New sidewalk rankings


Tonight the BoS will discuss the input from DPW, the schools, and Police on what the town order of priorities should be for new sidewalk construction in town.  These are the recommendations from those three:

The Superintendent of Public Works recommendations, in order of preference,
for new sidewalks is as follows:

1. Metacomet from South Street to Pleasant Street.
2. Adams Street from Dale Street to West Street.
3. Adams Street from West Street to West Mill Street.
4. West Mill Street from Adams Street to Ice House Road.
5. Dale Street near Charlesdale.
6. Ice House road to Copperwood.

school department would request sidewalks at the following streets:

Metacomet St- This would be our first priority
Adams St.- Important for Dale St. students
Green St. to Summer St.- This would finish the area that began last year
Friary St.- This will help with planned adjustments to bus routes

From Police Chief Meaney
Recommended sidewalk construction:

Metacomet Street; Dale street; East Main Street


Let the selectmen know today if you have an opinion.


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