MEC on 1/13/16

MEC Meeting Minutes-January 13, 2016

Attendance:  Fred Bunger, Andrew Seaman, Alan Peterson, Lee Alinksy, Cynthia Greene, Pete Peterson, Maciej Konieczny, Marie Nolan


1.       Presentation on LED Streetlighting by Fred Davis

a.        Outlined various options for LED conversion including smart controls, various types of fixtures and costs/savings associated with this project.

2.       Energy Manager Report

a.       WWTP Solar progressing with no issues.  Panels are mounted, cable trench dug and wiring continues.  Estimated substantial completion date of February 11.

b.      Other town solar projects:

i.      Public Safety Building-Permanent Building Committee has elected to submit an RFI for a change order to install solar at the PS Building.  Should have an estimated cost by end of February.

ii.      DPW Garage-Exploring a PPA at this site.  Greenskies to submit proposal and A. Seaman to review with MEC at next meeting.

iii.      Generating interest in solar at the landfill.  Still in the fact-finding phase and will report on any additional progress.

3.       MHS meeting with Environmental studies students regarding solar at MHS.

a.       Discussed various options for the school and other town sites.  Students were excited to see progress being made and wanted to see how they could be advocates for this progress.  Since most of the class are seniors and over 18 they would be eligible to vote at Town Meeting, so Fred and Andrew asked them to initiate a Get Out and Vote campaign at school before the Meeting.

4.       Community Electricity Aggregation Program

a.       Committee felt it was not the MEC place to promote this program and should come from Selectmen.  Selectman Peterson will bring this up at a future Selectmen meeting.

5.       Green Communities

a.       Vehicle Policy-Selectmen and School Board have approved the Policy

b.      Stretch Code – Warrant Committee presentation went well.  Appears most members are in favor of adoption.  Timeline for their vote is by the end of February.   Other Town Committees to discuss Stretch Code include COA, , MSHPC, MEMO, Planning, and Permanent Building.

Next Meeting Thursday, February 11th at 7:30 at the Town Garage


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