2/16/16 BoS meeting




Board of Selectmen meeting notes from 2/16/16:

  • Number of selectmen:  Abby Marble suggested to selectmen that the town would be better served by a board composed of five selectmen instead of three.  The board went through a discussion of the mechanisms by which a town has to implement a charter commission in order to have that issue addressed and discussed. Selectmen DeSorgher noted that with five selectmen, that selectmen would then be permitted to speak with one another outside of meeting without violating the open meeting law.  A future meeting with the Charter Review and Bylaws Committee will be scheduled.
  • Sidewalks:  The selectmen had received information on preferences for future sidewalks from the Police Chief, DPW Superintendent, and School Superintendent.  Based on their recommendations, the selectmen prioritized as the next sidewalks to be built in town the ones on Metacomet Street and the one on Dale Street. The selectmen asked for more information as to costs from the DPW superintendent on the two sidewalks recommended on E. Main St. and Adam Street, so that they could make a decision between the two.
  • Energy committee:  The selectmen sent a letter by the energy committee legislative leadership in support of continuing solar photovoltaic state support by means of SREC’s and net metering. Selectmen also discussed the Energy Committee recommendation to buy the streetlights in town and replace them all with LED fixtures, which would save about $25,000 per year in energy costs. Mike Sullivan raised issues about the possible maintenance issues for which the town will be responsible for the fixtures, to which I suggested that can be solved by hiring a maintenance contractor to take care of the fixtures for the $5000 per year recommended by the Energy Committee which prices included in the projected savings.
  • Hospital Road 40 B:  The Larkin Brothers developers have now accumulated approximately 8 acres next to the Medfield State Hospital (former Mozer property and adjoining lands) and are reportedly planning a 40 development there with 40 to 60 units. Each unit would be approximately 2500 ft.².  I was tasked to meet with the Larkin’s to discuss ways in which their development could be changed to be more acceptable to the town – Mike Sullivan suggested age restricted housing with first floor master suites.
  • Hospital Road water main:  At the request of the town administration, the selectmen signed amendment to the Environmental Partners Group, Inc.consulting contract to add $38,000 project not being completed on time. Additionally, Mike Sullivan reported that the  contractor will be repainting Hospital Road curved to curb this summer to complete its contract.
  • Community Compact:  Lieut. Gov. Polito came to the town house yesterday to sign the community compact with the town making Medfield the 144th town to sign on. We will get a $30,000 grant towards our 20 year capital planning project.  There is the possibility of a $50,000 risk analysis IT grant available as well.  Medfield has designated transparency and citizen engagement as among the topics the town wanted to focus on as part of the community compact.
  • Sgt. Burton of the Medfield Police Department was appointed to be Community Emergency Response Coordinator.
  • DPW workers breakfast allowance was increased from $8 to $10.
  • Selectmen DeSorgher reported that February 21 is the 340th anniversary of the attack on Medfield by King Philip.



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