Green St. poles status

green st-2

These emails from Verizon and Mike this morning about when the utility poles on Green Street will get moved out of the street –

Thanks Stephanie, Ken Feeney did tell me that there were two Verizon trucks out there this week working on the transfer. Thanks for your quick response So far we been able  to handle the snow, It looks like we’re in for a couple of storms, but our crews are good at keeping the roads open. I’ll forward this to Ken and Bobby Kennedy and to the Selectmen, so they’ll be in the loop. Let me know when you’re finished so we can get Eversource in to remove the poles.  Mike Sullivan


On Thu, Feb 4, 2016 at 2:28 PM, Lee, Stephanie S wrote:

Hi Mike and Richard,

You probably are aware that Verizon crews are out on Green St. preparing to transfer lines to the new poles.  It is a complicated job that will take a couple weeks, but I wanted to let you know we will work diligently to complete our transfers.  Let’s cross our fingers for a couple more weeks of mild weather – and an early spring.

Stephanie Lee
State Government Affairs
125 High St. – Oliver Tower
Boston, MA 02110
O 617.743.5440 | M 978.808.6155


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