BoSminutes from 3/22

20160322_Page_120160322_Page_220160322_Page_320160322_Page_4Meeting Minutes March 22, 2016 Chenery Meeting Room draft PRESENT: Selectmen DeSorgher, Fisher, Peterson; Town Administrator Sullivan; Assistant Town Administrator Trierweiler; Town Counsel Cerel; Administrative Assistant Clarke Chairman DeSorgher called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM ANNOUNCEMENTS: This meeting is being recorded. He asked for a moment of appreciation for our brave servicemen and servicewomen serving around the world. Mr. DeSorgher acknowledged the senseless terror attack that occurred in Brussels. Condolences were extended to the family of Mae Otting saying that Mae worked in the Inspection Department and Board of Health for 23 years before her retirement. Mae was an upbeat progressive person who was involved with the League of Women Voters and very supportive of Metacomet Park. Sympathy to the family of Etta Maloney, a longtime realtor in Medfield and to the family of Patrick Hinkley. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Executive Session to discuss collective bargaining and reconvene in open session As this is Selectman DeSorgher's last meeting (he chose not to run for re-election) he took a few minutes to thank the Town Hall staff, Police, Fire and DPW for all their assistance during his tenure. DOWNTOWN SUMMIT RESULTS Pat Casey, Chair of the Economic Development Committee said that on February 9 with the assistance of the Metropolitan Area Planning Council a downtown summit was held as we wanted the residents to weigh in on improving the downtown area. Casey continued saying that last year his committee conducted a survey of the retail merchants to get their visions. That survey showed the merchants were pleased working with the Town. Steve Winter, MAPC Economic Development Manager and present this evening was an enormous help with the summit that garnered about 90 people. We have refined the results and have put together a report of items for improving downtown Medfield beginning with notable strengths, i.e. safe, friendly, walkable, great shops and the overall historic character. On the opposite side there is what we labeled as weaknesses with parking being no. 1; variety in retail shops, sidewalks, crosswalks, bike safety, streetscape. Mr. Casey remarked that one item that ranked really high to improve the area is removing the overhead electrical lines and put underground. A few years ago Eversource gave an estimate for that work at $1million and payment would entail a surcharge on every resident's electrical March 22, 2016 Page two bill. We have to give thought that a project of this size and location would be a great disruption of traffic on 109 and the difficulty of coordinating utilities. The Selectmen agreed that we have a vital downtown presenting a good appearance. Selectman DeSorgher commented that receiving the local meals tax we have $25,000 to work with and will begin with planting 30 trees in the downtown, and a brick sidewalk around Baker's Pond. The construction of Straw Hat Park will definitely add to the streetscape. It was suggested to make a plan to begin incorporating a few of the results of the summit to fruition. Selectman Fisher suggested that one item be chosen to work on and in that way people would see the result and know that we are moving forward with the downtown. Selectman DeSorgher advised that the two committees, Economic Development and the Downtown Study Committee be combined for more efficiency and less duplicating of goals. Brandie Erb and Matt McCormick would be great assets and do well. It was agreed to not appoint such a committee tonight but rather contact members of the study committee for their input. Steve Winter commented that the study cost $15,000 and was paid for by the state; continuing saying that residents need to appreciate what they have in the downtown area as the history of Medfield is woven into the downtown. 7:30 PM Public Hearing - Application for All Alcohol License for new restaurant, Avenue; Josh Foley, Manager Mr. Foley is represented by Seegel Lipshutz & Lo, John Shinn, Esq. the restaurant location is 445 Main Street in the renovated Ord Block. Mr. Foley began his presentation by saying that he has been a chef for 23 years and during that time has worked with many talented people at locations in California and Boston. He feels the space is almost there as the undertaking of renovating the building was extensive. The restaurant is on the first floor with prep area in the basement. The second and third levels are designed for office space. The Foley family has lived in Medfield for ten years and a few years ago he became "Mr. Mom" while his wife worked fulltime. Having his own restaurant has been something he wanted to do and when he heard about the Ord building and met the developer Dave Macready he know it would be a great fit. The menu will be rustic New England, wood oven/wood grill serving seafood and steak. Presently he plans to be open from 4:30 to midnight and possibly looking to serve brunch on Saturday and Sunday, however, no lunch. When queried about the seating he will have 115 and a staff of 35. Not all staff will have the same work schedule as some will begin in the early morning with prep work. The subject of parking/or almost the lack thereof ensued and it was suggested that perhaps the Montrose School may be willing to let restaurant employees use their parking lot. March 22, 2016 Page three VOTE: Selectman Fisher made a motion, seconded by Selectman Peterson to close the public hearing on all alcohol license application. Vote was unanimous. VOTED unanimously to grant an all alcohol beverage license to Avenue (restaurant) Josh Foley, Manager, hours 4:30 PM to midnight seven days per week with the potential to serve brunch Saturday and Sunday VOTED unanimously to grant a Common Victualler license and an Entertainment License to Josh Foley, Manager, Avenue (restaurant) PARKING LOT LICENSE The Board is requested to sign an agreement for a portion of town's abutting land for a parking lot to be constructed and maintained by Open Space Builders at no expensed to the Town. This will help to increase parking as it is not just for restaurant use. Open Space will construct a stone wall separating the new lot from the existing one, will plant trees along the wall; a streetlight was also installed. Town may terminate this license immediately if it is determined that Open Space has violated any provision of this agreement. On a motion made and seconded it was VOTED unanimously to sign the Parking Lot License Agreement with Open Space Builders LLC principal office at 266 Main Street, Medfield, MA. CURVE STREET Residents of Curve Street request that large commercial trucks be banned from traveling on their street. It's a very narrow street, with no sidewalk. Banning trucks will help to alleviate some of the traffic. Discussion ensued and it was determined that it may be a better idea to restrict the weight of trucks passing on the road. School bus( es) would not be restricted. VOTE: On a motion made by Selectman Fisher, seconded by Selectman DeSorgher it was voted 2-1 to restrict commercial trucks by weight traveling on Curve Street as the first step in the process for Police Chief Meaney to apply to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation for their approval. Selectman Peterson was the opposing vote as he does not have enough information Resident Christine Potts said that there are three maple trees on Curve Street that have badly deteriorated and are a potential hazard. Neighbors would take them down; however, she was told that they are on public property. Board advised to have the Town's Tree Warden review. Ms. Potts went on to say that on the other side of the railroad bridge the weeds and vines grow almost out to the road, another potential hazard. She was advised to talk with Park & Recreation, Kevin Ryder Director and ask for their help in removing the outgrowth. March 22, 201 '6 Page four AGREEMENT FOR CONSULTING SERVICES Ms. Trierweiler said that the Hospital Maintenance Committee requests the Selectmen vote to sign agreement with CDW Consultants, Inc., Framingham, an engineering company; services to be provided I specifications for demolition of four buildings at the hospital site. John Thompson, member of the hospital maintenance committee who was present remarked that CDW is a reputable firm and he looks forward to working with them. Fee for services is $9,840.00. VOTE: Selectman Fisher made a motion, seconded by Selectman Peterson to sign the Agreement for Consulting Services, Re: Former State Hospital Property; between Town and CDW Consultants, Inc., Framingham, MA in the amount of $9,840.00. Vote was unanimous Selectman DeSorgher extended a thank you to the state hospital maintenance committee for the good job taking care of the site. MEMORIAL DAY COMMITIEE As Selectman DeSorgher is not a candidate for re-election, he also will not be the Board's representative to the Memorial Day Committee. He wishes to appoint a selectman to that position. Selectman Fisher remarked that he would accept the appointment and it was so voted. MHS BOYS VARSITY HOCKEY TEAM Congratulations to the team upon winning the Division II State Championship title. Selectman DeSorgher reported that MEMO will contribute $1,000 for a banner to be put up across Main Street congratulating the team. It will then be used for any Medfield team that attains state championship. He would like to have the Selectmen contribute $500.00 that is needed to purchase the banner. Discussion ensued and Ms. Trierweiler offered that as the banner will take a while to be made, the DPW electronic trailer sign could be placed in front of Town Hall marking the event. Selectmen DeSorgher would like to set a date for the team to a future Selectmen's meeting to be recognized for their accomplishment. The Board agreed on Tuesday May 3; Mr. DeSorgher will make the arrangements with the team's coach. Selectman Peterson mentioned that he would like to give Town seal pins along with certificates to the team; also suggests that he would like to present pins not only to sports teams but include Eagle Scouts, Girl Scout Gold Award, music program students. March 22, 2016 Page five TOWN MEETING WARRANT VOTED unanimously to sign the 2016 Town Meeting Warrant; warrant to be posted PRESENTATION This is Selectman DeSorgher's last board meeting. On behalf of the Town he was given a proclamation, a brick from the new safety building and it was noted that a tree will be planted in the downtown area in his honor. The Town appreciates his three years of service. EXECUTIVE SESSION From Selectman Fisher, Clerk of the Board: Mr. Chairman the Medfield Board of Selectmen needs to meet in executive session for the purpose of discussing strategy with regard to collective bargaining. I declare that an open meeting may have a detrimental effect on the negotiating position of the public body. The open session will reconvene at the conclusion of the executive session. A roll call vote was taken. Mr. Peterson yes, Mr. DeSorgher yes, Mr. Fisher yes. SELECTMEN'S MEETING RECONVENED On a motion made and seconded the Selectmen's meeting resumed in open session. POLICE CONTRACT VOTE: Selectman Fisher made a motion, seconded by Selectman Peterson to accept the recommendation made by Kristine Trierweiler regarding the new Police contract. Vote was unanimous VOTE: Selectman Fisher made a motion, seconded by Selectman Peterson to execute the Medfield Police Department's Memorandum of Understanding. Vote was unanimous The meeting adjourned at 8:55 PM


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