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Meeting Minutes
January 5, 2016
Chenery Meeting Room draft

PRESENT: Selectmen DeSorgher, Fisher, Peterson; Town administrator Sullivan; Assistant Town Administrator Trierweiler; Administrative Assistant Clarke

Chairman DeSorgher called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM and announced this meeting is being recorded; we want to take a moment of appreciation for our brave servicemen and servicewomen serving around the world especially those in the Middle East.

Town Clerk Carol Mayer remarked that the increase in her budget covers three elections that will be held this year, two primaries and the November presidential election. She went on to report that she is waiting for directions from the state regarding early voting. This will be the first time ever that citizens will be able to cast their votes beginning October 24 for the November 8 election. The Selectmen agreed that Chenery should be used during regular Town Clerk’s business hours for early voting. FY16 budget was 91,340; FY17 request of $102,396.

Selectmen DeSorgher said that perhaps there is a way for the traffic to move more smoothly.  The one in and out of the CENTER’s parking lot is a bit tight. Is there a way for another traffic lane to be established. Mr. Sullivan responded that it may not be as simple as we think to have one way in where it is now and build another lane out north of the parking lot. Town Clerk responded that the new early voting may alleviate heavy traffic for the November 8 election.

Building Inspector John Naff presented his FY17 budget that shows a slight increase to
cover telephone expenses. FY16 128,463; FY17 128,563.

Mr. Naff reported to the Selectmen that as there have been an increase from solar companies leasing roof space for system installation he recommends an increase in building permit fees per panel. These companies find ways to avoiding paying fees. In 2015 there were 23 solar installations as compared to 16 in 2014. New fees proposed: 1-100 panels, $4.00; 101-500 $3.00; over 500 panels $2.00 with a minimum of $400.00. He also recommends that the minimum electrical fee on solar inspections be set at $150.00.

VOTE: Selectman Fisher made a motion, seconded by Selectman Peterson to approve the new fee schedule for solar panels and electrical fee and as recommended by Building Inspector John Naff. Vote was unanimous.

Chairman DeSorgher complimented Building Inspector Naff for the work that you do so effortlessly and upgrading the Inspection Department since your arrival.

January 5, 2016
Page two
THE Selectmen feel that it best to have Superintendent Feeney attend the next meeting to discuss sidewalk priorities. They are interested in knowing the cost of constructing a sidewalk from Hospital Road to the Dover town line.

The Selectmen agree that before they vote on the change for the trail, the State Hospital Master Planning Committee should review and make comment.

Mr. Sullivan reviewed a printout showing total trash weights collected at all schools and the Transfer Station. It was noted that the school’s collection of clothing and shoes can be used for the town’s annual recycling numbers.

Mr. Sullivan reviewed a draft of the articles noting that if the selectmen or any departments are considering submitting articles, please act now as the warrant will close at the January 26 selectmen’s meeting.


Mr. Fisher had no report.

Mr. Peterson attended the state hospital master planning committee meeting who are working through the finances to present to the Town; attended the Planning Board meeting listening to the discussion regarding constructing 40 additional units at Tilden village. The Energy Committee had a lively discussion regarding solar projects.
Selectman Peterson queried about a date for the meeting with the Water and Sewerage Board to discuss their budget.

Mr. DeSorgher attended the state hospital planning meeting; met with John Thompson to review the plan to board up the chapel; also met with resident regarding 13 Pleasant Street. He requested that an official charge for the Community Preservation Act Study Committee be complied for their review; queried when Dave Maxson will have his draft letter available for review that will be sent to cell providers letting them know about the cell tower at the hospital site.

Selectman DeSorgher extended condolences to the family of Buck Buchanan who was a dedicated public servant for many years in the Town of Medfield.


On a motion made and seconded the meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM.


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