Minutes for 12/1, 1/19, & 1/26


Much easier and faster for me!




One response to “Minutes for 12/1, 1/19, & 1/26

  1. Having access to all of this information is definitely great. Especially in a format that can be subscribed too (the blog RSS feed in this case).

    However, I think posting images like this is a step backwards. Especially for the meeting minutes, but for all posts in general too.

    Something that started out as all electronic text. With full search and index capability. The ability to select, copy, quote, and digest portions of it is transformed into something significantly less useful.

    First, it’s printed to actual hard copy paper and it loses all of it’s electronic attributes. Presumably so it can be wet signed with a pen.

    Then, taking it and turning it into a picture that is a huge binary block that’s unable to be processed in any way on it’s own. Over time, the entire search, index, and any metadata the blog provides will be lost.

    It’s definitely easier than trying to OCR printed documents. But, it would be better if the original electronic text was available. Great if it could be posted here, but even better if the town web site could post the electronic documents directly with a similar RSS feed for new postings, even without the wet signatures on them.

    Using pictures, when 6 months from now someone wonders if Chapter 90, SOLR City, or PARC items have been discussed, this blog post will be invisible to the search box and not found.

    Which makes this post nice for the present, but lost to time quickly and not useful for reference later unfortunately.


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