BoS minutes for 3/1


20160301_Page_120160301_Page_220160301_Page_3Meeting Minutes March 1, 2016 Chenery Meeting Room draft PRESENT: Selectmen DeSorgher, Fisher, Peterson; Town Administrator Sullivan; Assistant Town Administrator Trierweiler; Administrative Assistant Clarke Chairman DeSorgher called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM and announced this meeting is being recorded. He asked for a moment of appreciation for our brave servicemen and servicewomen serving around the world. Mr. DeSorgher reminded the listening audience that the election polls for the presidential primary are open until 8:00 PM. CAPITAL, FACILITIES, TOWN-WIDE MASTER AND STATE HOSPITAL PLANS In attendance are members of the Warrant, School Permanent Building, State Hospital Master Planning Committees, Planning Board, Council on Aging, Capital Budget Park and Recreation Selectman DeSorgher opened the discussion by saying that we are happy to have all of you here this evening to give the Selectmen information before we take action on the 2016 warrant articles regarding these study plans. The Permanent Building Committee sets the course of action for each municipal building issue, i.e. park and rec new building; COA addition to the CENTER; schools/is it financially better to add on to the Wheelock School and save adding a principal, school nurse and office staff rather than build a new school particularly after learning that the state's school building assistance program is going down in reimbursements. The Town's auditors advised we need to add 5-6% annually to our free cash. We all want new things but what can we afford and how do we pay for them. The library has developed their strategic plan; personnel board updates their bylaws, however the 1964 master plan is past its prime so do we need volunteers to come together to develop a new way of accomplishing what needs to be done. These are some of the issues that need to be studied. Ms. Trierweiler remarked that the Capital Budget Committee meets each year to prepare a capital budget to consider proposed departmental projects. Items must meet a criteria of at least $5,000 and have a useful life of five years to be considered. A Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is a 20 year plan that would present an evaluation of all existing municipal buildings and will serve to reduce operating costs and will help to reduce unexpected crisis in the future. To that end the Capital Budget Committee recruited bids for a CIP at an estimated cost of $80,000.00. The Town is fortunate to have been awarded a Community Compact Grant in the amount of $30,000 to help pay this cost. The requested appropriation for this article is in the amount of $50,000. March 1, 2016 Page two Permanent Building Committee member Mike McQuillan reported that a feasibility study was completed in 2012 to study the needs for town garage, public safety and park and recreation buildings along with the Dale Street School campus. Town Planner Sarah Raposa remarked that a town-wide master plan is important particularly with the visioning goals for the state hospital. It is a state requirement under MA general laws that the plan includes housing, land use, open space and recreation, economic development. It's important to have policies/goals in place for the reuse at the hospital site. She feels that a good start would be to have a draft housing production plan. Steve Nolan, hospital planning committee chair said that the Town hired VHB Consultants to assist the committee in developing a plan for the site. A 2016 warrant article is requesting $50,000 to continue preparation for the development of the site. We are hoping to have a consenus plan ready for the Town's review in about six months. Resident John Harney was recognized who commented that the hospital site seems likely for 40b development so that the Town can make their quota. He feels that the survey results from the residents points mostly to their desire for open space/recreation. So getting 2/3 vote for a zoning change may not be that easy. School Superintendent Jeff Marsden explained that a consultant was hired to conduct a fields study. Boring testing revealed that no drainage was installed subsurface so the Calvin Fisher field is our top priority although the turf at the middle school should be done but at $3M that is cost prohibited. The School Committee is pledging $300,000 to offset the cost of the new field. COA Director Roberta Lynch said that the building has 7900 sq ft of space, however by regulations it should be 12,000. This would allow us to offer additional programming to the great amount of people that come to the CENTER. The Council has $100,000 to hire a project manager and architect to begin work on construction plans that has been estimated to cost about $1M. This addition is very needed as we are running out of rooms; our Respite program has 36 individuals attending. Kevin Ryder Park & Rec Director explained the need for a new building. We have very limited space for our popular summer program and a wait list continues to grow. There are safety issues with the Pfaff Center and the lack of space is extremely hard for us on rainy summer days; the very necessary replacement this winter of the boiler was done at a cost of $25,000. We are requesting $100,000 to begin a feasibility study for a new building. March 1, 2016 Page three Michael Sullivan said that he attended a meeting this morning at Tri-County School and learned that they are developing a $SOM renovation plan for the school that will require Medfield to participate in the cost. All in all we need to look very closely at what we do need to move forward economically. The Selectmen agreed that all of this information is good input and thanked everyone for attending this evening. MEETING MINUTES VOTED unanimously to approve the meeting minutes of February 2, 16 and 23, 2016 as submitted SIGN WARRANT VOTED unanimously to sign the March 28, 2016 Town Election Warrant SNOW EMERGENCY VOTE Mr. Sullivan said that as he is waiting for additional information regarding the snow budget, he advised that conversation be held at the next meeting. LICENSES & PERMITS VOTED unanimously to grant the Medfield High School Girls Field Hockey Team permission to hold a fund raising car wash behind Town Hall Saturday September 10, 2016 SELECTMEN REPORT Mr. Fisher said that he is looking forward to First Thursday, March 3, at the Zullo Gallery; always an enjoyable evening. Mr. Peterson attended the State Hospital Master Planning Committee meeting where it was discussed that a new consulting firm has been hired and he feels they will add good value to the project. The Cub Scout's Blue and Gold Banquet was a great event; a magician for entertainment who was really very good. At the event it was announced that Cub Master Jim Hatch will be leaving and moving on to be a Scout Master with this son's troop. Selectman Peterson attended the recent MMA Breakfast meeting and gathered very interesting information on a variety of topics. Mr. DeSorgher requests that a representative from Columbia Gas attend our meeting to discuss the pipe line in South Street and why there is a strong gas odor in that vicinity. He remains March 1, 2016 Page four concerned that the utility poles on Green Street have not been moved and wants a Verizon rep attend our meeting to explain why. He also attended the Blue and Gold Banquet. Today he toured the Ord Block building that is under renovation commenting that the new restaurant will be really nice. The upper floors are being set up for office suites and from the second and third floors of the building the views of Medfield are terrific. The contractor is aiming for the restaurant, named Avenue to open mid-April. The meeting adjourned at 9:10 PM.



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