Straw Hat Park coming soon


straw hat park

This update from Jean Mineo on the Straw Hat Park construction work getting going – the DPW was unfortunately not able to do the work last fall.  Kudos to the Straw Hat Park committee members for fund raising over $40,000 to complete the park without further town funds, and thanks to those donors.  The Straw Hat Park will be an iconic addition to the downtown.


Hello Mike and Kristine, (cc: Selectmen),

I’m excited to announce that the Straw Hat Park Committee reconvened today after a winter hiatus and met with representatives of the DPW to discuss a general schedule and phasing of the work. The DPW estimates their work can be completed in April after winter clean up in town, and the planting installation can be done in May. After a brief period of rest for the plants and grass to begin to get established, we expect the public can use the park in early-mid June.
We propose to schedule a ground breaking with all of you next month and a ribbon cutting or opening ceremony in June.

I’ll keep you posted on our progress and expect to post images and updates on our Facebook page at
Thank you for your ongoing support.






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