Election signatures needed this month


Town election March 28 – Selectman and Assessor

slots open

Anyone interested in being a town official, especially a selectman or assessor, should take out nomination papers from the Town Clerk and collect the required 50 signatures from registered voters ASAP – I do not see a submission deadline on the website, but last year the nomination papers had to  be submitted in early February.

There are open seats available on at least the Board of Selectmen, the Board of Assessors, and the Planning Board due to Richard DeSorgher and Ed Beard resigning, and Elissa Franco moving to Westwood.

Below is a description of the elected positions put out by the Town Clerk:


Brief Description of Elected Town Offices

*Indicates Candidate for Re-election Monday, March 28, 2016

Assessors-3 year term

*R. Edward Beard-2016 Frank Perry-2017  Thomas Sweeney, Jr.-2018

Inventory all town property.
Maintain accurate records of location and ownership of property.
Establish a tax rate after Town Meeting.
Bring property to full and fair cash value every three years.

Housing Authority-5 year term

*Eileen DeSorgher-2016 (MA.Appointment)
Neil DuRoss-2018 Lisa Donovan-2019 Eldred Whyte-2017
Robert Canavan-2020

Authorized by and operates under the provision of Massachusetts General Laws.
Keeps list that determines who is placed in an apartment.

Funded through the Executive Offices of the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development.

Trustees of the Public Library-3 year term

*Andrea Cronin-2016
Tim Hughes-2017
*James Whalen-2016
Maura McNicholas-2018
Lauren Feeney-2017
Steven Pelosi-2018

Responsible for working with other board members to oversee the library, establishing policy and plans, determining the
final budget and advocating for the library.
Strives, as an independent town board, to provide the best possible library service to the residents.
Meet monthly, usually the 2nd Tuesday of the month, for about 1 to 1 1h hours.
Represent Medfield library patrons, so diversity is our goal; the more viewpoints expressed at trustee meetings, the better
our library users are represented. ·

Park Commissioners-3 year term

*Nicholas Brown-2016
Michael Parks-2017
*Mel Seibolt-2016
Robert Tatro-2018
Kirsten Young-2017

Committed to providing affordable, quality leisure, recreational & educational programs to our community.
Tasked with providing operational, budgetary, personnel and strategic oversight for the staff and instructors of the Parks
and Recreation Department. The staff consists of three full time employees; the Director, Program Manager and
Administrative Assistant. The department hires as many as 50 instructors and other seasonal employees on an annual
Tasked with a specific set of responsibilities as follows:
Operational: oversee the day to day operations of the department
Landscape and maintenance:
oversee the upkeep of the Department’s physical plant including parks and playing fields
Personnel: oversee human resource issues for staff and instructors and interface with Town
personnel board
New facility planning:
oversee the overall strategy for building a replacement facility-Pfaff Center
Fundraising: oversee all fundraising and publicity activities

Planning Board-5 year term

*Stephen J. Browne-2016 Keith Diggins-2017
Elissa Gordet Franco-2019 George Lester-2020 Wright Dickinson-2018

• Reviews subdivision plans.
Maintains the Zoning Bylaw and the Land Subdivision Rules and Regulations.
Oversees the development of the subdivision.
Abides by Massachusetts General Law Chapter 40A and Chapter 41

School Committee-3 year term

*Tim Bonfatti-2016
Eileen Desisto-2017
*Chris Morrison-2016
Anna Mae O’Shea Brooke-2017 Maryanne Sullivan-2011
Carries out the mission of the Medfield Public School System:

“The Medfield Public School System will create a dynamic and collegial learning environment. Curriculum and
instruction will guide students to achieve high standards and to meet the challenge of change. Through school, family,
and community partnerships, students will be prepared to become responsible, sensitive, contributing citizens and lifelong
“Establishes and reviews educational goals and policies for the schools in the district and makes sure they are consistent
with the requirements of the law and statewide goals and standards established by the Board of Education.
Participates in the budget process
Hires and evaluates the Superintendent of Schools.
Participates in contract negotiations.
Provides and encourages resources for professional development for staff.
Reviews and provides input to each school Site Council.
Advocates for adequate educational funding and for other issues.
Approves major adoptions or revisions of curriculum upon recommendation of the superintendent.”

Selectmen-3 year term

*Richard De Sorgher-2016 Mark Fisher-2017 Osler Peterson-2018

• Are technically and legally the executive heads of the Town of Medfield government, charged with the final operational
authority for the town’s municipal government.
• Delegate day to day operation of the town government to the professional staff at the Town House.
• Meet on the first and third Tuesdays of the month, at 7:00 PM, and more frequently as needed.
• Need to know a lot about municipal government operation. However, that can be learned and there are no particular
background skills or experience required.

Town Clerk-3 year term

Election will be in 2018
Provides services to the residents of Medfield:
• Election Administration
• Records Maintenance/Management
• Town Census
• Town Meeting
• Licensing
Brief Description of Elected Town Offices
*Indicates Candidate for Re-election Monday, March 28, 2016
• Information Office

Town Moderator-! year term

*Scott McDermott-2016

Appoints the Warrant Committee.
Is charged with the responsibility of presiding over and appropriately regulating the proceedings at Town Meeting,
including deciding all questions of order and making public declaration of all votes.
In Medfield stands for election every year in the annual March town election.
“Our Town Meeting is both a forum for stakeholders in the town’s affairs to transact the business of the town
(i.e. operating and capital budgets, personnel management, zoning by-laws, and strategic warrant articles) – and
also a gathering of neighbors participating in an extraordinary exercise of democracy and self-determination.”

Trust Fund Commissioner-3 year term

*Gregory Reid-2016 H. Tracy Mitchell-2017 Georgia Colivas-2018

Under the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Chapter 41, section 45 Medfield has created a board of
commissioners of trust funds to manage the funds given or bequeathed to the town. The members shall be elected or
appointed by the selectmen.



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  1. Hi Pete Not resigning just not running for reelection 🙂 Richard

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