Dog rules on town property???

TTOR  dog-cold-weather-med

At the Board of Selectmen meeting last night I brought up that I had received complaints from a resident who had been subjected to rude and offensive behavior by a professional dog walker while the resident was walking his dog at the Medfield State Hospital property.  So I was suggesting that the town might want to look at instituting some controls, to deal with the professional dog walkers, and the inconsiderate dog owners who do not pick up after their own dogs.

Diane Borrelli was kind enough to email me the links to the The Trustees of the Reservation materials on their Green Dog Program.  The great news is that the The Trustees of the Reservation have already figured out how to handle dog walking.  Their system looks simple – get a trustees membership, each person can have up to 2 dogs if they have 2 leashes, keep the dogs under control, and you pick up after your dog.

Trustees Green Dogs Program

I will suggest that the Medfield State Hospital Building and Grounds Committee and the Medfield Police Chief come up with a workable system for dogs at the Medfield State Hospital, Wheelock, and in the rest of the town, so that the inconsiderate few do not spoil things for others. The Chief tells the selectmen that he does not have a pooper scooper law that he can enforce.



One response to “Dog rules on town property???

  1. Article VII, Section 2, A (6) of the bylaws of the Town of Medfield say that a dog can be impounded for repeatedly causing a nuisance. Defecating on the sidewalk is one of the examples mentioned, but the nuisance behavior is “not limited to” the examples mentioned. Section 4 of that article indicates fines for any Section 1 and Section 2 penalties.

    I don’t particularly want dogs impounded, but it does seem there are rules that can be enforced if desired.


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