MSH/MPC’s public forum

The Medfield State Hospital Master Planning Committee held a public forum on Monday evening to report to residents on their status and to answer questions.

It looked to me that maybe 150 attended.  Medfield.TV filmed the  evening and will be showing it – unfortunately, Medfield.TV cannot broadcast live from the MHS auditorium (that strikes me as something that should get fixed).

20160411_msh public forum-120160411_msh public forum-2

The committee members said they are looking to a special town meeting later this year to get the town’s approval on the scenario they select.  They are looking at scenarios ranging from doing nothing to a market development, and variations in between, with no set alternatives to date.  Committee members Teresa James and Jean Mineo presented a very interesting analysis of the 200+ pages of data from the surveys, where open space and recreation scored high, with housing both scoring high on the positive and negative sides.  The financial costs to we residents are yet to come, and once the committee figures the costs of the options and scenarios, then we residents will get to weigh in on what we will pay for and what we will not.

This is the time for people to make their wishes known, as the options remain wide open now, but will be getting focused down shortly.


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