Candidate interviews

The LWV does not exist by name, but the Cheryl Dunlea and the other individuals who have done the candidate nights in the past for the LWV are instead doing candidate interviews this year, and the interviews are now ready for online viewing via the links below.



Hello all!

The staff of Medfield TV worked wonders!!  The first round of interviews for Medfield Town Elections on March 28th have been edited and are now on Medfield TV and on You Tube.  The second round of interviews will be taped on February 25th and will be ready the week after.

Hope you enjoy watching them!

Thank you all for your support of this new idea.

A special thank you to:

Carol Mayer, Town Clerk

Kevin Murphy, Medfield High School Social Studies Teacher

Aditi Thatte, and the staff of Medfield TV.

Please let me know if there is anything you would like to change, and if we should try this format again next year.

Take care,

Medfield Elections- Medfield TV youtube links below:

Meet the Candidates for School Committee:

Meet the Candidates for Trust Fund Commissioner:

Meet the Candidates for Planning Board:

Meet the Candidates for Selectman:

Meet the Candidates for Housing Authority:

Meet the Candidates for Library Trustee:

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