Municipal Modernization Bill status

State-House-smaller_1 (1)

Here is an email exchange that gives you the current status of the Municipal Modernization Bill from our State Representatives -interesting that it has been broken into five parts for hearing purposes –


Denise and Shawn,

I hope you will support the Municipal Modernization Bill – the Massachusetts Municipal Association was asking us today to contact you about it.  Thanks in advance.

Best, Pete


Dear Pete,

It has been broken into 5 parts and is being heard in 5 different committees. I believe this is with the intention to expedite  the components.

I will follow the pieces carefully.

Hope all is well with your family and Medfield!



Shawn Dooley

Hey Pete.

Already voted to accept the sections that were sent to Revenue so hopefully the rest of committees will follow as well.

Met with Chairman of ways and means earlier today and asked for the bills to be reconsolidated into one big bill again.  Non committal but expressed that the Lt gov asked for the same thing.

Thanks so much for the note.


Shawn Dooley

State Representative, 9th Norfolk

Medfield, Millis, Norfolk, Plainville, Walpole, & Wrentham.




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