. He feels strongly that the Town works very well together; we came together to vote on important issues; another solar array project, Medfield will now be a green community, the school field and we did balance the budget. There are good initiatives as we move forward. However, he is disappointed with unnecessary negative comments. We are very fortunate to have volunteers who do a lot of work to help make the town a better place; and let's not forget that the Medfield taxpayers continue to do their share to make it a better place. What I am doing is saying thank you. Mr. Peterson said that there is exceedingly much interest in the state hospital project and feels there are many residents who would like to have as much information as possible. It is our responsibility as a board to be sure that happens. Mr. Marcucci feels that it doesn't fall to the Selectmen or Administration; there are many ways for residents to obtain any information they desire if they so choose. INFORMATIONAL Mr. Sullivan mentioned that Medfield will not receive funds to help defray the cost for West Street traffic improvements; we need to develop how we will pay for the Route 109 bridge over the Charles River that ne'eds work. ADJOURNMENT On a motion made by Selectman Peterson at 9:05 PM to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Selectman Marcucci the motion carried.20160503_Page_220160503_Page_320160503_Page_420160503_Page_5


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