Candidate interviews coming


This from Cheryl Dunlea –


Dear Selectmen and Town Administrator,

I wish to inform you that I am not scheduling a Candidates’ Evening for the candidates in the Medfield Election this year.

Instead I have scheduled a series of interviews using Medfield High School students.  This is a joint venture with Carol Mayer, Town Clerk; Kevin Murphy, social studies teacher at Medfield High School; and Aditi Thatte and staff of Medfield TV.

The attached letter is directed to the candidates.  I hope this is a successful program.   I thought it was important for you to know the details.

The letters to those who took out papers were sent today.  I will finalize the list when the papers are submitted to Carol on February 8th.

Thank you for listening,

Cheryl Dunlea


52 Orchard Street

Medfield, MA, 02052

January 28, 2016

Dear Candidate,

Congratulations on your decision to run for elected office in Medfield!!

During these next two months I know you will be actively campaigning for your election.


As a means to introduce you to the citizens of Medfield, I would like to formally invite you to participate in a new program I have designed for candidates seeking office in Medfield.


I have coordinated with Carol Mayer, Town Clerk; Kevin Murphy, Social Studies teacher at Medfield High School; and Aditi Thatte and the staff of Medfield TV. We are scheduling a series of interviews in which High School students interested in civics would interview you about the position you are seeking, your qualifications, and the issues you are facing.


This program would be in lieu of Candidates’ Evening which I have been associated with for over forty years here in Medfield.


We are trying to schedule the interviews for Wednesday, February 10th and Thursday,

February 11th between 2:00 and 5:00 pm.   The scheduling is due to availability of the studio located at 18 North Meadows Road (Route 27).


By taping the interviews in February there will be time to edit and perfect the shows in time for March 1-27 airing on MTV. In addition the shows will be sent to various social media outlets.


I do not know if you will return your papers at this time. However, I wanted you to be aware of this program.


I hope you will join us. I will send out a schedule of the taping times as soon as I know that all the nomination papers are in.


Please be so kind as to e-mail or call me with your e-mail so I may send you the taping



Thank you for listening!


Cheryl Dunlea

Medfield TV Board of Directors

Former third grade teacher at Wheelock School, Medfield

Former LWV President and Voter Service Chair



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