On being a selectman


Tired this afternoon – home for dinner at 10PM last night, 9:30 PM the night before, and 9:00PM tonight, for meetings respectively of the –

  •  Board of Selectmen
    • Schools seeking approval of application to the Massachusetts School Building Authority to start the process to replace Dale Street School, perhaps with an addition onto the Wheelock School, making Wheelock a grades 2 – 5 school.
    • Met with Liz Sandeman to receive a her donation of a flag and for recognition of Donate Life Month – organ donation promotion.
    • declared a snow emergency.
    • reviewed the warrant articles for the town meeting to assign speakers.
  • Medfield State Hospital Master Planning Committee
    • planning for its 4/11/16 public forum at the MHS auditorium.
  • Medfield Energy Committee
    • update of stretch code article for the town meeting
    • update on the solar installation at the WWTP
    • update of solar at the Public Safety Building and the DPW Garage
  • Met Tuesday morning with the Larkin Brothers about their Hospital Road 40B.
    • Their plans now down to 48-52 units,
    • 75% with first floor master suites,
    • they are continuing to plan to target the empty nesters market (no shared playground for kids).
    • Meeting again in two weeks with them and their architect.
    • Sunday I saw the open house sign out at their North Street, Grove Place development, Michael Larkin toured me through a three bedroom unit there with a first floor master suite.  It had nice details, with both angled and right angle bays, windows of different sizes, and good looking quality in the kitchen and baths.
  • Met this morning with the Medfield Cares About Prevention (MCAP) (www.MedfieldCares.org) leadership team.  Report on the recent member survey, and upcoming Hidden in Plain Sight event to take place at the Natick Mall from 10-2 on May 19 and 5-9 on May 20.  Invited three millennials to join the group.

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