LCB to ZBA 1/27


LCB Senior Living’s proposed 78 unit assisted living facility on almost 14 acres of land, zoned for residential use, located behind and around the Peak House and Clark Tavern goes before the ZBA at 7:30 PM on 1/27/16 for a hearing, as per the legal notice below.

At issue is:

  • whether the 2012 annual town meeting vote actually changed town zoning to permit such a commercial use in a residential zone, given that the language of the printed 2012 ATM warrant article does not appear to make that change.
  • whether, if the 2012 zoning change does now allow for assisted living in residential zones,  the ZBA will use its discretion to decide whether this assisted living proposal is in the town’s best interest at this site.

I had a call today from a Boston Globe reporter about LCB’s petition, who already appeared quite knowledgeable about the issues.


Board or Committee
PLACE OF MEETING                                 DAY, DATE, AND TIME
Town Hall, 2nd Floor, Chenery Room                              Wednesday, January 27, 2016  at
7:30 pm
AGENDA (Subject to change)

7:30 PM – LCB Senior Living of Norwood, MA seeks a special permit pursuant to M.G.L. Chapter 40A, Sec. 9; and the following sections of the Medfield Zoning Bylaw: 300 Attachment 1.2-2.8; 300-14.10;  300-14.12; 300-5.2; 300-5.4; 300 Attachment 2; 300 Attachment 3; Article 8; and Article 16 for the proposed construction and associated grading of a 78-unit/85 bed, 2.5 story, assisted living residence and appurtenant structures. The property consists of Assessors parcels 43-183 (Main St) and 43-184 (Main St), owned by LCB Medfield, LLC; 51-071 (Rear Main St) owned by Stephen J. and Lynne E. Browne; and 43-066 (361 Main St) owned by Gloria S. Yankee. The total area of these parcels consists of approx. 13.78 acres in an RS Zoning District with Secondary Aquifer Overlay.

Any additional business that came in after the deadline that must be discusses prior to the next meeting





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