Tonight’s BoS agenda


The agenda for tonight has grown substantially since Friday –

20160405-agenda_Page_1ANNOUNCE: This meeting is being recorded Board of Selectmen Agenda April 5, 2016 We want to take a moment of appreciation for our brave servicemen and servicewomen serving around the world Welcome new Selectman Michael Marcucci Reorganization of Board School Superintendent Dr. Jeffrey Marsden Request Selectmen vote to sign application for Dale Street School 7:30 PM Public Hearing/ street acceptance Erik Road Extension; Quarry Road Extension; Rockwood Lane OLD BUSINESS Vote to approve meeting minutes of March 15 and 22, 2016 PENDING Relocating Bay Circuit Trail at corner of Hinkley property NEW BUSINESS Vote to declare the month of April as "Donate Life Month"; Vote to sign proclamation Selectmen are requested to vote 2% Cost of Living Vote to transfer $500.00 for payment of state champions banner Vote representative to MAPC, three year term Superintendent Feeney requests Selectmen vote a Snow Emergency Superintendent Feeney requests the Selectmen vote to sign Chapter 90 for projects: Green Street $5,494.10; North Meadows, Pine, Winter_ $1,862.08; North & Green Streets $4,445.97 Review warrant articles; Selectmen assignment LICENSES & PERMITS Medfield Lions Club requests permission to hold a car wash with the High School Community Teens Organization on Saturday May 7 from 9AM-2PM, back of Town Hall Natick Rotary Club requests permission to bike ride through a part of Medfield on Sunday June 19, 2016. Chief Meaney reviewed and approves Montrose School requests permission to post signs at Selectmen's designated locations to advertise their Summer Program Medfield Garden Club requests permission to post signs May 8 to May 14 to promote their Spring Plant Sale to be held on Saturday May 14, 2016 The Gazebo Players of Medfield request permission to perform their 15th annual Shakespeare in the Park production of Hamlet at their new location "the lawn area behind First Parish U.U. Church of Medfield" (permission granted from the church); performances on Saturday July 23 and Sunday July 24 at 5:00 PM. In addition request permission to post signs July 11 to July 24 to promote event Medfield Lions Club request permission to post signs promoting their Spring Gala event to take place Saturday May 14, 2016 SELECTMEN REPORf INFORMATIONAL Norfolk County Mosquito Control will be conducting helicopter applications to control mosquitos between April 11 and April 29, 2016 massDOT notice-- FY17 Chapter 90 apportionment for Medfield is $394,992.00 Copy of invoices from Barry Mandell pertaining to beaver control Medfield's assessment to Tri-County School District for fy17 I $131,431 Medfield on the Charles Auto Show to take place June 26 9-4 at the hospital site Notice to demolish buildings at 21 Hospital Road from Country Estates of Medfield, LLC Copy of ZBA hearing notices Packet of information from Medfield Conservation Commission


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