Come by to share your views and thereby help to shape the future of our downtown.

Downtown Summit

As I think about how to make the downtown better in advance of the summit, I focus on our need for more retail space.  I think we lack a sufficient amount and density of retail shops for our downtown to be as vibrant as it should be.

Therefore, I go back to what I think was the  biggest missed opportunity of all time for Medfield, when what is now the Montrose School’s property was for sale.  The land was zoned for business uses, but no one wanted to site a business in that location.  The brokers had many high quality developers lined up ready to do mixed use developments, with retail on the  first floor and housing above, but Mike and the other selectmen would not consider the zoning change needed to allow those mixed use developments to happen.  So instead we  got a school that did not need to comply with zoning, and we also lost the $150,000 per year in taxes that had been paid by Tofias, and the much greater tax revenue that would have flowed from the mixed use development.

Perhaps we can solve this issue by rezoning more areas for retail uses.




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